Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South  

March 26, 2007

Lead the Way


Call to Order : President Matt Taylor
National Anthem : Greg McDonald
Toast to Queen and Canada : Rich Cavers
Grace:  Cathy Henry

Dan Toppari serving as Sergeant-at-Arms:
John D'Ambroiso was fined for spinning with the ladies and ignoring Dan.
The following Happy Dollars from
Jim Hooper went to a Saturday night Maple Leaf's game and stayed over night with a friend.   
Julio Batres was entertaining visitors from Western University. 
Cathy Henry is glad the Blue Jays opening game is this Saturday.
Ron Kozub is overjoyed the toilet is finally hooked up after 6 weeks of bathroom renovations.
Don Hetherington is happy Ron and Donna no longer have to use his washroom facilities. 
John D'Ambroiso's wife Cindy emailed him that she made arrangements to vacation in Mexico. John is not sure who is paying.


Sexual Harassment Seminar:
at Brock University March 31, 2007 8:30 - 12:00 Greg McDonald, Ron Kozub, Shelia Bristo and Dan Toppari, will be attending. Please contact Matt if you would like to attend.

District 7090 Conference: May 4, 5, and 6. Our club has applied for 4 awards Literacy, Lighthouse, Presidential Citation and Champion. Matt Taylor and Dan Toppari will be attending May 5th. Laetitia deWitt and Bob McKay are planning to attend May 6th to accept any awards for the club.

Diamond Gala info: Julio Batres announced we only have 39 days left to sell tickets and we need more items for auction. 200 tickets have been committed. We have 29 items for auction last year we had 55.  Forms are online fill them out as soon as possible seating arrangement must be prepared. Contact Jean Holbert Leighton for tickets. Julio has issued a list of people who have attended in previous years. We need to sell more tickets and ask for more donations.

Hospice Niagara:

Cathy Henry announced July 19th Hospice-Palliative Care will host an open house to a new fourteen-thousand square foot community residential hospice on the grounds of Linhaven Home in St. Catharines. A private showing will also be held July 17th. The two clubs will have a permanent marker in the new facility honouring our support.

New Hospital Cardiac Catheterization Lab: Cathy Henry announced our Club has joined forces with May Court Club to host Winter Dreams with all proceeds to the new Lab. The Gala will be at the Hilton Niagara Falls November 17, 2007. Tickets are $150.00 each and are going fast. Matt thanked Cathy for all her hard work.

RYLA and Slapshot Leadership Program: Tom Schulz announced Slapshot is designed for 16 to 18 years old. It will take place in Ancaster  April 20 - 22 2007. Four candidates have been selected from St. Catharines Marino Felice Denis Morris, Dave Brennan Thorold High School, Justin Laulenbach West Park, Ben Goerzen Sir Winston Churchill.
RYLA is for young adults who must be 19 - 25 years of age with proven leadership potential Names must be submitted by April 15.2007.

Family of Rotary Fundraising Event: Please contact Paul Massuet if you want to attend. Guest Speaker Scott Fairweather Executive of The Canadian Landmine Foundation. The proceeds of the evening will go to the Canadian Landmine Foundation for their work in eradicating Landmines in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world. Cocktails are from 6:15pm to 7:15pm Dinner to follow 7:25. Back ground music provided by Laura Secord Jazz Band.  Dress code is business suits Cash Bar. Charitable Tax Receipt will be issued $10.00.

Update on the Gift of Literacy Program:

Laetitia de Witt received 25 letters from Guatemala school children thanking our club for supporting the Guatemala School Textbook Project. A display poster was set up with pictures of students smiling and hoping for a better education and future. Matt thanked Laetitia for all her hard work so our club will now qualify for the International Literacy award. Laetitia thanked Julio for always saying yes when some one needs help.

Membership: Don Hetherington reported 48 members. At the President elect session Don listened to other clubs expressed their concern about the future of their clubs and attracting new members. Compared to other clubs in various districts our club is organized, making money and has one and half year funding reserve. 

Past President: Bob McKay thanked Matt for a job well done and Matt thanked everyone for making his year as president effortless.

Treasurer's Report: John Teibert announced the club is still solvent and prepared and handed out Financial Statements.

Secretary's Report: Ron Kozub has only received 14 responses from his email regarding the Joint Meeting for Local Rotary Clubs April 11th at the Quality Hotel Parkway. Please email Ron if you want to attend the Joint Meeting or the Annual visit with Blaisdale/South Shore N.Y.  

Community Services: June Manning announced a donation was made to the YMCA childrens' camp.

Bingo: Greg McDonald announced May 1st revenue flowing through to the hall operators will increase from 40% to 55%. To compensate the sponsors for the drop in our shares of the revenue, sales from Break Open tickets and snack bar will now be included in the revenue pool.
With the closing of Skyway Bingo, the 44 sponsor conducting bingos there will be amalgamated into Delta Bingo starting May1st. Initially all sponsors will be given equal access to scheduled bingos on a 28 day rotating schedule. In our case, Rotary south actually gets nine bingo dates over eight months beginning on Saturday May12th. All of our sessions continue to be the Stuffed Books Bingo on Saturday from 6:45pm to 9:30pm.
The City of St. Cathaines has begun an eligibility review of all members of the Sponsors Association based on guidelines set out by the province. The review process should be completed this fall and Organizations that do not meet eligibility requirements will not be issued bingo licences.
Greg is looking for a Rotarian to take over the Bingo Chair. Greg will be readily available to ensure that the new chair is properly trained.
In addition to the Gala, Bingo is our clubs' only other major revenue generating activity. Bingo cannot be run without a designated member in charge. Anyone interested should see Greg for more information on what is involved in making this important club commitment.

CRYSIS: Greg McDonald announced Barb Eade from Kernahan Park will give us an update April 2, 2007 and will be presented with a cheque for $1,000.00.

Rotary Medals:
Greg McDonald announced it is coming along.

Communication: John Teibert would like to know if we still want emails or post information on the web site. Please contact John if you have any ideas on how we can communicate better.

50/50 DRAW
Matt Taylor
picked his own winning ticket, but did not pick the queen of spades. $375.00 approximate amount in the pot.

Jim Hooper
Reported: 20 Present 10 make ups for 64% attendance.

ADJOURNMENT As there was no further business for the good of Rotary Matt Taylor adjourned the meeting at 9:00 p.m.