Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

March 3, 2008


Presiding:  President June Manning


Anthem:  Julio Batres

Toast: Norris Brown

Grace: Jean Holbert-Leighton


Guest Introduction:  John D'Ambrosio


John welcomed Carol Henderson, Tufan Tekin and Ostap  from the Brock Rotaract Club, Doug foss and Jim Craig , our Guest Speaker.


Sergeant-at-arms:  Peter Snodgrass began by fining all members who were not wearing a Rotary Pin $2 - ouch...Ian was hapy to be able to visit his father on the occasion of his 91st birthday. Paul Monaghan gave $2 to celebrate his 37th  anniversary. Howie vant gave $40 to pay for his 2006, 2007 and 2008 birthdays and the balance to celebrate his return to our club as his move back to St. catharines continues. Joh Teibert $2 for the preview during the next days of life without children at home as his youngest is off on a school trip. (note to John - they never leave...) Tom Schulz was happy for something as was Debbie Garneau. Dan for recent skiing, Jean for an intelectual interlude and Paul Kozub for the improved health of his daughter. Well done Peter!




President June gave both Doug and Howie a special welcome back.


Ian introduced Tufan and Ostap from the Brock Rotaract club. The club is making progress and have 18 members. They are currently in a fundraising project with the beneficiaries being children suffering from leukemia. They are taking orders for samosas to be delivered to us on March 17th. They are selling for $2 each. Cathy Henry kicked off the campaign with an order for 24! See the announcement item on our website homepage for more information and a link to order. Please consider helping this Rotaract effort - nice to see them make the effort that they are - not normal to see university students dress up in suits and take the time to do community work.


June announced that David Cooperman has arranged the Interclub with the Blaisdell Southshore Rotary Club at theQueenston Heights Restaurant on April 28. Spouses are encouraged to attend or consider bringing a guest or better yet a potential member. This has been a long standing tradition of ours clubs to host this Interclub in alternating years. there were a few concerns expressed as to David's choice of entertainment but June did confirm that the new President of Brock University would be our speaker. Online registration is strongly suggested through the link in the Website Homepage announcement.


Doug Foss spoke on the Clean City Campaign re grafitti removal and told me that I couldn't report the details since it was a secret. Sounds like a good approach and a great effort. Good work Doug!


John Teibert is reordering the Mugs that we give to Guest Speakers and suggests that we too can order our own at $8 each or 4 for $30. Once again see the Website Homepage for details....it's easy online!


Paul Massuet continues in his heroic effort to make progress in the EVERY ROTARIAN EVERY YEAR campaign and took in two more cheques today!


Ed Telenko updated the club on the Howard Etherington Award. Recipients of the $2000 donation this year is the St. Catharines Folk Arts Summer Camp for Children. This project greatly assists in the assimilation process for immigrant children. Ed was making the presentation at their board meeting march 3rd and was presenting a beautifully framed certificate along with the cash. Great work Ed!


Cathy Henry updated us on the Hospital Capital campaign. Looks like there are committments for $21 million with $19 million to go. Actually good progress to date. Talk to Cathy about tickets to the November Take it to Heart Gala.


Julio was hosting a May Gala Committee meeting Wednesday March 5th at 7:30 a.m.


50/50 Draw:   Debbie Garneau had her number drawn but alas could only draw the Queen of Spades. The pot builds....


Guest Speaker:


Dan Toparri introduced Jim Craig who happens to be a very good friend and sometimes sailing companion. Jim is a member of the Rotary Club of Niagara Falls. Dan points out for some reason that they are a singing  Rotary Club and that they actually sing an extra song at every meeting. Dan continued to give a little of Jim's background and interests including that as a partner in a Duty Free Store.  Dan invited Jim to speak however on his Trans Atlantic Sailing Voyage.


Jim began by saying that he has sailed the Carribean, the Mediterranean and now the Atlantic Ocean. Currently his boat is based in Turkey and by coincidence our Rotaract guest, Tufan, is from that part of Turkey. [ they had a lively conversation after the regular meeting concluded]. He leaves the boat there as the European Union charges 20% VAT if boats remain for just a few months in EU ports. The marina facilities are also excellent and secure.


Jim spoke of the preparations for a trans Atlantic voyage with the chalenges starting with picking the right crew. Outfitting with special emergency supplies such as GPS locating devices and liferafts were the next priority. Storage for fuel and fresh water for a 18 day voyage was next in line. Normal capacities are 100 litres of fuel and 350 of fresh water but thie was augmented by a few Jerry cans of both. Interestingly enough they were becalmed before they got past the end of Long Island as they left New York and traded some Molson Canadian [just a six pack] for a couple of cans of fuel from a passing freighter. Great story!


The crew took four hour shifts from 8 to 8 overnight to keep watch for shipd or weather as they were on auto helm. One night as Jim returned on board from a short "break" he saw what looked like waves on a rock outcrop ahead. It turned out to be a sleeping pod of whales and they passed only 100 yards to the side. thsi could have been quite serious.


The Journey from New York to the Azores passed relatively uneventfully in 18 days. They stayed there for a week before moving on to Portugal then Spain. In Spain Jim was joined by bhis wife who flew over for ther est of the summer. Others like dan came over for different segments of the vyage. Dan participated in the Italy segment and Don and Anne hetherington for the Croatia portion. Jim and others will return in April for a spring session and then again later in the summer.


Jim entertained questions and the first was from Paul Monaghan on the Piracy Issue. Jim suggested that in the Mediterranean and the ports that they visit the security is good and better than perhaps the Carribean, the coastal waters of Albania,  or the coast of Africa. Weapons on board are not a good idea for many reasons.


Sheila naturally wanted to know the name of the boat - answer: Samum. Keith asked about the possibility of desalination. Jim responded by saying the eqipment is as yet cumbersome and unreliable and so very few carry it on board. dan asked a question about the three Irsih gals but I'm npot sure it was answered.


Jim was thanked enthusiastically by Don Hetherigton.