President Sheila recounts our successful year in Rotary.
President Sheila called her last meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

ational Anthem: Jeff Thomas
Toast to the Queen & Canada: Cathy Henry
Invocation:  Peter Snodgrass


Tom Schulz introduced Jeff Thomas, our newest member; Geordan Robertson, Jeff's employer; Wendy Laslo, President of Sunrise Rotary Club, and Frank Parkhouse, member of Sunrise Rotary Club.


Ian Forbes accepted happy dollars from Dan Toppari, Jim Hooper, Tom Schulz, John Teibert, Keith Shaver, Frank Parkhouse, Najeeb Syed, Kris Akilie, Roseanne Morissette, Wendy Laslo, Don Beard, Cathy Henry, Jean Holbert-Leighton, Sheila Bristo, and Ian Forbes.


Rotary Tour du lac, July 8th - Ian announced that $27,300 has been received to-date in pledges. There is still time to pledge and support a Rotarian. Go to and follow the instructions. We’re trying to reach a goal of $35,000.

Bingo - John has sent around a sign up sheet for future dates. Please join the fun on a Friday or Saturday evening.

No Meeting July 2nd - There will be no meeting on July 2 in recognition of Canada Day. The induction of the new board and beginning of Lynn and Roseanne's year as Co-Presidents will be recognized on July 9th.

Take it to Heart Gala, November 10th - Cathy announced that 31 tables have been sold to date. Please contact Cathy if you are planning on coming and what dietary requests are needed.

Explore Niagara Car Rally Thank You Letters - Jim Hooper announced that he has a generic thank you letter for all donors/sponsors for the Car Rally. Please let him know who you have thanked so that we can be assured that everyone has received acknowledgement.

RYLA - Tom announced that Zan Dominick enjoyed her RYLA week and is looking forward to coming to speak to our club about her experience.


Happy Birthday was sung to Ian Forbes (June 26) and to Jim Hooper (June 30). Many happy returns.


Cathy Henry provided a brief introduction for Jeff.

Jeff was born and raised in Toronto. He graduated from George Brown College in Business Administration-Marketing. He joined General Motors Acceptance Corp in 1986 where he worked in Automotive Financing for 12 years when he joined Scotiabank’s Automotive Financing division in Hamilton. After eight years in Hamilton, he took the position of Small Business Account Manager in St. Catharines where he has spent the last six years.

Jeff is married to his wonderful wife, Joanne, and just celebrated his 22nd wedding anniversary last Saturday. He has two sons - Ryan, who is 25 and a Glazier Apprentice, and Rob, who is 20 and is attending Niagara College taking business.

Jeff l loves sports and still continues to play old timers hockey during the winter and likes to play golf. Jeff and his wife like to travel to the Caribbean in the winter and spend time at his parent’s cottage in Muskoka during the summer. Jeff was first introduced to our Rotary Club in his professional capacity as he handles some of our business banking - especially Take It To Heart. He coached his sons in sports and now that they’re doing “their own thing” he now has time to devote to doing something in his community. We are honoured to have him join our club.

John Teibert inducted Jeff, citing the Object of Rotary and The Four Way Test. 

President Sheila pinned on his pin and badge.

Welcome Jeff!

50/50 DRAW

John Teibert won the draw but pulled the King of Hearts.


Kris Akilie expressed her regret to President Sheila, paid the bird, and took early leave.


President Sheila was our speaker and gave a very moving speech on what we, as a team, accomplished in her year as President. Please find her complete speech below:

Our club’s recently approved vision statement says:

We are the service organization of choice providing a friendly forum for members to use their skills and talents to serve the local, national and international communities.

Rotary South truly is a friendly forum where each of us can use our individual’s skills to the extent that we choose and it shows in so many ways.

Over the last year we have raised approximately $98,000 through the Explore Niagara Car Rally, Take It to Heart, Tour du Lac, Bingo, RibFest, and 50/50. On the flip side we have supported:
Bethlehem Place, Gillian’s Place, Salvation Army, St. George Breakfast Program, the Vimy Foundation, and the Child Advocacy Program. We presented a cheque to Goodwill at Goodwill and had the opportunity to see first hand how our support helps that organization. Internationally,we supported Haiti Water for Life, Rotary Mobility Cup, Free the Children, Friends of the Orphans, Trees that Feed, Literacy in Pakistan and SOS Village. Thanks to Keith and Najeeb for their local and international leadership and for all the members who volunteered on these two important committees.

While we will be providing a more recent update, last year at this time in partnership with May Court Club and PerformanceCars $512,000 had been raised for the heart investigative unit at the new hospital and we are well on our way to reaching the $750,000 goal over the next year.

Anyone who has been a Rotary club president will tell you how exciting and a little bit daunting the task is. A year ago I spoke about the coming year and looked forward to Tour du lac, RibFest, Take it To Heart, Paul Harris recognitions, the car rally, bingo, membership development, GSE, Slap Shot and RYLA to name a few. I also spoke about my target of continuing the strategic planning and looking forward to planning for our next project that would help brand our club, similar to what Hospice and TITH has done.

Well we did all of that and more. Kicking the year off with Tour du Lac during record breaking heat showed the determination of several Rotarians lead by Ian Forbes and their friends putting their skills and determination to the test to support a cause that is very close to them. 50/50 at Rib fest was a success thanks to Jason Pollock and his volunteers. We pondered how we could do something different to raise more money and now we have it. Thanks to our friends at Sunrise we will get to become corn shucking experts!

Take It to Heart was a great success under Cathy and her committee’s guidance. We committed to a fifth year to reach our target and November 10 promises to be a wonderful celebration of our partnership and supporting a very important service in our community.

Over the last year our club recognized Maryanne Edwards, Cathy Henry, Ian Forbes, John Teibert, John Kelly and Jim Hooper with Paul Harris recognitions, the greatest honour we can bestow. Thank you to Rob Welch, who heads our foundation work for leading the Paul Harris events.

The car rally was a great fun and I look forward to hosting Paul and Janet Monaghan, John and Evelyn Teibert and David and Cathy Henry all whom surpassed me in my pledge challenge.

Thank you to John Teibert and Don Beard for continuing their leadership in Bingo and to every club member who enjoys an evening of fellowship while raising the funds that we put back into our community.

Under Roseanne’s leadership as membership chair, a membership satisfaction survey was completed. We welcomed back Ian Forbes as a member and welcomed Colin Sines. David Martineau and Michael Kevorkian as new members and of course today we welcome Jeff Thomas. Unfortunately we also accepted the resignation of some of our Rotarian friends including Beth Cockcroft, Elisabeth Zimmerman, Norris Brown, Ed Telenko, Derek Tomlinson, Ernesto Carillo and Brian Radford. We know while not active club members they will continue to be Rotarians in the true sense of the word. Of our course we were saddened to hear of the passing of Christopher Michael almost a year ago.

Tom Schulz continued to lead our club’s involvement in RYLA and Slap Shot and engaged the membership in nominating worthy recipients. These are life altering events for our future leaders and Tom’s commitment over the years ensures that our club is front and centre in identifying and supporting these amazing young people.

Jim Hooper led our involvement with GSE and was able to benefit from Roseanne’s experience as a past team lead.

And boy did we do more….

Dan Toppari organized our speakers with informative and fun topics. I will always remember our Halloween meeting. I can honestly say that after every Rotary meeting I left the meeting having learned or heard about something new that’s going on in our world or in our community and Dan does it effortlessly and with great enthusiasm and fun.

We enjoyed an end of summer event at DYC and celebrated the Tour du Lac riders along with May Court and PerformanceCars. We had a great turn out and stories were shared.

In December, we had an open house at my home and celebrated the holiday season at one of our regular meetings with a visit from Santa himself. In lieu of payment a donation was made to Linhaven homes.

We received a cheque from Gary Waters for Take It To Heart and our naming rights were confirmed for the Heart Investigative Unit.

Our joint Rotary Club meeting celebrated 200 years of peace as we looked back on the war of 1812. Unfortunately the meeting with Blasdell did not occur after 35 years but perhaps can happen next year.

Recognizing the spirit of Howard Etherington under Ed Telenko’s leadership we presented a cheque to Carousel Players. And we most recently awarded Rotary medals to students from Denis Morris, Thorold Secondary, Westpark and Sir Winston Churchill secondary schools. These students are chosen by their peers in recognition of their leadership and service within the school community. Thanks to John D’Ambrosio for his continued work in leading this important community event. We also continued to support the Spencer William’s Scholarship at Brock University.

We continued to support Rotary at the District and International level. Our club was well represented at the District Conference in the fall and the District Assembly held this past spring. Our District Governor launched our year with his annual visit and we currently have two graduates from the Rotary Leadership Institute with one member a third of the way through. We supported the Polio challenge and Roseanne Morissette represented our club at the Rotary International Conference that was held in Bangkok.
Several of our members as you know use their skills and talents at the district level in addition to their commitment to our club. John Teibert, Cathy Henry, Tom Schulz and Roseanne Morissette come to mind.

Under the leadership of Jim Howes, Keith Shaver, John Teibert Roseanne Morissette and I our club completed our strategic planning journey. I am proud of how our club took this on and was engaged in every aspect of the plan. The journey was long a maybe a bit of a different approach to strategic planning but the end product is worth it. The proof in the pudding will be when we implement the objectives we have identified together as a club.

One of the most exiting things of course that I was able to become involved with is our merger with the Sunrise Club. Having had the opportunity to meet and talk with Wendy Laslo the Sunrise President and hosting our last board meeting at my home as a joint meeting, I know this opportunity will make for an even better club and Rotary experience. We are all being very thoughtful on how we proceed using our motto of “Service Above Self” to guide us. This is a great opportunity for both Sunrise and South. Together we will be stronger.

One of the things I will treasurer most about being President of Rotary South is getting to volunteer with such incredible board members. Roseanne, Cathy, Debi, Najeeb, Tom, John D'Ambrosio, Kris, Arie, Colin and John Teibert I have really enjoyed getting to know each of you better. I sincerely appreciated your support when my job required me to miss meetings or events. You helped chair weekly meeting when I couldn’t and were always very supportive. John Teibert and Roseanne were both extremely helpful in this area. I knew that balancing my job in Toronto and being Rotary President would be a challenge. I selfishly did not want to give up my Presidency. And I do want to thank every club member for your support over the year.

I also would like to thank Ron Kozub for all he does in keeping our attendance and our roster and organizing the welcoming table. You do all this so quietly but it is so important for the smooth running of our meetings and reporting to RI.

Something else a past President will tell you is how quickly the year goes. And it has gone by in a flash.

Roseanne and Lynn, I know you have already begun to get ready for your year as co-presidents and I bet that you are feeling like it’s a bit daunting. This will be a year of keeping traditions, blending traditions and trying new things. You will have guessed from my talk today that the club runs on the work and commitment of many. You have wonderful people who want to hep and support you—just ask. We are well placed with Cathy Henry and Jim Hooper in our succession plan and there are exiting times ahead as we continue to develop peace through service.

Now is a great time to be a Rotarian and especially a member of Rotary South.

Finally, thank you for allowing me the honour of being your club’s President in 2011/12. It was a pleasure to serve.

PE Roseanne thanked President Sheila, citing that she has served the club "wisely, warmly, and well," and presented her with a beautiful plaque and gavel and Past President’s pin.


Tom reported 16 members, seven make ups, and four guests for 90 per cent attendance.


July 9, Induction of the 2012/13 Board of Directors.


President Sheila wished everyone a good week in Rotary and before adjourning the meeting at 1:15 p.m. left members with this thought for the day:

"I can no other answer make, but thanks and thanks." - William Shakespeare.