Kaila Raimondo seems like the average highschool student, she's 16 years old, in grade 11, born and raised in Niagara Falls and dreams of becoming an orthodotist. However, what her unique is that she has won many awards, ranging from Most Volunteer Hours in her school, Patriotism Awards and Acedemic Proficiency Awards to name a few. Kaila was our guest speaker today and spoke about the Free the Children program as well as her own intiate to raise money to build a school in Kenya through the Me to We Program.



Rotary Club of St. Catharines South

AGENDA - September 12

12:15 p.m. Call to Order: President – Sheila Bristo        

1. National Anthem: Jim Hooper

2. Toast to the Queen & Canada: Cathy Henry

3. Invocation: Jim Howes

4. Lunch (reconvene at 12:30)

5. Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Roseanne Morissette      

6. Sergeant-at-Arms: Ed Telenko- happy dollars and fines were collected from-

- Ed Telenko

- Cathy Henry

- Paul Massuet

- Jean Stewart

- Najeeb Syed

- Sheila Bristo

- Ernesto Carrillo

- Roseanne Morissette

- Jim Howes

- Jim Hooper

7. Announcements:

1.  Bingo 3 volunteers were needed for this coming Saturday, 3 members volunteered upon request, thank-you. 

2.  September 26 we will Celebrate Tour du Lac at the Dalhousie Yacht Club. Beginning at 7pm $15/person cash bar, light refreshments, Riders are free.  RSVP to Tom, friends and family are welcome.

3.  St. Catharines Lakeshore Club 25th anniversary gala on Saturday, Oct. 1st. Will take place at Club Roma. Cocktails will be served at 6pm. Black tie requested. 

4. Please remember to register your attendance online, if you have questions regarding this process please contact Ron Kozub.  

8. Birthdays:  – John D’ambrosio, September 15 (not present), Ernesto Carrillo was born into Rotary on Sept 13, 2010.  

9. 50/50 Draw: $2/ ticket - Find one of two Jokers. Matt Taylor won the ticket draw but drew an 8 of clubs.

10. Introduction of Guest Speaker:  Kaila Raimondo - Power of One—the spirit behind Adopting a Village in Kenya. Kaila was born and currently resides in Niagara Falls, with her parents Micheal and Donna Raimondo. Her future aspirations are to be either an orthodontist or a dermatologist. She is an accomplishist vocalist and is currently working on her Grade 8 Royal Conservatory of Music Certification and sings at many venues. She enjoys playing the piano and loves to vounteer. Kaila has won many awards for achieving the hightest number of volunteer hours in her school, Patriot Awards as well as Academic Proficiency Awards.

Kaila has embarked on a avery exciting journey several years ago after winning a speaking contest. She has dilligently been working on not only raising $25,000.00 for this project but also spreading awareness on the great need for education in these remote areas of the world - a commodity that many of us take for granted. Kaila is very excited and grateful that she has been invited to speak to us.  

12. Thanking the Speaker:  Jean Stewart

13. Attendance Report: N/A Much lower than usual

14. Next meeting: September 19th, Barry Shainbaum, Broadcaster/Speaker and Photographer.

15. Rotary Minute or Inspiring Quote: 10% is what life brings to you 90% is what you do with it!