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The meeting was called to order by Keith Shaver.
Before lunch we had a tour of the first floor of the Stokes Seeds building that Goodwill is now using. The tour was led by Saulis Zemaitus, who is the President and CEO of Goodwill Niagara. The upper floors of the building are for low cost housing for seniors. The main floor is for community usage and low rental to other charities. Current tenants include Canadian Mental Health Association, Brain Injury Community Re-Entry Niagara and the Autism Society.
After the tour, the official part of the program started,
O’Canada was led by Paul Monaghan, Cathy Henry did the toast to Queen and country, and Jim Howes said grace. Jean Stewart introduced our guests – Eleanor Lancaster, Laura Hills, and Saulis Zemaitus. It  must have been a great tour, Jean also took happy dollars from almost all of the Rotarians present – great job!

1.  Board Meeting is June 13 at  President Sheila’s house. This is our last board meeting for the Rotary year. Current and new board members are invited to attend to celebrate a great year and look ahead to a new one. The Board members of Sunrise Club are also invited.  It begins at 7pm.  
2. The June 18 meeting is when we will have our students who were awarded Rotary medals speak at the club. Please be sure to be present to hear about the wonderful future leaders of our community.

3.  Merger Update:   The joint letter has gone to district advising them of the merger of the clubs. DG John responded saying that both clubs are excellent and together we will be even stronger. He offered assistance if required.
Also, a meeting is being arranged to review the financial due diligence.  It was also agreed that we will do a Memorandum of Understanding so that both clubs are clear on the agreements around membership, finance, meeting times, locations etc.

4. Tour du lac . Ian announced that everything is on track. They a had a great meeting and pre ride with the riders on June 10th. As of Monday, $18, 000 has been raised in rider pledges ($23,000 as of Friday June 15th!). We are still accepting registration for one day riders. For rider registration and making pledges visit
5. Explore Niagara – Cathy Henry announced that we raised almost $10,000.
Our guest speaker, Eleanor Lancaster was introduced by Keith Shaver. Eleanor explained a little bit about the history of the project and building. The building was first a bicycle plant in the late 1800’s, then as a military building during WWI, before becoming Stoke Seeds and then Goodwill Industries. A similar site is currently being built in Welland. Please see the attached PDF document for all of the services offered by Goodwill Industies.
Keith thanked Eleanor and Saul for the tour, lunch and presentation and presented them with a cheque for $3,000, the third instalment of our three year $9,000 commitment.

50/50 DRAW
Ian was the winner of the 50/50 draw and he will draw first, when we’re back at the club on the 18th


Jean announced that there were 17 present, 5 makeups and 3 guests