Welcome and Meeting Called to Order Cathy Henry
Welcome to week four of Rotary Vocational month

National Anthem led by Laura Dominic

Toast to Queen and Canada led by Matt Taylor

Peace Invocation led Donna Cunningham

Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting reconvened at 12:30 p.m. 

Introduction of our guests and visiting Rotarians - Frank Parkhouse
Rebecca Pfeifer, David Henry, Janice Graham

Sergeant-at-Arms by Arie Vrugteveen
Bob, Shafee, John, Joe, Frank, Donna, Laura, Najeeb, Ian, Jim, Brian, Peter, Jim, Dan, Lynn, Paul, Arie & Cathy

Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition

Rotary Anniversaries
Jim Hooper- 8 years- October 31, 2005
Peter Snodgrass- 8 years-October 31, 2005
Jim Howes- 23 years- November 1, 1990

50/50 Draw 
Future member Marie won the draw but not the cash.


New Members - it is with great pleasure that your Board  has accepted  the recommendation of three new members for our club.
Lisa Kelso -Marketing Management
Marie Balsom -Communications
Marilyn Kanak -Registered  Nurse
A very warm welcome to you all!  Join us for their induction on November 11th.

District Conference - Cathy - World Community Service - networking between the clubs
I have been asked to speak to Brantford,Simcoe County,Grand Island,West Buffalo and Welland clubs about our  TTFF project
Silent Auction - a special thank you to Mark and Lynn for designing our table
Speakers - Dolly Parton Foundation Imagination Library
The Youth - Ryla, enthusiastic
2018 - Toronto has been awarded the Rotary International convention.

Joint 3 Club/Assistant District Governor meeting Cathy - Tonight at 5:30 PM to discuss avenues of cooperation between the three city clubs.
Our club is hosting the joint luncheon next year and an incredible speaker has been lined up- Lakis Papastavrou- a Consultant with the United Nations on Peace and Conflict Resolution. His main focus is rebuilding infrastructure of war torn communities- especially through food and water security-which fits perfectly into what Rotary is doing- through our club with our trees project and other clubs through digging water wells. He is at the moment on his way back to Syria but has promised to return for our luncheon.It has been suggested that we open up the luncheon to all Niagara clubs and that will be discussed this evening

Club Assembly - Cathy - Monday, November 11th, 2013
Your Board of Directors will be updating us all on their respective Directorships- their goals and successes to date
The induction ceremony for our three new members will be at this luncheon

Remembrance Day Ceremony - Cathy - Jim Hooper will be representing our club as the 3 Rotary St. Catharines clubs lay a wreath at the cenotaph.

Foundation dinner - Cathy - The Foundation dinner will be on Friday, November 8th at Salvatores in Buffalo. Registration is closed on Oct 31 so anyone that is planning on going- let’s car pool. It’s a great wy for like minded Rotarians to connect and share fellowship plus learn ore about th Foundation.

88th Eastern Cities Fellowship Dinner - Cathy  - The  88th Eastern Cities Fellowship Dinner with key note speaker Anne Matthews- the first female RI Board of Directors member, is on Sunday, Nov 3rd in Rochester - the focus of the dinner will be  A Salute to the  Women in Rotary.

While in Vancouver- I attended the Vancouver Arbutus club Rotary meeting- banners were exchanged- lessons learned that every club does their meeting differently - whatever suits the membership.

Bingo - John Teibert - Next bingo is Nov. 9th – Please volunteer!

Paul Harris Awards Luncheon - Rob Welch
November 25th- Golf Club – Karen Oakes is joining us for this event.

District ScholarshipJohn – If you know a college or university student who isn’t a relative, they could earn a $5000.00 scholarship.  They must have good grades & write 2 essays.

Over 60 Outstanding Citizens Evening - Arie – Congratulations to Marilyn Kanak on winning one of the awards!

Happy Hour - Arie - Our next Happy Hour is Nov. 6th  at Wildfire on Ontario St. @ 6:30pm.  Please let Arie know if you can attend.

Credit Card Procedure - Frank the procedure for the credit card transactions will be at the front desk to assist you.

Attendance Pins Frank - Please bring your pins in next week so we can recycle them.

Road Side Pick-up - Shafee - Please come out on Saturday morning at 8 am. To help with the 4th St. clean up.  We will be meeting at the Macdonalds at 8 am., please wear boots and bring gloves. Please sign up on Club Runner to join in this cause.

Early Leavers - David Henry

- Dan



Janice and her daughter are raising funds to build an orphanage in Africa for children with HIV.  They were there last year to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  While there Janice’s daughter taught at a local orphanage and fell in love with the people and the country.  They are working with a charity called Can Assist Africa.  Please visit the website to learn more.




Attendance Report
23 members, 5 Guests, 65% attendance

Quote of the day T.S. Elliott

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go 

Is there anything else for the good of Rotary?

Adjournment: - Cathy

Have an engaging, successful and happy week.

Cathy adjourned the meeting at 1:15pm