Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

January 5, 2009


Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

Anthem : Jason Pollock

Toast:    Don Beard

Grace:  Matt Taylor


Visitor Introduction : Norris Brown welcomed our former Youth Exchange Student, Bastien, visiting from France for the holidays, and Past District Governor Art Wing.


Sargeant-at-Arms :  Cathy Henry was the "bad guy" today but did her thing at the end of the meeting as President Greg must have decided on a change in program. Very interesting. In any case Cathy did an excellent job in collecting many happy dollars. The highlight was probably Ed Telenko giving $5 to compensate for his sins.actually the real highlight was Najeb's pledge to donate $500 to the Polio Plus campaign. He was moved by PDG Art's excellent presentation to our club. June was proud of the Junior's victory in Ottawa especially the contribution made by the local players. Matt was the first to give happy dollars for Christmas spent with grandchildren. Ian, Don and Jim Howes were pleased to do likewise. Jason gave two dollars because the holidays with the kids were over and they were back to school! Bob McKay said he was speechless..no kidding.Cathy was happy to have the whole family together. Dan was happy that he has the privilege to pay for his daughter's new vehicle!




President Greg told us of the meeting coming up at the Welland Rotary Club. The state of the Niagara Economy as seen by the Regional Chair is the topic. Everyone welcome.

Matt Taylor reminded us of our obligations to take our exchange student out or home during our assigned weeks. They have been published on the web but here are the next few weeks' assignments:

Jan.12 to Jan 18th: Jim Howes

Jan 19th to Jan Jan 25th: Jonn Klassen

Jan 26th to Jan. Feb. 1st: Ron Kozub

Feb. 2nd to Feb. Feb.8th: Paul Massuet

Feb. 9th to Feb. 15th: Greg McDonald

Feb. 16th to Feb. 22nd: Bob McKay

Feb. 23rd to Mar.1st: Paul Monaghan

If you are unable to do something with Karen, please find a Rotarian who can take your place and entertain her.

Board Meeting at the Golf Club January 12.


June told us that the Gala Committee is starting their meetings January 9th at the Golf Club and will be handing out subcommittee roles at that time.


Bastien addressed our club, telling us where he has been staying and that he plans to join the army on his return to France.


Ed Telenko reminded us to encourage submissions for the Howard Etherington Award. & applications have been received to date.



Paul Massuet and June Manning were serenaded


50/50 Draw . Art drew Dan's number but Dan could not find the Queen of Hearts. The pot grows.


Early Leavers :  minimal this week.


Guest Speaker: Sheila Bristo introduced Art Wing who this week was representing the District as he spoke on Polio Plus. Sheila gave a long list of Art's achievements and his involvement in Rotary. She also used a reference to the current issue of the Rotarian to point out the involvement of Canadians in the fight against Polio in Sub Saharan Africa.


Art began by explaining that he includes Jackie in his bio because it is only by her involvement in Rotary that he is able to devote his time and energy to the extant that he does.


He then complimented our club for all of our individual and collective efforts in International and Foundation Service. He obviously does his homework as he centered out Jim, John T., Ed, George, Matt, Laetitia, Paul Massuet, Dan and Bob specifically for their efforts. He then said that that is what Rotary is all about."ordinary people doing extraordinary things."


Art gave us a brief history of Rotary's involvement in fighting Polio. It actually began in the early 80's when a group from California went to the Philippines with some vaccine. The WHO found out about their efforts and began a collaboration with Rotary.


Large areas of the world are now polio free but pockets of the illness still exist in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Nigeria with less than 1200 cases reported in 2008.


Art went into some detail to expand on Sheila's comments on Canadian involvement. Wilf Wilkinson from Trenton and our immediate past International President, and Dr. Bob Scott from Cobourg have together done so much to influence over government to participate. The government of Canada is the fifth largest contributor to Polio Plus.


Epidemics of Polio have occurred in Canada in 1937, 1946,and 1953. In 1953 it also hit Syracuse New York where there were 24 victims in one classroom alone!


Art mentioned another Canadian who really led the way. Gerry Wohl from his club was actually a key player in the efforts to raise funds and awareness of the fight against Polio. He spearheaded the raising of 3 million dollars. Art also informed us of the Gates Foundation's donation of $100,000,000 to the cause and the caveat that Rotary International contribute a matching donation from new funds. Each club has been given a challenge to contribute an additional $1000 to the campaign each year for three years.


The last part of Art's presentation dealt with the personal side of participating in Rotary International Projects. He asked Laetitia to comment on the impact her travels have had and then pointed out Matt's direct involvement with the people in need. Whereas he has not participated in a N.I.D., he and Jackie have visited third world countries and been moved by those trips to become more involved, not only by working on committees and projects but by becoming sustaining Foundation Members. He encourages others to look into ways of giving.


Art was thanked by Ian.