Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

July 28, 2008


Presiding: Greg McDonald

Anthem: Greg McDonald

Toast: John Klassen

Grace: Bob McKay

Visiting Rotarians and Guests: Introduced by Ron Kozub

Georgette Taylor and friend Eileen, Cathy Toppari, John Warkentin from PerformanceCars, Elizabeth Bratton

Seargeant-at -arms:  John Klassen collected Happy Dollars:

Don Beard for time spent at the Canadian Open, George Fitzpatrickfor leaving early, Peter Snodgrass for enjoying the Great North this past weekend, Laeticia de Witt for being happy to be at Rotary and for her and Bob's participation in the Tiamo Festival at Club Roma this past weekend. Money raised went to the Niagara Cancer Centre. Bob McKay for having worked at the Tiamo Festival and surviving! Cathy Henry for meeting fellow Rotarians at an art festival in Canandago Dan Toppari for Sue being here and for a new abdominal machine, Jean Holbert-Leighton for not being skunked (can't remember what this was about) Kris Akilie for a great weekend - her son was in town. Matt Taylor for a great game of golf at Sparrow Lake. Matt came in second for seniors. Paul Massuet for placing the collection bird in front of someone else.


By Greg McDonald - volunteers are needed for the August 28 th bingo

By Greg McDonald - Ribfest - two volunteers are needed for Sunday evening

By Greg McDonald - Jim Hooper is home from the hospital. Rotarians are encouraged to give Jim a call to see how he is doing.

By Cathy Henry - Club t-shirts are available at $20 each. These will be worn anytime we are in public, i.e. Ribfest, bingo, bike tour, fundraisers.

By Cathy Henry - Cathy read a letter of thanks from the NHS for our pledge of$750,000.

Special Presentation:

Elizabeth Bratton - exchange student. Elizabeth Bratton is leaving for Holland on August 1

st . She is a very deserving exchange student for the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South. Elizabeth thanked the club for being given the opportunity to go abroad to study and for our believing in her. She is so excited about this exchange. She will come back to the club and share her knowledge of the Dutch language!

50/50 Draw

Peter drew the winning ticket, but was not successful! Nine cards are left.

Attendance report: 18 Members in attendance, 7 Makeups, 5 Guests for 75%attendance

Guest Speaker:

Dan Toppari introduced Sue Augustine a well known motivational speaker.


Sue told a story about when she was a little girl. She and her neighbourhood friends decided to sell tickets to a variety show. They sold the tickets for a penny to all the neighbours. Then she recalled, they cried because they had no show. Sue's parents helped created that show. Her dad played the piano. They kids all practiced different things. They played movies and made popcorn. They created quite an event, and it was a success. They raised $3.90 which they donated to Red Cross. This experience made Sue think of Dan Sullivan's quote "If you want the energy to create the show, sell the tickets first."

Sue then talked about her own background. She was married for 11 years and was in an abusive relationship. She was tested for Leukemia. She was at the poverty line. But she visualized what she wanted to be and where she wanted to go. She said the greatest motivator was two questions, 1) "if you knew what you could do or be, what would that be/" and "If you could create the ideal life, what would it be"? Sue's dream was to become a national sales manager and trainer, and this dream came true.

Sue advised that you need to dream in living colour. You need to appeal to the five senses. She wanted to be a national trainer. So she envisoned herself in a red suit with a leather suitcase. She went to the store to try on a suit. She walked around with a new leather suitcase.

Her advise, "Practice the habit of "as if". Or "fake it til you make it." Her words of advise, "get the suit and the briefcase, and the dream will happen." Do you know where your suit is? Where the briefcase is? Sue encourage the making of a dream collage.

Sue left us with three thoughts:

If you have a dream, there are three thoughts that will help you:

1. Purpose - Have a sense of purpose

2. Passion - How much do you want what you say you want?

3. Persistence - the people who achieve are committed and dedicated.

Success always seems to happen just around the bend. Remember "Can". C - Commitment; A - Action; and N - Now.