Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South  

June  04, 2007

Lead the Way




Call to Order: President Matt Taylor
National Anthem: John Klassen
Toast to Queen and Canada: Ian Forbes
Grace: Peter Snodgrass

Jim Shannon introduced vistors from Denis Morris: Michelle Honsberger, Alexander Doan, Principal: Tony Bozza, Sir Winston Churchill: Alana Leprich, Brett Soderholm, Principal: Mike Simpson, Westpark: Lindsay Mooradian, Spencer Prudomme, Principal Lynda Baiano, Thorold: Meaghan Murray, Wesley Gregory, Principal:Krista Miller, Marechaud Richard, Larry Iggulden, and Henry Becker

Brian Radford serving as Sergeant-at-Arms:

Brian Fined Matt Taylor for his tie again this time for being too short.

John Klassen was fined for driving like an idiot in his restored car and then had to tell everyone while sitting beside the Police Commissioner.

Ian Forbes was fined for being too happy while he is out of work.

Keith Shaver, Dan Toppari, Ross Elliott and Greg Mc Donald for being late.

Brian Radford, Laetitia de Witt and Matt Taylor they were all happy to see Paul Massuet at today's luncheon and all expressed how good Paul looks after his heart surgery.

George Fitzpatrick had a great vacation in Spain and was fascinated by the monkeys in Gibraltar and also visited his mother in England.

Paul Massuet  said it was nice to have so many good friends and was especially happy to see an old friend from France Dr. Marechaud Richard.

Dan Toppari enjoyed the beer and wine in Turkey.

Keith Shavers was proud of his children doing so well in the School Board Champions.

Kathy Henry is happy her son has a place in New York. Kathy now has a clean basement.

John Teibert enjoyed meeting the candidates for the Ambassadorial Scholarship and was impressed with their accomplishment and talents.

Lynda Baiano was happy to attend to days luncheon with Westpark Secondary School Rotary Medal Recipients and thanked the Rotary Club for their support.

Ian Forbes announced he is now a Free Agent.

Tom Shulz was pleased to see Michelle Honsberger a Slapshot Leadership Program Participant and Spencer Prudomme who has helped us out with our Gala event.


June 21st Board Meeting: Matt Taylor's home 16 Westmount Ct. St. Catharines 7:00 pm for outgoing and incoming board members. Bring your own steak. 

Bingo: Greg McDonald Thanked Julio, June, Bob and Linda for helping out on June 2nd . Volunteers are needed for June 30th Bingo. New members, this is a fun and easy make up

Slapshot Leadership Program: Tom Schulz suggested we meet the candidates at Thursday night dinner.

President Incoming Meeting  June 8th 7:45 at the St Catharines Golf & Country Club.

International Rotary Bike Trek "The Paul Massuet Team" Join us for a spectacular ride along the Niagara Parkway from Niagara-on-the-lake to Niagara Falls and back. Registration tent located at the Kinsmen Hall parking near the corner of King & Mary 8:00 am to 9:30am. Entry Fees: individual $15.00, Family $25.00. Half the money raised will come back to our club. Laetitia de Witt will collect payment for pledges and entry fees no later than June 07, 07. Please make the cheques out to St. Catharines South Rotary Club.

Club Picnic Paul and Mimi Massuet will once again host a picnic for our club members on June 10th, 2007.  The Party starts at 3:00 pm food and soft drinks are supplied. Bring lawn chairs and other refreshments. Address 4 Cardinal Circle Linwell Rd. to Gordon Place and right on Rosemount.    Volunteers and tables are needed to set up food.

Rotary Medal Presentation:  John D'Ambrosio needs volunteers to present Rotary Medala for the Thorold Secondary School 7:30 pm June 27th Americana Resort.

President Matt noted two birthdays, Don Hetherington and Ron Kozub. Happy Birthday, Ron and Don, and best wishes for health and happiness in the year ahead! 
 50/50 DRAW
George Fitzpatrick had the winning ticket, but still did not pick the Queen of Spades.
George Fitzpatrick, Jean Holbert Leighton, Henry Becker and John Klassen expressed regrets to the President and took early leave.


John d'Ambrosio, Chair of the Rotary Medals Committee, welcomed all the Rotary medalists and their sponsors/chaperones. John praised each medalist for their phenomenal achievements, integrity, and work ethics.

The Criteria for choosing the winners includes. 
        1. Community involvement 
        2. Volunteer hours 
        3.  Involvement in school activities & clubs, while maintaining excellent grades.  
        4.  Displaying the Rotary Motto SERVICE ABOVE SELF.

Rotary medalists had a chance to introduce their fellow students and to explain why each is so deserving of this award. 

Congratulations to
Denis Morris High School: Michelle Honsberger, Alexander Doan
Sir Winston Churchill: Alana Leprich, Brett Soderholm.
Westpark Secondary School: Lindsay Mooradian, Spencer Prudomme.        Thorold Secondary School: Meaghan Murray, Wesley Gregory

Jim Howes
 did not have the attendance book but Jim was sure it was 100%
As there was no further business for the good of Rotary Matt Taylor adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.