Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

January 19, 2009



Call to Order : President Gregg McDonald

National Anthem : Paul Monaghan

Toast to Queen and Canada Cathy Henry

Grace:   Kris Akili


Norris Brown welcomed Carrie and Diane from the Niagara Falls Sunrise Rotary Club and Ross MacDonald from the Downtown Rotary Club.


Was Cathy Sergeant? Whomever it was did a great job eliciting happy dollars as many stood up to declare their good mood! Don Beard started by thanking Dan for the invitation to play tennis. George is suicidal due to the weather? Paul Massuet denied being happy as he returned from a 2 week holiday after only four days. Finally Paul Monaghan said how happy he was due to his two friends from the Sunrise Club visiting today. Jim Hooper pleased with his week sailing in the British Virgin Islands.sounds like a great trip! Jeanne had a wonderful time in Cozumel. John teibert was happy again for something.Laetitia happy to be closing the suitcases for a six week holiday..Bob happy too.Dan Toparri happy.Gregg pleased to have had a good poker experience. Matt pleased for a good trip to Ottwawwa and for the upcoming innaugaration.


Gregg reminded us of the Rotary Club of Welland's special meeting at the Day's Inn, 130 Niagara St. in Welland.

June reminded those on the Gala Committee of the upcoming meeting on Friday.

Keith would like to hold a Donations Committee metting at his house on Feb. 10th or 11th. Let him know if there is a conflict or better night. He also let everyone know of the Ad and Sales Club's Poker Event at the Quality Hotel.

Cathy Henry let us know of the Hoe Down June 20th. She will be hosting the Committee meeting at 7:30 this week at her house?

Dan Toparri would like to coordinate a social event in conjunction with Hospice. Certain restaurants are donating 15% of there gross sales to Hospice this Thursday. A group volunteered to join him at Jack Astors for the good cause and good time!




Jeanne Holbert Leighton and Peter Snodgrass were serenaded with Happy Birthday!

50/50 DRAW    


Kris Akili had her number drawn but could not find the Queen of Hearts.




Norris Brown reported our attendance at 90%.


Guest Speaker


Dan Toparri introduced our two guest speakers, Carrie and Diane from the Niagara Child and Youth Services Foundation. Dan has dealt with the Niagara Child & Youth Services Agency as a result of some of his legal work. Often he is dealing with a family problem where children need special care. Our speakers today are with the foundation involved in raising funds for the NCYS.


Carrie began by giving a resounding endorsement of Paul Monaghan our president elect. He was president of the Sunrise Club when she joined Rotary!


She quickly moved to the reason for the NCYS. 20 percent of the children in Niagara live with a treatable mental health problem - one in five! Over 4000 children were helped by this organization last year alone. Anxiety, depression, Bipolar, Post Traumatic Stress are but a few example of the problems facing children. They are identified by teachers, doctors, parents, lawyers like Dan and the symptoms may be as simple as shyness or displays of anger. The youngest referral was just 14 months old with many as young as 2 to 3 years old. Others are being treated for inappropriate sexual behaviour, fire setting or as a result of committing other crimes.


The good news is that 75 per cent show marked improvement with treatment. The NCYS provides treatment and gives hope, dignity and support in a safe environment. There are wto residences in Niagara to house young children who nee a place to stay during treatment. Often this is simply because the child can not remain with the parents after a nasty divorce. In these cases therapy is offered to both the children and the parents.


The NCYS is funded by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services, the Ministry of the Attorney General, The Region of Niagara and the NCYS Foundation.


Diane took over from Carrie and went on to tell us how her child both needed and benefited from the care of the agency. She then told us that 15,000 children did not get the treatment and care from the agency that they needed.


Their role here today was to create awareness of both the need and their organization. They want us to share what we have learned about them and they want us to keep them in mind in terms of financial support.

In answering questions, they told us that they have over 140 employees. They explained their relationship with the Child Advocacy Centre and with FACS. They also said that the foudation funds are used to expand programs and in updating facilities as the basic programs are funded by the government agencies.


Our speakers were thanked by Keith.


Before adjournment, Cathy Henry made a special thanks to Ed Telenko for his assistance in preparing a promotion piece for our club.