Club assembly, chaired by past president John Tiebert

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South

Assembly AGENDA -  October 17

12:15 p.m. Call to Order: Past President John

1. National Anthem: John D’ambrosio

2. Toast to the Queen & Canada:

3. Invocation: Keith Shaver

4. Lunch  

5. Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Two visitors this week

·   Ian Forbes who will be re-joining our club

·   Eric Hess visiting from Alberta, who is Matt Taylors brother in law

6. Sergeant-at-Arms: Peter Snodgrass, happy dollars were accepted from,

·         Jim Hooper

·         Ron Kozub

·         Ian Forbes

·         June Manning

·         Jean Holbert Leighton

·         Dan Toppari

·         Peter Snodgrass

7. Announcements:

              1.  Bingo The next Bingo is October 28. It is being lead by Derrick Tomlinson. Jean Stewart, Jim Hooper and Jean Holbert-Leighton, have signed up to help, thank-you.

              2.  Take It to Heart - November 5, See Club Assembly reports on clubrunner  

              3.  The District Assembly is October 28-30 at the Niagara Falls NY Convention Centre. Sheila, John, Roseanne, Najeeb and Cathy are attending.

8. Presidents Report – Presented by John T. on behalf of Sheila, see Club Assembly reports on clubrunner for complete report

9. President Elect Report - Roseanne

10. Secretary’s Report – Cathy H. - See Club Assembly report on Clubrunner for complete report. Take it to heart, 1 year extension, subjected to vote and passed with majority.

11. Treasurer’s Report – Debbie - Voted on Statements and Budget, passed with majority

12. Director of Community Service Report – John D’ambrosio

13. International Committee Report - Najeeb S.– donation to Trees That Feed subjected to vote and passed unanimously

14. Club Administration Report - Tom S.

15. Public Relations Report - Arie V.

16. Vocational Service and New Generations Report - Kris A.

17. Past President Report – John T.– Having John D’ambrosio replace Beth C. on the board due to her leave of absence subjected to a vote and passed unanimously

19. Next meeting – October 24, Liz Palmeri, with speak on the Niagara Community Foundation