Long before Canada stepped forward to take part in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, the nation played a critical role in eradicating the disease on its own continent – through the development and distribution of the vaccine that would save countless lives and release millions of parents from the grip of fear. The woman responsible – a 50-year-old biochemist named Leone Norwood Farrell.


President Paul called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

National Anthem: Kris Akilie 
Toast to Queen & Canada: Cathy Henry 
Invocation: Jim Howes

Norris Brown introduced:  
Ross McDonald - Rotary Club of St. Catharines (Downtown)
Henry Becker - Rotary club of St. Catharines (Downtown)
Jean Stewart - guest of Kris Akilie
Dr, Tom Pekar - guest speaker and his office staff Lori, Trish, Josee, Stacey, Temadu

Jim Hooper, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, acknowledged that he was happy to have played golf, but also spoiled his wife for Mother's Day. Jim accepted happy dollars from:   
Elizabeth Zimmerman - who spent a wonderful weekend in Holland for her aunt's 80th birthday. It was a tremendous family reunion;
Bob McKay - happy his son and daughter in law will now be at the Medical facilites in  Queen's. His son will be Head of Pediatrics and will be pursuing an Executive MBA; 
Jim Howes - his son and family are happily settled in Kelowna;
Keith Shaver - happy to be sitting with five lovely ladies, the staff of Dr. Pekar;
Norris Brown - enjoyed his trip to Williamsburg and Gettysburg. There was tremendous history to be learned;
John D'Ambrosio - enjoyed his 30th anniversary in Jamaica;
Paul Massuet - announced the bike trek and asked for his pledge card to be filled out before Paul's!
George Fitzpatrick - happy that it was such a lovely day;
Dan Toppari - enjoyed Frank Strathern's condo in Fort Myers. He won it at last year's gala auction. 


John Teibert read an article from The Rotarian Canadian insert about Dr. Leone Farrell. Dr. Farrell was instrumental in the mass production of the polio vaccine. Although she is not readily known by the public, she is well recognized in medical circles.  


There will be a Board Meeting on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 at the Goerge Darte Funeral Chapel.

There will be regular meetings on Monday 18th and 31st but no meeting on the 24th
District Assembly:

John Teibert mentioned that the District Assembly would be this weekend in Niagara Falls, New York. A great learning experience and the club will pay for any participants.

Report on Explore Niagara Car Rally: 

Cathy spoke about the success of the rally and called a short wrap up meeting after the general meeting. Approximately $13,500 was raised and there is recommendations that it be held again next year.

Project Noora:

Cathy spoke about the Noora project. Noora and her family are flying to Karachi on Wednesday. All necessary visas have been obtained, and the Karchi Rotary Club will handle all the logistics from here on in. Amy Ball will give a weekly update for the club.

Robert Welch - to be celebrated at a later date.
50/50 DRAW

Cathy Henry -  six of spades.

Paul Massuet, Elizabeth Zimmerman, George Fitzpatrick, and Ross MacDonald gave thejir regrets to our speaker and President and took early leave.   

Dr. Pekar spoke about his mission to the Dominican Republic. He and his staff were the only Canadian team to travel on a dental humanitarian trip to the Dominican. He considers Matt Taylor his hero and mentor for his humanitarian works abroad.

They assisted approximately 90 people per day for the 10 days they were there. They also carried medical supplies from Dr. and Mrs. Ken Taylor's for the Not Just A Tourist Foundation to the Pediatric Hospital plus 700 tubes of toothpaste.

Dr. Pekar spoke about the physical cost to the young boys of broken teeth, mangled mouths, etc. from trying to make the baseball teams that would remove them from the poverty of the island. These boys are taken from their schooling to try out for the team If they don't make it, they are left behind, but are then uneducated and cannot work in proper jobs.

The team is actively fundraising for their next trip in November 2011 and Dr. Pekar asked us to support them at Rib Fest or to even join them on the trip. 
Ed Telenko thanked Dr. Pekar and his staff for their informative talk.

Ron Kozub reported 22 Rotarians, nine guests, and no make-ups for 65 per cent attendance.  

President Paul wished everyone a good week in Rotary and adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.