Welcome and Meeting Called to Order Jim Hooper
Welcome to week three of Rotary Vocational month

National Anthem led by Kris Akulie

Toast to Queen and Canada led by Matt Taylor

Peace Invocation led Arie Vrugteveen

Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting reconvened at 12:30 p.m. 

Introduction of our guests and visiting Rotarians
Marilyn Kanak, Janice Mahoney, Beth Cockeroft

Sergeant-at-Arms by Ian

Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition

Rotary anniversaries:
Peter Snodgrass     8 years  31/10/2005

50/50 Draw 

The cash raised today will go to Polio Piggy for National Polio Day on Thursday.  Jim, Graham, Paul , Dan, Shafee, Brian, Bob, June, Beth, Mike, Arie, Donna, Matt, Lynn, Najeeb and Kris. 
June won the draw but not the cash.


Board Meeting - at Cathy’s house 22nd at 4:30 P.M.

Paul Monaghan - Paul announced that he has left George Darte Funeral Home.

District Foundation Celebration dinner - November 8th at Salvatores in Buffalo

Bingo - Jeff - Bingo was great!  John needs volunteers for the next bingo

Happy Hour - Arie - November 6 @ Wildfire at 6:30pm.  Please let us know if you can join in the fun!

Over 60 Outstanding Citizens Evening - Arie - Nominations are closing tomorrow on October 22nd.  The event is at the Parkway on November 14th, 2013.  Please visit Retire at Home website to forward you nominations.

Paul Harris Awards Luncheon - Shafee  - November 25th- Golf Club. The 5 recommendations have  been approved by the Board and everything is set for the event.

2013 District Conference -
October 25th- 27th- Marriott Hotel, Niagara Falls.
On Line registration is now available on the new RI web site. If you have not already registered- please consider doing so- it is a wonderful way to meet fellow Rotarians, share in fellowship and learn about other clubs.

To date- Najeeb has been able to obtain funding for an additional  700 trees . IF we all used his format, of reaching out to our friends, contacts etc- we can make a huge difference . Congratulations Najeeb on inspiring  everyone to become engaged with this program. He has also received a special thank you and  note of gratitude from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education of Jamaica for his forward thinking and engagement of his friends and family  And a special thank you to his friend for printing 100 colour presentations to the Rotary clubs that I will be attending to talk about our program. In keeping with Donna’s suggestion- don’t forget to think about  purchasing trees for giving as Christmas, birthday etc. gifts.

Food Bank - Najeeb
Najeeb will be starting his food bank in November.  Please donate non perishable food items to this worthy cause.

Global Essay Contest -
The District Governor of 31331 in India has reached out to all Rotarians world wide in a unique event in his district – a global essay contest to allow them to express themselves on global issues concerning Rotary= the theme for this year is World Understanding and Peace. If anyone would like further information on this – please  contact me and I’ll send the link. I wonder if our youth in Rotaract/Interact might be interested. Unfortunately the deadline for submission is November 11th, 2013.

2013 District Conference- October 25th- 27th- Marriott Hotel, Niagara Falls.
On Line registration is now available on the new RI web site. If you have not already registered- please consider doing so - it is a wonderful way to meet fellow Rotarians, share in fellowship and learn about other clubs.

Polio Plus Piggy - Jim - Is very hungry.
An Indian philanthropist Rajashree Birza has pledged $1,000,000.00 towards Polio Plus thus making her total commitment to the program to 7.5 millions dollars. India has not had a case of polio  since 2011- this leaves only three countries- Pakistan,Nigeria and Afghanistan as the only countries where cases are still being reported. We are almost there- just a little bit further. Today’s 50/50 cash will be added to Polio Piggy for National Polio day.  We raised $26.00 for this donation.

Presentation of the project was held on Wednesday, October 9th at the Lakeshore Rotary club weekly meeting.
The project will be showcased on the World Community Committee table at the House of Friendship at District Conference in Niagara Falls October 25th-27th.

FOOD BANK Najeeb will be starting his food bank on the third week of November.  Please donate non perishable food items throughout the coming  winter months to this worthy cause.

Road Side Pick-up - Shafee
Please volunteer for garbage pick up on 4th Avenue on Saturday November 2nd.  We need 8 volunteers.  We will meet at the McDonalds at 8am.  Garbage bags are provided.

Early Leavers - None

- Graham

Bob has earned two Paul Harris Fellowships and has been an Assistant District Governor in his years of service to Rotary.  He is the recipient of the T. Roy Adams Humanitarian Of the Year for the Region of Niagara.  Janice is also a recipient of a Paul Harris Fellowship and has also been recognized for her volunteer work by the City of St. Catharines.

GUEST SPEAKER Bob and Janice Mahoney-Stroke Recovery

October 4th, 2012 started as any other day but by Noon, Bob and Janice’s lives had changed.  Bob had a stroke.  With Janice’s quick thinking he was on his way to the Niagara Falls Hospital within minutes, where they have a stroke section.  Due to Thanksgiving, Bob didn’t get started on his therapy until the Tuesday, but Janice and her sister worked with Bob diligently.  Bob had no paralysis but he couldn’t communicate because he had no memory of words.  This was the first time that Janice had ever seen Bob scared.  He was in the hospital for 1 week and then was transferred to The Shaver where he stayed for the next 6 weeks.  Bob became an expert of trading food at the Shaver.  He worked hard to keep from being bored which includes exercise.  

Bob has lost 55lbs. throughout this journey.  He faces 5 challenges to this day which are lack of long and short memory, aphasia (difficulty with communication), eyesight, music and sleeping.  Aphasia is his hardest challenge, but he is working hard to recover.  He goes weekly to a speech therapist and an aphasia group.  Bob thanked Mike for his support throughout this year with bringing him to the meetings because Bob can’t drive anymore.  He also thanked Janice for her amazing support, love and hard work over this past year.



Attendance Report
18 members, 3 Guests, 50% attendance

Quote of the day Christopher Reeves

Once you chose hope, anything is possible 

Is there anything else for the good of Rotary?

Adjournment: Jim

Jim adjourned the meeting at 1:15pm