Establishing a Cardiac Catheterization Unit in Niagara will reduce hospitalizations and death due to heart disease by lowering wait times and improving access to treatment. Support our Take it to Heart Gala on November 13th!

President John called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

National Anthem: Roseanne Morissette
Toast to the Queen & Canada: Arie Vrugteveen
Invocation: Cathy Henry


Norris Brown introduced Bob Hayden, a Past President of our club.


Sheila Bristo, serving as Sergeant-at-arms, teased Arie that she was going to fine him as he "flubbed" the Toast to The Queen, but since he had other challenges that morning, Sheila covered for him.

Happy Dollars: 
Arie Vrugteveen
- announced the opening of a satellite office for Retire At Home in Vineland;
Cathy Henry - thanked and congratulated Ed for his wonderful painting that she is now a proud owner of and congratulated Ed on the Hamilton Tiger Cats winning and into the playoffs;
Ed Telenko - thanked Cathy for the compliment and was grateful for the huge win of Hamilton over Montreal. Ed was also grateful that his grandson had lost in the semi- finals of his hockey tournament so he wouldn't have to travel long distances every Sunday morning, and encouraged everyone to vote;
Jean Stewart - grateful that there is no snow in Niagara as yet;
Laetitia de Witt - just happy;
Elisabeth Zimmerman - enjoyed her conference in Halifax with all her compatriots;
Jim Howes - happy to see Bob Hayden;
Rob Welch - enjoyed his trip to Myrtle Beach and had some good golf;
Jean Holbert Leighton - glad her bathroom renovations are over
Keith Shaver - enjoyed a weekend in New York with his wife;
Peter Snodgrass - announced the fundraiser of bracelets for Aplastic Anemia Research- $2.00 each;
John Teibert - happy that although there is no guest speaker today, Dan has a "back up"! 

October 29, Bingo - Don Beard asked for volunteers for this bingo session.

November 1st New Roster - Ron Kozub asked members to check the existing roster and to advise Ron of any changes. He will publish a new roster as of November 1st.

November 5th, Rotary Foundation Dinner at Salvatore's Restaurant in Buffalo NY - Guest Speaker is Past RI President Wilf Wilkinson, Cost is $60 per person. John Teibert is attending and offered to car pool with any members who are interested.

November 13, Take it to Heart Gala - Cathy advised that for the first time, we are not sold out so there is room available. This gala event will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Niagara Falls. The cost is $150 per person. The evening includes a wonderful gourmet dinner - every course paired with a lovely wine. The meal is slow-served so that you can enjoy the band between courses and also make room for the next course. Port and Stilton is available at the end of the evening. See Cathy Henry for tickets. Also advertising space is available in the program starting at $100 for a donation that includes your name as a Friend of the Gala, $250 for a business card size ad, and up from there. And finally raffle tickets are available for a necklace valued at $4,000. Tickets are $10 each. We would like all Rotarians to sell the raffle tickets to help support the event. See Cathy, John Teibert, Debi Garneau or June Manning for tickets.
Proceeds from the Gala, advertising, and raffle ticket sales go towards the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at the new hospital. Our club together with PerformanceCars and May Court Club of St. Catharines have committed to raising $750,000 towards the catheterization lab. 

Cathy thanked all the Rotarians that are supporting the Lab by either attending the Gala, purchasing an ad in the evening program or selling necklace tickets. Dan commented that, out of the entire Club membership, there are presently only 10 Rotarians attending, and he encouraged the rest of the club to support the event in some way.

November 26 Rotary Curling Bonspiel at the St. Catharines Golf & Country Club. Jim Howes asked for donations for the prize table - value over $25.00 requested.

November 25 Fireside at Cathy and Dr. Henry's house. 7 p.m. start. George Fitzpatrick will be chairing the meeting.

January 8, 2011 Rotary Leadership Institute - if members would like to attend, please contact John Teibert or Sheila. As incoming President and President-elect, Sheila and Roseanne have registered.

April 28, 2011 100th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Buffalo - please see John Teibert if you would like to attend.


No birthdays in the month of October.

50/50 DRAW

Laetitia drew the six of diamonds.


Norris Brown, Paul Monaghan, and Keith Shaver expressesd their regrets to President John and Dan Toppari, our guest speaker, and took early leave.


Dan Toppari spoke about the changes to Auto Insurance,  specifically the Statutory Accident Benefits. As a general rule, the pay-outs will be much less, but optional  additional insurance can be purchased. For a minor injury, a flat rate of $3,500 will be paid.

Jean Stewart thanked Dan and presented him with our Rotary pen.


Ron Kozub reported 20 members and one guest as well as seven make-ups for 80 per cent attendance.


President John asked if there was any further business for the good of Rotary, wished everyone a good week in Rotary, and before adjourning the meeting at 1:15 p.m. left members with this thought for the day:

"No man on his death bed ever looked up into the eyes of his family and friends and said, 'I wish I'd spent more time at the office'" - Anonymous