Welcome and Meeting Called to Order Cathy 
Welcome to week two of Rotary Vocational month

National Anthem led by Jeff Thomas

Toast to Queen and Canada led by Cathy Henry

Peace Invocation led Donna Cunningham 

Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting reconvened at 12:30 p.m. 

Introduction of our guests and visiting Rotarians - Matt Taylor
Marilyn Kanak & Robin Garrett

Sergeant-at-Arms by Mike Gionet

Happy dollars collected from:
Donna, Jeff, Jim, Bob, Rob, Najeeb, Joe, Matt, Lynn, John & Cathy

Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition

BIRTHDAYS: Frank Parkhouse - October 10th 
ANNIVERSARIES: Frank and Ivy Parkhouse - Oct 20th- 57=years

50/50 Draw 

Cathy not only won the draw but also the cash.  Cathy has generously said that she will donate some of her winnings to Treesthatfeed.  Thank you Cathy!


Bingo - John Teibert – There are 3 volunteers already for the next bingo and he is looking for 1 more.  John is needing volunteers for the next bingo.  Please check your schedules to see if you can help.

Paul Harris Awards Luncheon - November 25th - Golf Club - Shafee – 5 recommendations have  been sent to the board for approval.

2013 District Assembly - October 25th - 27th - Marriott Hotel, Niagara Falls. - On Line registration is now available on the new RI web site.
As youth is our 5th avenue of service, it is essential that we involve these future members as early and as often as possible. We are trying to see if we can sponsor Zan Dominick, Tara Johnson and  PJ Cole as our youth representatives.

Polio Plus - Cathy - The loose coins are adding up in Miss Piggy and we should be able to donate a sizeable amount at year end to Polio Plus.

Ice Dogs - Jim - It was a great night with 16 members joining in the fun.

District Grants - Cathy - John, June and I attended the  Rotary seminar on Saturday to sign the documents enabling our club to apply for District/Global  grants. Without two members signing the documents, the new rules of RI will not allow us to apply. We are now eligible and  are able to move forward.

It made June and I very proud to watch our own John Teibert, as incoming Grants chairman, showcase his responsibilities next year. We were very proud to be in the same club as he is a wonderful and well respected representative of Rotary South.

John also announced that there will be a new scholarship from Rotary awarded to a worthy student whose permanent address is in the 709 district.  More information will be coming. 

Polio Plus Piggy - Cathy  

- Please keep donating your change to feed Polio Polly so our donation will grow!
 At the Global Grants seminar in Buffalo on Saturday- it was announced that District 7090 was sending a cheque to RI for $35,000.00 which, when with matched grants, will evolve into over $100,000.00 towards the polio plus project.

TreesThatFeed - Cathy
I have been asked by The Rotary Lakeshore Club to present our project about the TTFF in Jamaica- I will be doing this on Wednesday, October 9th. I have also been asked to present it to the Rotary Club of Fort Erie. Once again- Rotary engaging Rotary. Najeeb’s eblast to his family and friends continues to inspire us.  He gave Debi a cheque for $2,100.00 from the letter he sent out to all his contacts (non Rotarians) asking for donations….Great Job!

To date- Najeeb has been able to obtain funding for an additional  700 trees . IF we all used his format, of reaching out to our friends, contacts etc- we can make a huge difference . Congratulations Najeeb on inspiring  everyone to become engaged with this program. He has also received a special thank you and  note of gratitude from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education of Jamaica for his forward thinking and engagement of his friends and family  And a special thank you to his friend for printing 100 colour presentations to the Rotary clubs that I will be attending to talk about our program. In keeping with Donna’s suggestion- don’t forget to think about  purchasing trees for giving as Christmas, birthday etc. gifts.

Food Bank - Najeeb
Najeeb will be starting his food bank in November.  Please donate non perishable food items to this worthy cause.

Global Essay Contest Cathy
The District Governor of 31331 in India has reached out to all Rotarians world wide in a unique event in his district – a global essay contest to allow them to express themselves on global issues concerning Rotary= the theme for this year is World Understanding and Peace. If anyone would like further information on this – please  contact me and I’ll send the link. I wonder if our youth in Rotaract/Interact might be interested. Unfortunately the deadline for submission is November 11th, 2013.

The 88th  Eastern Cities Fellowship Dinner Cathy
The 88th  Eastern Cities Fellowship Dinner is being held on Sunday, November 3rd in Rochester- the key note speaker will be RI Vice President Anne Matthews-first female member of the  RI Board of Directors  In addition to  Anne ’s address- there will be a salute to the women in Rotary. The deadline has been extanded for the early bird registration so if anyone wants to join Laura and I - please let me know and I’ll register everyone.

Early Leavers - Najeeb

- Dan

Robin Garrett became the 1st. CEO of the Tourism Partnership of Niagara (TPN) in July 2011 with a mandate to provide leadership & coordination to attract more visitors, generate more economic activity, and create more jobs across the Niagara Region.

GUEST SPEAKER Robin Garrett-Niagara Tourism

Robin spoke to us about making the Niagara Region a tourism powerhouse.  To succeed in this goal includes: marketing the region, product development which raises awareness in culinary, garden, wines, cycling and golf throughout the region, investment attraction, workforce development and organizational excellence.

Visit the website @  There are 2 kinds of customers to the Niagara Region- domestic & international.  Both are very important to the TPN so much so that they have geared advertising for each customer through T.V ads, magazines, events and community awareness.  An example of the international awareness is to promote that Niagara has the BEST flat water area in the world.  This is evident with the upcoming Pan Am games. The flat water area will attract canoes enthusiasts & kayakers from all over the world.  The TPN is also attracting huge events to the region like the Grand Fondo Niagara Falls.  The TPN has done a number of surveys and reports on our airport, because we have been losing the traffic to the Buffalo Airport.  You can become a certified ambassador for Niagara by going to



Attendance Report
21 members, 2 Guests, 50% attendance

Quote of the day Hillarie Belloc

We wander for distraction but we travel for fulfillment. 

Is there anything else for the good of Rotary?
As we look towards next Monday as Thanksgiving - we all have so much to be thankful for - living in a free and bountiful society. Enjoy your week ahead, your Thanksgiving week-end and we’ll se you all back on the 21st. Jim will be chairing the meeting for you as I’ll be in Vancouver babysitting the grandchildren..

Adjournment: Cathy

Cathy adjourned the meeting at 1:15pm