Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South

Chis Branghan is making a differnce in South Africa Preschool Programs.

Since the preschool phase is the foundational phase, the quality of a child's preschool education will, to a large extent, determine their success in mastering the three R's in school, and their success in later coping in the adult world. 



Welcome by President Matt Taylor

National Anthem: Greg McDonald

Toast to Queen and Canada : Jean Holbert-Leighton

Grace: Richard Cavers


Jim Howes introduced our Guest Chris Bangham


Doug Foss serving as Sergeant at Arms Paul Massuet thanked everyone for their friendship and good wishes for MIMI speedy recovery. Dan Toppari is glad Rob Nicholson is now the Attorney General of Canada. Matt Taylor announced Chad 's wife has received her immigration papers for Canada and they will be both returning in January. John Klassen is happy to be back in Canada . Jean Holbert-Leighton was glad her daughter joined them on their vacation in  Puerto Plata. June Manning thrilled Canada won gold in Hockey.


Ed Telenko  announced the noon luncheon January 15th will be at the Mosque on Geneva Street . Shoes are not allowed bring warm socks. Please feel free to invite guests.

Cathy Henry is the Canadian representative for the new Community International Service Committee.

Spencer William Scholarship Fund Jason Pollock announced Book value of the fund was $6,446.18. The amount of spend able income available for recipient(s) in the 2006-07 academic year is $267.63.

Diamond Gala meeting Friday January  12 2007 7:30 Our club's major fundraiser of the year needs volunteers contact Julio Batres.

Niagara Falls Brewery Tour Spouses and friends are welcome to attend Wed Jan 10 at 4pm. and then dinner at Carpaccio Contact Dan Toppari for more details.

Bingo Report - Skyway Bingo is closing Greg McDonald is unsure if this will affect our revenues but attendance at Delta should increase.  Next Bingo January 13, 2007 . Ron Kozub, Jean Holbert-Leighton and Debi Garneau volunteered.

Appreciation Dinner for Wilf Wilkinson Wilf the first Canadian in over fifty years as President of Rotary International. Contact Matt Taylor for travel arrangements.

Visting GSE Team from Tanzania , Ethiopia and Uganda They are in the U.S. for the beginning and the last two weeks in Canada . The St. Catharines stop will be 3 to 4 days the end of April. Please contact Andrew Bowles or Matt Taylor to arrange a tour of your business.

AMBASADORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS applications are due the end of April.

Rotary International Conference will be attended by Don Hetherington and Matt Taylor.

Police Planning Conference Jim Hooper will be attending if you have any concerns regarding this please contact Jim


Jean Holbert-Leighton June Manning and Ron Williams. B est wishes for health and happiness in the year ahead!   

50/50 DRAW

No winner this week

GUEST SPEAKERs, Chris Bangham Pre School Programs in South Africa                 

Jim Hooper introduced Chris Bangham, a member of Rotary St. Catharines Downtown Club for 15 years.

Chris and his wife's movie showed the beauty of South Africa and you  could feel the hopefulness in the preschools Chris visited in the impoverished township of Sommerset . The film also showed the vitality among the teachers, the excitement and warmth among the children. Children have such resilience and optimism that we couldn't help sensing their happiness and the possibilities for their future.

Chris and the St. Catharines Downtown Rotary Club have played a key role in developing in-service training for people in pre-school centres so that poorer children receive quality care and education. To this end their team offers training opportunities for people working directly with children, trainers, parent educators, curriculum developers. Education is a commitment of hope for the future at any age. Clearly, preschools offer a sign of hope for the long-term future. There are other reasons in many settings the preschools allow single parents to look for jobs so they can provide their children with resources for a better life. Preschools also offer critically important nourishment, structure and social outlets for children who might otherwise experience the hopelessness that pervades in communities racked by poverty, crime and AIDS.

The formative years of a child are the foundation upon which his or her life is built. At this pre-school, teachers stimulate children to reach their full potential physically, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually and spiritually. As a result of socio-economic problems, many children are chronically under developed in these five crucial areas. Later in life, some children from deprived backgrounds either end up on the streets, involved with drugs, or just unable to function as part of society. By providing Early Childhood Development, these potential problems can be reduced or avoided, and the cycle of poverty broken.

Tom Schulz thanked Chris Bangham..


Debi Garneau gave the attendance report - 24 members, 10 make ups for 68% per cent attendance.


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President Matt adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.