Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

Feb 9, 2009


Call to Order : President Greg McDonald

Anthem : Paul Monaghan

Toast: Norris Brown

Invocation: Jim Howes


Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Norris Brown introduced Joel Chatterson from the St. Catharines Club.



George Fitzpatrick fined Greg or pronouncing his name incorrectly. Cathy fined George for having the wrong banner hanging. Cathy had a happy dollar because she is leaving for Jamaica tomorrow. On February 20 she will be cutting the ribbon on the new playground. Ron is happy for the sunshine.  George fined himself and his table for the political discussion that occurred.  Najeeb had a happy dollar for the donated food he received from the Corrections students he provided training to.  Paul had a happy dollar for taking Karen and Mimi to lunch and to NOTL. Jim had thanks to Dan and Cathy, Paul, Keith, Jean and Jim for volunteering for bingo.  Peter had an unhappy dollar because his wife's ankle is not healed and they had to cancel their holiday. June was happy for passing her ACLS testing.


Announcements : There is no meeting February 16 due to Family Day. There is a Board meeting Feb 12 at 7:30 pm at the Golf Club. The District Assembly is May 9.  All incoming Board members are encouraged to attend. The District Conference last October raised $7K $5K of which went to Polio Plus and $2k to a water program.  John Heise a Rotary member in Holly New York has been nominated for District Governor for 2011/12.  Sheila provided an update on a meeting that Roseanne attended on the Foundation Committee. To date the district has raised $146,000 toward the Annual Program Fund (the goal is $300,000) and $135,000 to Polio Plus.  Keith announced a Donation meeting February 10 at Keith's house at 7pm.  Ryla will be held June 14 ad the University of New York in Fredonia.  The Board has voted to not participate in the youth exchange program for next year due to difficulty in securing host families. .June announced the second reading of the 2009/10 Board: President:  Paul Monaghan President Elect: John Teibert, Treasurer: Debbie Garneau, Secretary: Sheila Bristo, Club Administration: Jason Pollock, Membership:  John Teibert, Community Service; John D'Ambrosio, International Committee: Laetitia deWitt, Foundation Committee: Roseanne Morissette, Member at Large: Jean Holbert- Leighton, Public Education Cathy Henry, and Past President Greg McDonald.  Norris Brown moved and Keith Shaver seconded the acceptance of the Board nominations for 2009/2010.  Approved.


The club celebrated Najeeb's birthday.


50/50 Draw:   Jason Pollock drew the king of clubs.


Guest Speaker:

In lieu of a speaker, June Manning lead an update on the May 2 Gala. The theme is "Niagara A Place Where Dreams Come True".  Dan Toppari provided an update on 208 letters going out to past donors. Each member will receive a list of their past donors so they can follow up  and request for this year. Najeeb is coordinating the items at his office.  Thanks to Stacey at Keith's office for collalating and printing the letters. Letters are prepared for past guests inviting them to attend.  A third letter is available for centre piece donations.  For $50 a business can have an item featured as a centre piece (they must provide an item) Vine floral will make each centre piece unique. Jean is coordinating tickets this year and the cost is $110/ticket.  Dan will be attending other club meetings to invite members to attend; members are welcome to join Dan.


Cathy provided an update on the decorating and theme. 18/30 centre pieces have been sold. If your company can participate let Cathy know. The d├ęcor will be very simple so the centre pieces stand out. The menu is in progress and features Niagara cuisine.


Paul is working on the program and ticket printing. Ed and Tom are assisting and thanks to Ed for his artwork


Jim is taking care of the board which will track donations.  The members will be put on a team with the captain who is a committee member.  Send roster  updates to Ron so that the board is up to date.  Strewn is assisting with the wine.


Najeeb is building a data base of donated items.  An item sheet must accompany every donated item before dropping off at 121 Queenston St.


Jean asked that we sell the tickets ASAP so that there is time to arrange the tables.  Target is 300 ticket sales.  A form is on Club Runner to list your attendees.


A flyer for ticket sales is coming soon to hand out along with tickets.


Ron is compiling a master data base and will coordinate with Najeeb.


Peter is in charge the day of the gala to organize the silent auction table and will need volunteers.  Cathy and Krys need baskets for the silent auction table.  The goal is to have items $75 plus on the table.  Cash is accepted too.


Attendance :  Jason noted 23 people in attendance with 13 make-ups for 100%+ attendance.