"Rotary has also allowed me to meet and become friends with many people not only in the South Club, but in the District and internationally."

-Jim Howes, featured this week in Who's Who.


President Paul called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

National Anthem: Paul

Toast to Queen and Canada: Norris

Invocation: Matt Taylor


Arie Vrugteveen, serving a Sergeant-at-Arms, accepted happy dollars from:

Jim Howes - Bon Spiel on the 6th - Jim's team won;

Peter Snodgrass - had a great vacation in Hawaii;

Bob McKay - had good time at bingo;

Cathy Henry - the New Orleans Saints won;

Norris Brown - was in Cancun at a conference. Spent eight hours in Charlotte and was asked for ID.

Najeeb Syed - played seven rounds of golf in Las Vegas;

Sheila Bristo - she is going to Jamaica;

Greg McDonald - his daughter received her Masters in data collection;

Jim Hooper - friend lent him a golf ball in Florida, and he shot a hole-in-one.


Najeeb Syed - February 8th.

NEW MEMBER INDUCTION - Christopher Michael

A graduate of the University of Victoria where he received his Masters of Arts in Economics, and a graduate of Trent University where he received an Honours Bachelor of Science in Economics, Christopher's career spans over 13 year in higher education. He worked for the Province of Ontario's Ministry of Colleges, Training, and Universities as a Senior Research Analyst; at Trent University as an Adjunct Professor, University Registrar and Director of Institutional Research and Planning; and is presently Chair of the School of Academic Studies at Niagara College.

In his new capacity, Christopher is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the Dean and Vice-President Academic for academic planning, development, delivery, and ongoing review of post-secondary and non post-secondary programs and services within the School of Academic Studies. He manages a staff of 35+ full- and part-time faculty across the Department of Mathematics, Department of English and Communications, and the Department of Computer Applications. He is accountable for setting faculty workloads, promoting and monitoring the ongoing professional development of faculty and staff, and evaluating their teaching and learning performance.

Christopher is married to his wife Diane, who is an elementary school teacher. They have a son, Evangelos Christopher Michael. Michael and Diane look forward to living in Niagara for many years to come.


No meeting February 15th, Family Day.

Board meeting February 18th at George Darte Funeral Chapel.

Regular meeting February 22nd. Guest speaker: Jessica Potts.

Joint (all St. Catharines Clubs) Paul Harris Fellow Ceremony March 23rd at the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club.

Annual joint meeting (all St. Catharines Clubs) on April 8th at the Parkway Convention Centre. Host: Lakeshore Club.

Thank you card from St. Theresa School and Burleigh Hill School for Thesaurus donation.


February 12th is the deadline for the ShelterBox donation for government grant match. Najeeb has donated three Shelterboxes.

Roseanne is looking for volunteers for South Mouth minute-taking.


Jim was born June 13, 1936 to Donald and Violet Howes in Ingersoll, Ontario. He is fifth generation Canadian of English and Scottish ancestry and is the middle child of three children - an older brother Ken and a younger brother Allen. Jim attended public schools in Atwood and Blythe and went to high school in Clinton. In high school, Jim was very active in sports, particularly hockey, baseball, football, and basketball.

Jim studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto, but became ill in his third year and was unable to graduate. In 1959, he was hired by Consumers Gas and met his bride-to-be, Nancy, an RN. They married in 1961. They have two sons: David and Bruce, both happily married, well educated, and very successful.

Jim's working career with Consumers Gas was quite varied and he held a number of responsible posts in Toronto. In January 1989, Jim was appointed General Manager Niagara Region. He and Nancy moved to Fonthill. Jim re-organized and centralized the regional operation in a new 85,000 square foot building on Schmon Parkway in Thorold.

In 1998, Jim retired from Consumers Gas after a successful career spanning 39 years.

Art Adams introduced Jim to Rotary, who was inducted in the South Club in October 1990. Jim has held many positions within the club including Director of Community Service, Secretary, President Elect, President (1996-1997), and Past President. Jim has been actively involved in all of the Club's fundraising activities (excluding bingo). Jim has also served at the District level - area representative for two years and three years as Assistant Governor. Jim also chaired the District's Strategic Planning Committee from 1999 to 2005.

Rotary means a great deal to Jim. It has given him the opportunity to give back to the community. It has allowed him to get involved in Club activities that have made a difference to people in our local community and internationally. Rotary has also allowed Jim to meet and become friends with many people not only in the South Club, but in the District and internationally.

Jim is passionate about his family, music (jazz and classical), the performing arts, and sports.

50/50 DRAW

Kris - Queen of Clubs.


George Fitzpatrick expressed his regrets to the President and Guest Speaker and took early leave.

GUEST SPEAKER - Ken Murray, Brock University Basketball.


27 members, six make-ups, one guest.


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President Paul wished everyone a good week in Rotary and adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.