Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

May 26, 2008


Club Assembly


Our regular noon meeting was replaced by a club assembly at the Yacht Club in Port Dalhousie. A club assembly is a routine quarterly meeting to discuss club business and as such will not be fully reported on the public web site.


Suffice it to say however the meeting presided over by President June Manning was a success as there were 23 members in attendance and serious discussion kept the meeting going until the scheduled nine o'clock ending. Many stayed on  to continue the socializing! This was a great choice for an assembly locale.


George Firtzpatrick was Sargeant-at-Arms and entertained  us in soliciting minor fines and many happy dollars. Anniversaries celebrated ranged from Jim Hooper's sixth to Peter Snodgrass at 39! Family achievements ranged from Sheila's son's rowing to Lataetia's daughter's graduation.. A very happy crowd..


Reports were submitted by all club directors but a theme on serious attention to key fundraisers evolved. A decision to continue our spring gala at Club Roma was made but with a caveat that the committee be expanded to share the workload and to have total and early club support.  We have taken on a second Bingo as we were faced with a two or none offer by the association. We find this a good fit and a good source of steady funds to use in the community. Debbie Garneau presented the Treasurer's Report.


Membership was a focus issue and much discussion ensued with Paul Monaghan to lead the campaign for next year.


Don't forget the Bike Trek June 7th. Either ride or support one of our riders. See Paul Massuet.


See the home page on the website for information on the club picnic hosted by Paul and Mimi. Register online as it helps in the planning and it's easy!


Next week's meeting is a special one as we have the Rotary medals winners in attendance along with the visiting Group Study Exchange team from Bulgaria.