Amy Ball, principal of Out Front Communications and Public Relations, spoke about the open and tolerant life and culture in Kurdistan and her work there.

President Paul called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.
National Anthem: Kris Akilie
Toast to the Queen & Canada: Cathy Henry
Lest We Forget - In Flanders Fields: Paul Massuet
Invocation: Sheree Taillon
Ron Kozub introduced Amy Ball, our guest speaker, as well as friends Christine and Kimberley; Arie Vrugteveen, guest of John Teibert; Ross McDonald; Elizabeth Zimmerman from the YWCA, guest of Roseanne Morissette.
Rob Welch, serving as Sergeant-at-arms, contributed the first happy dollar for a week in Myrtle Beach complete with good rounds of golf and good times.
Other happy dollars from:
Ed Telenko - happy that Hamilton won;
Norris Brown - happy that Ed found his folding dollars and for the Hamilton Tie-Cats;
Ron Kozub - happy that Rob is Sergeant-at-arms;
Cathy Henry - happy that she and her husband came through Hurricane Ida okay and for their 40th wedding anniversary;
Jim Howes - happy to celebrate his 48th wedding anniversary;
Arie Vrugteveen - happy that a competitor referred a client to him;
John Teibert - happy to be in a good mood;
Sheree Taillon - happy for the good hiking weather this past weekend;
Jean Holbert-Leighton - happy the Leafs beat the Calgary Flames;
Greg McDonald - happy to get in the last round of golf this past weekend, and happy to finally receive his tax return;
Sheila Bristo - happy that Amy and Kim are here, and happy to drive to St. Thomas this past weekend.
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WHO'S WHO - deferred to next meeting
Don Beard needs three volunteers to help at bingo on November 14th. Those not attending the gala were asked to help. Phone calls to members may be made.
There will be laying of a wreath from Rotary at the Cenotaph this Wednesday at 11 a.m. Members are invited to be there.
Club support is needed to purchase raffle tickets for the November 14th gala.
Take it to Heart, November 14th - Cathy advised that the gala is sold out with 311 attending. $25,000 in cash donations has already been received. With over 300 bottles of wine, it promises to be a good time!
Annual Rotary Bonspiel, November 25th - Jim Howes advised that the annual Rotary Bonspiel will be held on November 25th at the St. Catharines Golf & Country Club. There are 20 teams with room for 24. Prizes with a value over $25 are needed.
Paul Harris Fellow Ceremony, November 23rd - The Paul Harris Fellow ceremony is November 23rd 12 Noon at the St. Catharines Golf & Country Club. There are six recipients - four external and two internal. We would like as many club members attending as possible. Spouses are welcome.
Happy Birthday was sung to Ed Telenko and to John Klassen.
50/50 DRAW
Amy Ball had the winning ticket, but was unlucky in drawing the cards.
Rob Welch and Elizabeth Zimmerman expressed their regrets to President Paul and our guest speaker and took early leave.
GUEST SPEAKER, Amy Ball, Out Front Communications & Public Relations
Sheila Bristo introduced Amy Ball, Principal of Out Front Communications & Public Relations.

Amy offers creative strategies and crisis communications solutions to enhance the profile and optimize the revenue of potential businesses, government, and associations internationally. She served as Senior Communications Advisor in the Office of Ontario's Premier during some of the most tumultuous times in the Province's history.

As a Sales and Catering Manager in hotels and conference centres throughout Southerin Ontario, Amy was focused on developing, managing, and retaining client and stakeholder loyalty while exceeding client and corporate expectations.

Amy is a vocal proponent of the business community and is noted for her contribution to the campaign and the lobby for transportation infrastructure development and improvement throughout Ontario.

Amy holds a Masters Degree in Political Science from Brock University. Her cable television show, One Voice, focuses on regional issues with local political, community, and business leaders.

Amy shared with the members her recent journey, working in IRAQ with some of the most needed of that community.   

Amy explained that she started the Friends of Kurdistan Foundation because she was very disappointed with the level of involvement from Canadians. She has also started a Displaced Person and Pen Pal program.
Amy noted that there is an open and tolerant life and culture in Kurdistan, although the people are tribal in origin. Amy is working on a documentary there. She has established a micro credit program to assist woman in rural areas. She noted that text books are needed. Amy has also brought medical professionals to Kurdistan.
Greg thanked Amy for a very interesting talk and, in appreciation for her time, presented her with a mug from the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South.
Norris Brown reported one visiting Rotarian, five guests, 19 members, and five make ups for 69 per cent attendance.
As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President Paul wished everyone a good week in Rotary and adjourned the meeting.