Club Services Administrator Jason Pollock is featured as this week's Who's Who.

John Teibert, President-Elect, called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m. 
National Anthem: Rob Welch 
Toast to Queen and  Canada: Cathy Henry 
Invocation: Kris Akilie 

Jason Pollock introduced Beth Cockcroft, guest of George Fitzpatrick; Joel Chattedon, visiting Rotarian from the St. Catharines Downtown Club; and Ron Burak, our Guest speaker. 

John Teibert announced, on behalf of the Foundation Committee, that throughout the month of March, all happy dollars would go towards the Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) Program, thus giving our club a 100% participation.

George Fitzpatrick, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, donated $5 for being happy to be Canadian, and accepted the balance of happy dollars from: 
Cathy Henry - happy to be Canadian;
Kris Akilie - happy to be Canadian;
Sheila Bristo - just happy;
Jean Holbert-Leighton - happy for Joannie Rochette, figure skating;
Laetitia de Witt - happy to be feeling great;
Rob Welch - happy that everyone sang Oh Canada so robustly;
Beth - happy to be born on Canada Day;
Joel - grateful and delighted at the work of the Childrens Centre;
Jim - took family to the sugar bush;
Brian Radford - happy for the 14 golden moments during the Olympics;
Dan Toppari - happy for our first gold medal from A. Bilideau;
Najeeb Syed - happy he missed the last week of bad weather;
John Teibert - happy to stay on the couch for two weeks to watch the Olympics!

As March is Literacy Month, Laetitia read a message from the Foundation Trustee Chair about "Empowering People Through Literacy". She also reminded us of our work in Guatemala and locally through the donation of Thesaurus books to five local schools, which was a four-club initiative.
WHO'S WHO, Jason Pollock

Born in St. Catharines, Jason's grandparents fled Europe in the early 1900s to settle in Canada and Israel.

Jason graduated from Captain John deCew, Oakridge, and Sir Winston, and received his BA from the University of Guelph and his MBA from Niagara University.

Jason met his wife in 1993, and they have three wonderful children.

After trying various diverse occupations, Jason joined London Life in 2000, and, in 2003, left with another friend and started Capital Wealth Management. Today, he is very happy and settled in this career.

Jason was Introduced to Rotary by Don Hetherington. Jason loves the comradeship and international aspect of Rotary.

He is passionate about his family and politics.

March 8 - guest speaker- Scott McRoberts, Niagara Sports Commission
March 15 - Club Assembly at Antipastos on Hannover Drive
March 22 - meeting cancelled
March 23 - Paul Harris Joint Club Recognition at the St. Cathaines Golf & Country Club. John Mann will be able to attend April 5th- meeting cancelled
April 8 - Joint Rotary Club meetings at Quality Inn & Convention Centre
March 13 - Musical evening- Corks in NOTL- an evening of music to raise funds for Shelter Box Canada- Rose and Ken Smith and Cathy will be attending                         Car Rally meeting after the general meeting 
Bingo - Dan and Cathy Toppari and Elisabeth Zimmerman have volunteered.

A question was asked about the status of Ron Kozub following his surgery.

None to report.

50/50 DRAW

Jean Holbert-Leighton drew the 10 of Spades. 


George Fitzpatrick and Rob Welch gaves their regrets to President-Elect John Teibert and the guest speaker and took early leave.


Dan introduced Ron Burak, Sports Coordinator at Brock University. Dan has known Ron for many years, as a Kinsmen and through family ties.

Ron, as an Olympian rowing athlete of the 1976 games in Montreal, gave a fascinating description of the differences between the two games - the somewhat suspect atmosphere of 1976 and the tremendous outpouring of national pride with the Vancouver Games. He will always be considered an Olympian and an ambassador of the spirit of the Olympics. He was invited to share in the dress rehearsal of this year's games and he met up with old friends from 1976. Ron stated that a recent poll showed that 99% of Canadian's watched some part of the Olympics.

Greg McDonald thanked Ron for addressing the club.


17 members, nine make-ups and three guests for almost 100 per cent attendance.  


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President-Elect John Teibert wished everyone a good week in Rotary and adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.