Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

November 19, 2007

Rotary Shares


Call to Order:   President June Manning.

National Anthem :  Ron Kozub 

Toast to the Queen and Canada: Norris Brown

Grace: John Klassen


Guests and Visiting Rotarians:

Sheila Bristo introduced Andy Skripniak from the Hamilton A.M. club




Matt Taylor was on the offense as he started by fining John Klassen for talking politics at Matt's table. His courage continued as he fined everyone else at the table for joining John in his discussion and for general disrespect. matt continued by fining everyone who did not attend the wonderful Gala hosted by our club and May Court. He finally said something positive when he complimented Cathy and her committee on the terrific evening. Lataetia was fined for her superb dancing skills!


Happy dollars were given by:


Jean Holbert-Leighton for having her daughter home for a few days from studies in New York.


Peter Snodgrass for his wife, Lucy, home from the hospital after a knee replacement. After a tough start, her recovery is now going well.


Dan Toparri happy for the Gala eveninmg especially for the wine and food. Congrats to Cathy and Jim Howes singled out by Dan.


John D'Ambrosio attended his first Bingo - he had a great time!


Julio was so happy to interview the super candidates for the International Exchange Program.


Brian Radford so happy to discover that he was on the wrong plane! Almost ended up in Portland instead of Buffalo?.....only Brian....


John Klasen gave five dollars to celebrate the opening of Women's Place on time and on budget. The building is important, says John, but the reason we need it must not be forgotten.




June summarized the comments made about the Gala Dinner in support of the new hospital project by complimenting Cathy and her committee once more. Cathy added her thanks and singled out Ed Telenko and Ton Schulz for their assistance to the committee.


Ian congratulated the 27 members who replied to the Internet Security/Website challenge. Cathy henry won the prize. Two examples of the progress possible are the Christmas Luncheon event and the Kernahan Park meeting for Dec 3. Please visit our website's homepage and open these events and register online. Elizabeth, John Teibert and Sheila Bristo will appreciate your efforts. Ian will be contacting those who have not yet  responded.


Lataetia spoke to Polio Plus and the tremendous effort to auccessfully imunize Afghanistan. 7000 volunteers treated 1.1 million children! Unbelievable in the current conditions....


Jim Hooper gave a Bingo report. Next Bingo Dec 15.


Paul Massuet spoke to the "Every Rotarian Every Year" program. He turned in two cheques and suggested that more should follow in the next weeks.


50/50 Draw - Ian had his number drawn but drew the 5 of clubs. The usual disappointment was expressed by the club!


Birthdays - John Klassen was seranaded by the club for a recent birthday.


Attendance Report - Jean Holbert Leighton displayed her prowess in Mathematics by announcing our attendance at 127%