Welcome and Meeting Called to Order Arie 
Welcome to the 4th week of New Generation month in Rotary

National Anthem led by Rob Welch

Toast to Queen and Canada led by Jim Howes

Peace Invocation led by Krissy

Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting re-convened at 12:30 p.m. 

Introduction of our guests and visiting Rotarians 
Guest Speaker - Bill Boehlen
Senior Past  Exchange Students - introduced by Matt Taylor

Sergeant-at-Arms by John Teibert

Happy dollars collected from:
Georgette, Bob, Mike, Matt, Cathy, Sheila, John, Najeeb, Brian, Paul, Kriss, Jim, Peter, Frank, Jim Hooper, Lynn & Donna


Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition

Paul Monaghan     September 27th
Keith Shaver           September 22nd

Lynn and Mark Beaudry - 28 years - Sept 28th
Sheila Bristo and Robert Schenck - 28 years - Sept 28th
Wendy and Dave Laslo - 35 years - Sept 23rd
Bob and Janice Mahony - 27 years - Sept 20th

50/50 Draw 

Frank won the draw but not the cash.



Bingo - John Teibert – Volunteers are needed for October 12th.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters - Jail and Bail - Laura - A very special and  successful fundraising event for Big Brothers/Big Sisters- thank you to all Rotarians, friends,”enemies” etc who helped bail out or keep in Cathy and Mike

Grape and Wine Festival Parade - Arie - Come & join the fun of walking with the students in the parade.

Over 60 Outstanding Citizens Evening - Arie

Happy Hour - Arie - Wildfire- Ontario Street - bring you spouses, significant others, friends, potential new members - it promises to be a lot of fun.

Paul Harris Awards Luncheon - November 25th - Golf Club - Rob Welch – Nominations are closed.

2013 District Assembly - October 25th - 27th - Marriott Hotel, Niagara Falls. - On Line registration is now available on the new RI web site.

Polio Plus - Arie - Welcome again to Polly the Polio Piggy - don’t forget that over the year - all those dimes, nickels and quarters can make a huge difference in what we can contribute to  the RI polio plus program

Ice Dogs - Jim - It was a great night with 16 members joining in the fun.

RYLA Exchange Students The importance of this program cannot be overemphasized- not only the continued fellowship over the years as Matt will attest to when he introduces his long time friends but as a little bit of Rotary trivia - A former Rotarian, Angus Adams, attempted in the 1940’s to grow a nectarine crop in Niagara - but with no success. In the 1970’s a Rotary exchange student from NOTL went to New Zealand. Her parents along with their tbestt friend and farmer David Epp visited her during the year. Epp learned more about the different varieties  of nectarines growing there, brought back a number to his farm in NOTL and thus began the genesis of  nectarine farming in Niagara- all because of a Rotary exchange student,

On a very sad note 
- one of the innocent civilians killed at the Navy yard in Washington DC last week Monday was the Past President of the Rotary Club of Lexington Park Maryland. The entire worldwide Rotary family  send their deepest sympathy to all but especially the family of Rotarian Frank Kohler who, with his family was a frequent visitor to Canada.

Early Leavers - Brian & Rob

- Georgette

41years ago, Georgette & Matt Taylor were introduced to Marteen Beauquet from Geneva, Switzerland.  They have stayed in touch all these years.  Marteen’s father was a Rotarian and was happy to have the chance to be an exchange student. Since her visit to Canada, Marteen was able to learn English which opened many doors for her for her future.  It was a pleasure to meet her and her husband Dr. Beauquet.





Bill is a full-time professor of broadcasting, radio, television & film program at Niagara College in Welland and a part-time instructor in the Communications, Popular Culture & Filmat Brock University. In addition to teaching in the classroom, Bill enjoys actually getting out into the field with students & various documentary production partners to remind himself just how heavy television production equipment actually is.



Attendance Report
21 members, 4 Guests, 58% attendance

Quote of the day

e.e. Cummings
The most wasted of all days is one without laughter

Adjournment: Cathy

Arie will be chairing our meeting next week upstairs.

Is there anything else for the good of Rotary?
If not- have an engaging, laughter filled week.

Arie adjourned the meeting at 1:10pm