Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

July 21, 2008


Call to Order : President Greg MacDonald

Anthem : Cathy henry

Toast:        Tom Schultz

Grace:  Ed Telenko


Visitor Introduction : Norris Brown  welcomed Henry Becker from the downtown club.


Sargeant-at-Arms : John Teibert fined Brian Radford for his reference to the downtown club as the "esteemed" club. After Brian paid his fine, Rotarian guest Henry Becker offered to pay him back the assessed fine as he was in fact telling the truth! John then switched gears and collected Happy Dollars. Ed Telenko was happy to announce his upcoming art show at the Gallery Kennedy. ( See the "Event Announcement" on the website homepage.) Don Hetherington pleased to say that he has had a special banjo refitted to be played left handed. This begs a few questions. Paul Massuet pleased to be able to find his name tag. Someone organized the box. Bob MacKay happy about a trip to a reunion in Haliburton. Sheila Bristo happy to have made a boat trip on the Trent Severn system. Lataetia happy to have the opportunity to read a book in Haliburton.Is this Bob's way of supporting the Literacy Program..Matt Taylor just came back from Ottawa where he got together with three sons and a granddaughter. Ron Kozub happy to come back in one piece or something like that.Good job John!




Greg made a bingo announcement since Jim Hooper is in hospital with a busted knee. Apparently he was playing baseball on the weekend and had a serious collision. We wish him well in recovery. Last news had him awaiting surgery. Stay tuned for updates.


Jason Pollock asked for more volunteers for Friday and Sunday evenings at the Ribfest event on the Civic Holiday Weekend. We are selling 50/50 tickets and Glowsticks. President Gregg said that the entertainment Friday is the Cavenors and should be good.


Lataetia de wit made a short pitch for the Guatemala Literacy Project. We have donated $1500 to this project for the last two years. We are partnered with a Washington D.C. Rotary Club in this effort and it receives Matching Grants from R.I. It is a sutainable program that attacks the root cause of ongoing poverty in that country. Matt Taylor made a special effort to explain that he and Georgette feel strongly that education and literacy are the only solutions to improving the quality of life in Guatemala.. [Although neither one actually said so, it is nice that we can help Guatemalans in two such different ways. One is short term immediate relief as provided by Georgette and Matt and the other is the necessary long term solution lead by Lataetia.] Follow this link http://www.guatemalaliteracy.com/ for information on the Guatemala Literacy project.


Lataetia made a motion the"we support the Guatemala Literacy Project with a donation of $1500". Seconded by Sheila Bristo and passed unanimously by members present.


50/50 Draw  Paul Monaghan had his number picked but no cigar as the Queen of Hearts remains elusive.The pot grows..how big is it Debbie?


Guest Speaker was Matt Taylor who presented a slide show on their last trip to Guatemala. The summary of his presentation is in a separate article as we await some photo transfers!


Attendance : Ron Kozub stated that we had 18 members, 1 guest and 8 makeups for 75 %