Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South  

March 12 2007

Lead the Way


New member Inducted Heidi Wilson  Director of Hospice Niagara



Call to Order
: President Matt Taylor
National Anthem: Cathy Henry
Toast to Queen and Canada: George Fitzpatrick
Grace: John Klassen


Shelia Bristo: Introduced Effie Fauber & Margaret Glassfond from Project Smile, Robin Hiller, Paul & Jesse Christie


Keith Shaver
serving as Sergeant-at-Arms:
John Klassen was fined for only blessing the women at his table.
The following Happy Dollars from
John Klassen  is happy he finally won a game of tennis with his wife Janice but nearly had a heart failure in doing so.
Andrew Bowles is in high spirits his girlfriend accepted his proposal of marriage.
Paul Massuet had a nice holiday in Huatulco and Mimi is now feeling better. 
Ian Forbes and Mary did not win the Senior Curling Bon Spiel in Paris but they still had a good time.
Julio Batres enjoyed appreciation Dinner for Wilf Wilkinson with Matt & Georgette Taylor, and Ian & Mary Forbes.
Roseanne Morissette is pleased Debi is now doing the club bulletins PS Roseanne I now have a new appreciation of all the work you had to do for these past few years. If any one is interested in writing articles for the bulletin please contact me.
Greg McDonald enjoyed meeting and skiing with Matt at MountTremblant. Greg was also proud to announce his daughter received the Dean's award from McMaster University. 
Don Beard thanked Rob Welch for all the good shots he made and their curling team took 10th place. 
Keith Shaver enjoyed a great time at the Briar. Keith had first class tickets and lots of good food and drink.


AMBASADORIAL Scholarships:
application due April 15st 2007  Please contact Andrew Bowles for more details and application.

Update on the Gift of Reading Program: Laetitia de Witt received thank you letters from Chez Marie Refugee Assistance Centre, Bethlehem Projects of Niagara, St. Charles school and The Raft Staff. These books provide hours of enjoyment and a brighter future. Our Club only completed two of the 4 criterias and therefore we did not qualify for the Literacy Award. Laetitia will speak to Don Hetherington about improving the program.

Diamond Gala info:  Cathy Henry announced we only have 54 days left to sell tickets and we need more items for auction. 74 tickets have been sold and Valerie Fitzpatrick has sold 30 of them. Last year we had 165 items for auction presently we have 9 items. Contact Jean Holbert Leighton for tickets. Jim Howes has set up a tracking board.

District 7090 Conference May 4, 5, and 6: please plan to attend Holiday Inn Grand Island New York.

Bingo Greg McDonald:thanked Julio Batres, June Manning and Lynda Baiano for their assistance and advised that the next Bingo session is April 14 2007. $5,691.00 has been accumulated in pooled funds year-to-date and attendance is improving. Volunteers are needed new members this is a fun and easy make up.  

Sexual Harassment Seminar: at Brock University  Matt Taylor and Dan Toppari will be attending. Please contact Matt if you would like to attend.

Ian Forbe:s spoke of his friend Wilf Wilkinson the first Canadian in 50 years to become head of Rotary International. Wilf has been busy jetting across the globe and is received by most Heads of State which reflects how important Rotary International programs are to these countries.  But this lifelong commitment to Rotary Club was one that could have easily never happened if he was not invited to join the rotary Club which he did in 1962.

 Huatulco Rotary Club: Paul Massuet arranged for a Microscope donated from our Hospital to be delivered to Rotary club in Huatulco via a duffle bag by another rotarian. The Huatulco Club also thanked our club for our donation of $500.00 for medicines.

Laetitia de Witt:  Director International Services thanked Paul Massuet for all of his work in Mexico and Georgette Taylor for all her labour in Uganda. 

Joint Meeting April 11 2007 : Local Rotary Clubs will meet 12:00 at the Quality Inn Parkway  Tickets are $20.00 and will not be sold at the door , the guest speaker is the U.S. Consulate General.

Blaisdale/South Shore N.Y:  April 24th,this is one of our oldest club tradition.  Please plan to attend at the Blaisdale club this year. Thirty one years ago, representatives of the Blaisdale Club met members of our club at a District Conference and extended an invitation to meet. Our long standing association is one of only a few international districts.

Matt Taylor
was recognized for his birthday. Many happy returns Matt! 


50/50 DRAW
Cathy Henry
had the winning ticket, but was unlucky in drawing King Of Diamonds.

Rob Welch, John D'Ambrosio, Roseanne Morissette and George Fitzpatrick     expressed regrets to the President and took early leave.

New Members Inducted   

Heidi Wilson Director of Hospice Niagara
was introduced by June Manning.

We welcome you," noted Ed Telenko , "not only for your friendship, which we will share with you, but also for your commitment to help us carry out the projects of our club...You have been selected for membership because we believe you to be a leader in your special line of activity, and we expect you to represent your classification Administration of Non Profit Health Care to the very best of your ability. Attendance at our weekly meetings is vital.
President Matt also welcomed Heidi Wilson to Rotary and to our club. Heidi received a pin and package and was warmly greeted by club Rotarians as the meeting concluded.


Ed Telenko gave a brief tribute to Howard Etherington,

a charter member of our club. Howard was a true Rotarian who never lost his enthusiasm for Rotary.
This year's winners of the award are Project Smile and Paul Christie.
Effie Fauber expressed her appreciation for the club's recognition. This $1,000 award will allow project smiles to purchase material for their quilts that are made to put smiles on sick children.
Paul Christie has known the low points in life, both of a physical and psychological nature, and has overcome them and was proud to receive this award in the presence  of his son Jesse and Robin Hiller.  This $1,000 award will help Paul's Drug and Alcohol program. 
Norris Brown
reported:  24 members, 12 make ups for 94 % attendance.

As there was no further business for the good of Rotary Matt Taylor adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.