"High accountability and expert guidance are the insider secrets in creating change that's permanent and sustainable."

- Karen Stocker, Law of Attraction, Unlock Your Full Potential


Club Services Director Jason Pollock called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

National Anthem:  Paul Monaghan
Toast to the Queen & Canada:  Sheila Bristo
Invocation: Cathy Henry


Norris Brown introduced Ian Forbes, Honourary Rotarian with our club; Barry Millward, guest of Ian Forbes; Ross MacDonald, member of The Rotary Club of St. Catharines; and Karen Stocker, our guest speaker, friend of Beth Cockcroft.


President John Teibert, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, accepted happy dollars from:  
Norris Brown - fined everyone at his table for being so noisy; 
Ed Telenko - happy that everyone is now quiet;
Matt Taylor - that Roseanne is too quiet;
Paul Monaghan - spoke about Don Fraser's funeral and how respective everyone is of what he accomplished over his life;
Najeeb Syed - happy to be back from Pakistan- he was able to help people find jobs;
Peter Snodgrass - happy that the sun is out and his birthday; 
Jim Howes - happy that Ian and Howie won the Can Am curling bonspiel;
Jean Holbert-Leighton - happy to be back from holidays; 
Sheila Bristo - happy about our new member, Derrick Tomlinson;
Howie Vant - was able to win the five games at the Can Am;
Ian Forbes- thanked the club for the resounding vote of confidence for the up coming Bike Trek- was happy  to see Howie and to hear that they had done so well at the Can Am;
Barry Millward - was happy to be a guest of Ian's and to be able to participate in the Bkie Trek; 
Beth Cockcroft - was happy that the sun was out and that she could introduce her friend- Karen Stocker- as the guest speaker;
Laetitia de Witt - was happy to see Ian and glad for the curling results;
Jim Hooper - was happy about the curling results. 

Jason Pollock spoke about Rotary Themes:

Each January, as Rotary District Governors-Elect convene at the International Assembly for training and fellowship, they can be certain of two things: a lot of take-home reading and the announcement of a new RI theme.

The tradition of crafting a theme is credited to 1949-50 RI President Percy C. Hodgson, who outlined a list of four objectives for his term in office. Among them were the better application of the principles of vocational service and dedication to world understanding and peace through international service programs. 

Though Hodgson's 83-word proclamation ran substantially longer than today's shorter, punchier themes, Rotarians' desire to celebrate and support their president's annual program of service has remained the same.

Other early themes include Rotary Is Hope in Action (Joaquin Serratosa Cibils, 1953-54), Kindle the Spark Within (Nitish C. Laharry, 1962-63), and Good Will Begins with You (Ernst G. Breitholtz, 1971-72).

In the decades that followed, RI presidents introduced theme logos, lapel pins, ties, and scarves. Theme ties were introduced in the 1990s, and are now given out yearly. Many have incorporated the theme for the year. The first scarves showing the RI theme were designed by 1998-99 RI President James L. Lacy and his wife, Claudine, Follow Your Rotary Dream.

A list of past presidents and RI themes can be found in the Official Directory

February 5th Bingo - Beth is looking for one more volunteer.

February 18th Rotary Ski Day - Holimont, Ellicottville. $55.00 /person includes ski pass and lunch. $20 for lunch only. If interested, please contact Marcy at 716-699-4091 or ophazaed@roadrunner.com

March 2nd Paul Harris Fellow Awards Night - Jim Hooper advised that the St. Catharines Clubs have organized a joint Paul Harris Fellow Awards night. Information ont the cost and event start time to follow. President John will poll members to see if we cancel our regular meeting that week in favour of the awards night.

Week of April 25th - The St. Catharines Downtown Club will be celebrating its 90th anniversary. More information to follow.

May 1st Explore Niagara Car Rally - starting point is CAA on Schmon Parkway and the finish line is the St. Catharines Golf & Country Club. Roseanne and Ed were thanked for getting more sponsors and for re-designing the flyers/pledge forms. Cathy is also looking for a co-convenor - please contact her if able to help.

May 7th, Hope Furniture Bank - John Teibert explained that the four St. Catharines Club Presidents have come up with a joint project - The Hope Furniture Bank - a charitable organization that receives gently used furniture and redistributes the donated items to families in need. 

The plan would be that during the week of April 18th, a truck would come to each of the club meetings to pick up the small items that are needed - dry goods - linens, towels, dish cloths etc. Then on Saturday May 7th, the clubs will host a community drop off day (the President's are working on a location).

The clubs responsibilities are to publicize the event and to have a small group of volunteers on May 7th to help load and unload the truck. High School volunteers who need their community service hours are welcome. Donation receipts would be provided by the Furniture Bank. The Hope Furniture Bank has a location in Welland.

November 5th Take it to Heart Gala - Cathy advised that the contract has been signed for The Scotiabank Convention Center, Fallsview Road, Niagara Falls. Local celebrity chef Anna Olsen will be associated with the Gala. Ticket prices will remain the same at $150 per person. The committee will look into availability of rooms for the night at the Sheraton Fallsview/Hilton. A professional silent auction company has been hired to provide approximately 75 items for auction. There will be no pressure to bid - whatever doesn't sell is returned to the company.

Bingo Co-Chair -  Beth needs a co-chair for bingo. Sheila is not available as she prepares for her year as club president. Please contact Beth or John D'Ambrosio if you can help, training will be provided.

New Roster - Ron Kozub has published a new roster this week, please review and let Ron know if there should be any changes. Also everyone should have access to our club's web page. Please login and update your member's profile. If you don't remember your user name and password please contact Roseanne.

Bike Tour Voting Results - President John thanked the 21 memebrs who responded on line and gave support for the project. Ian Forbes thanked the club for the vote of confidence and will keep everyone up-to-date as the plans continue to be formulated.

Partners for Life: District 7090 Rotary Action Group and Canadian Blood Services A blood donation program is in place January through June 2011 with every club in 7090 being asked to contribute blood. February is being targeted as a kick-off month. June Manning will be our coordinator for this program.

E-Club - Message from the District: 

We are nearing the day when we will submit a charter request for our District's first e-Club.  For more information, please visit our District website at the e-Club page: http://www.clubrunner.ca/dprg/dxprogramhome/_programhome.aspx?did=7090&pageid=48461

We will submit a Charter Member list for this new e-Club to Rotary International soon.  If you know someone who would like to join this club, please have them contact Paul McAfee immediately.

Charter Members of the Rotary District 7090 e-Club must live or work within the District's boundaries, or must have been a member of Rotary in our District in the past.
These Charter Members need not be active Rotarians at this time. They may be alumni of a Rotary Club, or some other Rotary activity, such as Group Study Exchange, RYLA, SLAPSHOT, Exchange Student, or an Ambassadorial Scholarship. 

The Charter Members do not have to have prior Rotary experience, but they must meet the same qualifications as any other Rotarian in our District.

If interested individuals are not now Rotarians, please provide a name and contact information for a sponsor for that individual who is a current, active Rotarian in good standing with their club.

Paul McAfee
President, Rotary Club of Amherst East
Chair, Rotary District 7090 e-Club Task Force
(716) 830-5219 / paulmca@exubrio.com  

Sheila Bristo and Howie Vant expressed their regrets to President John, Club Services Director Jason Pollock, and our guest speaker and took early leave.   


December 29 - Frank Strathearn, who shares his birthday with Ted Danson, and Mary Tyler Moore.

January 05 - Ron Williams, who shares his birthday with King Camp Gillette, inventor of the safety razor, and Marlyn Manson.

January 09 - Jean Holbert-Leighton, who shares her birthday Crystal Gale, Gypsy Rose Lee.

January 15 - Peter Snodgrass, who shares his birthday with Charo, Lloyd Bridges, and Martin Luther King Jr.  

50/50 DRAW

$2/ ticket - Elizabeth Zimmerman drew the Jack of Spades.


Beth Cockroft introduced our guest speaker, Karen Stocker.

Before starting her coaching career and seminar business, Karen enjoyed over 30 years as an entrepeneur in the salon and spa industry. She also worked with Weight Watchers as a leader and coach. Today, Karen coaches individuals to enjoy a more fulfilling and satisfying lifestyle through her Change Your Life, Change Your Weight Program. She provides informative, educational, and inspiring seminars and workshops. After years of struggling with her weight, she has permanently released 60 pounds. Karen noted that for individuals to make positive choices and move towards achieving their life goals that high accountability and expert guidance are the insider secrets in creating change that's permanent and sustainable.

Today her presentation is entitled: A New Year, A New You: Four Steps to Change.
Karen spoke about her four-step program. It is a mindset for permanent change and to be healthy:

A)    You must have the desire to change;
B)    You must be clear about what a healthy lifestyle is;
C)    You must have a reason to be healthy, physically and emotionally;
D)    You must be committed and accountable. 

The program works best when you work with a like-thinking partner.
Never look back. Always look forward. 
Elizabeth Zimmerman thanked Karen for an interesting topic, one that she can relate to with her work at YWCA, and presented Karen with a pen as a token of our appreciation. 


Norris Brown reported 24 members,10 make ups, and four guests for 95 per cent attendance.


Before Jason adjourned the meeting, he wished everyone a good week in Rotary and left members with this thought for the day:

"A Rotary club gives us an opportunity that no social, political, or specialized business club can do. It is strong on the human side; it stands for the individual, unfetters him (her), appeals to his (her) originality, brings out his (her) latent powers, and puts him (her) at his (her) best by extending him (her) the full measure of his (her) confidence and appealing to the best that is in him (her) - 'service not self.' "

-- 1912-13 RI President Glenn C. Mead in The National Rotarian , January 1912