Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

November 24, 2008



Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

National Anthem : Paul Monaghan

Toast to Queen and Canada John Teibert

Grace:   Jim Howes


Norris Brown welcomed Mimi Massuet, Ken Smith, soon to be member, Robert Achal and Melissa Massuet, our guest speakers today.


 John Klassen  serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, began by fining Paul Monaghan!

John then invited Happy Dollars of which there were many. Ken Smith was pleased to tell us he had a successful eye operation and happy that his transfer to our club was approved by his old club. Norris and John made money by not attending the poker game Friday at John's! Matt Taylor lost his shirt at the game..but John returned it today. John D'Ambrosio was a sale but did not sell anything. Jim Howes reported on the success of the 4 club Rotary Bonspiel last week. [Ed. Note: Jim was too modest as usual as he was the key to the event's success and it was a great day for Rotary Fellowship!] Jeanne is happy to have her daughter visiting this week on account of U.S. Holiday. Cathy Henry likewise will be receiving her grandchildren for a few days. Keith Shaver donated as he too was pleased with the curling day last week. Sheila, Laetitia, Bob, Chris all had happy dollars. Ed Telenko gave a happy nickel reflecting the market performance. Melissa massuet gave a happy dollar because she was so happy to be with us today. President Greg closed it off with happy dollars for Jim's efforts, Ian's yelling, and Dan Toparri's Tennis day at White Oaks.


President Greg reminded us of the Assembly on Dec 15. Details to follow.

Elizabeth Spaan looking for someone to join her in organizing the Christmas Luncheon. Contact Elizabeth at spaane2@tdbank.ca

Gre g announced that the nominating committee is meeting on Tuesday at the Geogre Darte Funeral Home at 5:30.

Cathy Henry is looking for Hospice pics for the CD going to the District. Ed Telenko is assisting.

Dan Toparri is collecting Police Check forms.

Ron Kozub reminded those who made beer to be at The Wine Garden of Pelham tonight at 7:00 to sample the finished product.

Laetitia reminded us of next week's speaker on the "Shelter Box" project in which we are participating. Sounds good.



Sheila Bristo was serenaded, as only our club can do, as it was her birthday today. Congrats, Sheila!

50/50 DRAW    


Keith Shaver had his number drawn but could not find the Queen of hearts!




Ron Kozub reported our attendance but the four way test prevents me from publishing!


Guest Speaker


Busy Bees Gardens represented by Robert Achal and Melissa Massuet were our speakers today and were introduced by Paul Massuet. Paul, who couldn't stop smiling, is Melissa's grandfather. He told us that Busy Bee Gardens is Ontario's first essential oil producer, specializing in Lavender products. Robert has the marketing and Melissa the horticultural background.


Melissa, although claiming to be nervous, entertained and educated us with a thorough presentation on their start up, their philosophy and their current product line.


They began by using a small 1000 sq. ft. greenhouse in Beamsville and have since moved into a 15,000 sq.ft. facility at 758 Niagara Stone Road in Niagara on the Lake. Among their accomplishments at this early stage of their business they list:


§         World's first greenhouse produced essential oils and hydrosols

§         13 acres of Lavender production

§         Participation in Canadian funded research programs

§         Canada's first and only grower/producer of essential oils producing plants

§         World's first educational site for essential oils and greenhouse production

§         Full retail location with lavender information center


Melissa explained that lavender has many uses, including culinary, natural disinfectants, therapy, cosmetic, and as an organic, all natural pesticide.


They are unique in that they grow the plant from start to finish and thereby control the quality of the oils right from the beginning. The plants are nurtured in the greenhouse for two years before moving to the field for the third year. The Lavender is then cultivated for further processing. It takes 300 kgs of plant material to produce 200 ml. of the essential oil. Melissa and Rob currently have 30,000 plants in the field.


Club members had numerous questions of both Rob and Melissa. They were both enthusiastic and professional in their responses. They had some product on display and for sale.


Laetitia thanked them both for their enthusiastic and educational presentation and complimented them on their entrepreneurial skills and efforts.


[Ed.Note: You are encouraged to visit them by appointment on site or on their web sites. The web sites are linked on the left side of our club home page and the promotional flyer with coupon can be found under "downloads" on the lower right side of our home page.]