Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South  

June  11, 2007

Lead the Way



Call to Order : President Matt Taylor

National Anthem : Julio Batres

Toast to Queen and Canada : Cathy Henry

Grace:  Jim Hooper


Hedi Wilson introduced Greg Creanole


George Fitzpatrick serving as Sergeant-at-Arms:

George Fined Matt Taylor and Ian Forbes they both forgot their name tags.

Greg McDonald was happy to attend Ashley and Justins Convocation.   

Jim Hooper had a great time at the bike trek with Lynn and Jackson and also thanked Georgette & Matt for hosting the Barbeque.

Jean Holbert Leighton was proud to attend her daughters' Convocation. 

Heidi Wilson announced Hospice Niagara has now received their occupancy permit today.

Ron Kozub said he would have liked to attend the barbeque but was celebrating his 60th birthday with his family

Laetitia de Witt thanked Georgette and Matt for hosting the barbeque Laetitia now has a new boyfriend and his name is Jackson Hooper.

June Manning was happy Greg McDonald found the $137.00 they were short at Bingo.


Paul Massuet is back in the hospital in intensive care Matt Taylor asked us to keep Paul in our thoughts and prayers.

June 21st Board Meeting:  Matt Taylor's home 16 Westmount Ct. St. Catharines 7:00 pm for outgoing and incoming board members.

Bingo: Greg McDonald stated that Julio, June, Bob and Linda were not short $137.00 on June 2nd. Volunteers are needed for June 30th Bingo. New members, this is a fun and easy make up

Joint Meeting June 8th of the 4 St. Catharines Clubs : working on sponsoring a new club.

Abuse Neglect and Harassments Protocol: Dan Toppari announced the policy is now registered and asked us to fill out the ACCESS TO INFORMATION WAIVER. Dan will accept a photo copy from another club organization's current police report.

Rib Fest Civic Holiday Weekend Friday August 4th - Monday August 7th. Jason Polluck announced our club will be selling 50/50 tickets and glow sticks and will we have a display in the Gazebo.

Luncheon Meeting This is the last meeting Matt Taylor will chair as president. June Manning will chair June 18th and Don Hetherington June 25th.  Matt and Don will be attending the Salt Lake City Convention.    

International Rotary Bike Trek:   Paul Monaghan, Dan Toparri  and Matt Taylor had a great time but Dick Earne the District Governor could not say the same. Dick fell off his bike three times and received some nasty cuts and bruises and also lost his car keys in one of the falls but was fortunate some one gave him a ride back to the states. Laetitia announced the pledges total to $1,540.00 which included the clubs donation of $500.00


President Matt noted two birthdays , Jim Howes and Lynda Baiano . Happy Birthday, Lynda and Jim, and best wishes for health and happiness in the year ahead! 


  50/50 DRAW

Jason Pollock had the winning ticket, but still did not pick the Queen of Spades.


George Fitzpatrick, Jean Holbert Leighton and Tom Schulz expressed regrets to the President and took early leave.


Jim Howes   reported the attendance 27 present 5 makeups 1 guest for 91%


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary Matt Taylor adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.