Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South  

June  25, 2007

Lead the Way



Call to Order : Acting President June Manning

National Anthem : Paul Monaghan

Toast to Queen and Canada : Cathy Henry

Grace:  Andrew Bowles


Shelia Bristo introduced Nicole Pogrebske (Folk Arts), Shane Thomson (City of St Catharines ) and Ross MacDonald (Downtown Club)


Bob McBride serving as Sergeant-at-Arms:

Bob said June Manning should receive a reward she had to chair another meeting for Matt Taylor.

Bob fined George Fitzpatrick, Don Beard and Andrew Frech for wearing suits and for not giving him any dirt about anyone so he could not fine us. Andrew was also fined for no name tag.

Don and Audrey Beard are celebrating their 39th anniversary.

Andrew Frech announced with a very hoarse voice that he had a great time with his friends last weekend.

John Teibert enjoyed looking at Bob McBride's legs.

Ian Forbes was fined about his remark about Laetitia being speechless.

Andrew Bowles was fined for wearing a suit.  

Don Hetherington is glad to be back from Salt Lake City and informed us Connecticut has more Polygamists than Utah . Approximately 19,000 Rotarians attended this year's convention. Don also visited the Napa Valley an the Napa Rotary club presented him a banner.

Rob Welch enjoyed The Rotary Golf Tournament at Lookout Point Country Club.   

Ross Elliott was pleased to announce Paul Massuet health has improved immensely but please call before you visit. 

Julio Batres was pleased to meet Nicole a friend he had not seen in five years at the Folk Art Festival.

Nicole Pogrebske was happy to attend our luncheon today.

Cathy Henry was in New York and helped open up her son's new home along with 15 other friends.



Next Meeting JULY 9th 2007 : Matt's Swan Song.

July 19 2007 Board Meeting:  at Landon Morgan 94 Ontario St. Catharines 7:00 pm  

Bingo: John Teibert, Ian Forbes and Don Beard volunteered for June 30th Bingo.

Rib Fest Civic Holiday Weekend Friday August 4th - Monday August 7th. Jason Polluck announced our club will be selling 50/50 tickets all day Saturday and glow sticks thru out the evening. We will have a display in the Gazebo. Volunteers are needed that weekend please keep that weekend open we need your help.

Reminder: turn in your Police Check applications.

50/50 DRAW

John Teibert had the winning ticket and won the Shaw Festival tickets that he donated for this weeks draw.


George Fitzpatrick, Shelia Bristo, Don Beard, John D' Ambrosio, Jason Pollock and Ross MacDonald expressed regrets to the President and took early leave.


Hedi Wilson   reported the attendance 25 present 7 make ups 1 guest for 89%


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary June Manning adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.