Read on for amazing developments in China and President Sheila's offer to COOK YOU DINNER!!

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South

AGENDA -  February 27

12:15 p.m. Call to Order: Paul Monahan

National Anthem: Paul Monaghan

Toast to the Queen & Canada:  Jean Stewart

Invocation: Matt Taylor

Lunch (reconvene at 12:30)

Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians (Ron Kozub):

One Guest – Ron Lyons, Guest Speaker

Sergeant-at-Arms: Rob Welch

Happy dollars – Jean Stewart, John Teibert, Dan Toppari, Tom Schulz, Peter Snodgrass and Ron Kozub “fed the bird”.


- Bingo - Next bingo is March 3, John is looking for volunteers for the two bingos in March. One more volunteer is needed for March 3rd.

- March 6 is the joint Paul Harris evening, Rob Welch confirmed that the event will start at 7 with a cocktail reception. The cost is $20 per person to cover hors d’oeuvres with a Cash Bar. The program begins at 8 p.m. If you have not registered, please do so.

- Given we are having the Paul Harris evening on March 5, we are switching things up this week and cancelling the March 5 meeting.  

- Everyone received an e-mail about the Iron Chef Night being held March 28 at Johnny Rocco’s.  This is a fun evening, based on the Iron Chef competitions as seen on the various food networks. Proceeds from the evening are going to Hospice Niagara. As per the feedback from the membership survey, this is a fun evening where we can get together with each other casually and have some fun while supporting a cause that we have supported in the past.  Spouses and partners are definitely welcome.  The cost is $65/person and begins at 6pm.  Let Dan Toppari know if you would like to join in on this and we will reserve a Rotary South table.

- Car Rally—Paul stressed the need for people to acquire sponsors.  We do not make any money from the $35 registration fee—that covers the cost of the event.  All money raised for our clubs projects comes from getting people to sponsor the drivers.  

President’s Car Rally Challenge:  Paul introduced President Sheila’s challenge.

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South Members…..start you engines. Our club’s car rally is May 6.  This car rally is what brings in the money that we get to spend on international and local projects. Did you know that the $35 registration only covers the cost of the event? None of that money goes to club fundraising. This is where my challenge comes in. The money for our club comes from the pledges each of us and our riders raise on the pledge sheet. And now the challenge: I challenge you to raise more money in your car than my car in pledges.  Over the last two years I raised on average $600.00 per car rally.  I raised that money by asking friends, family and co-workers to sponsor me. It was easy—no one said no. What do you get in return? I will cook dinner for the Rotary South Club member and their spouse/partner whose car brings in more pledges then my car.   And I’m not talking Kraft Dinner! It’s that simple. Raise more than my car, and you will experience the best culinary experience that Chateau Bristo/Schenck has to offer. So start your engines, fill in those pledge forms lets see who can raise the most for our club!


None this week

50/50 Draw: $2/ ticket

Jean Holbert-Leighton had the winning ticket, but was unlucky in drawing the card.

Introduction of Guest Speaker:

Dan Toppari introduced Ron Lyons. Ron has worked at Xiamen University in China since 2004 as Director of Foreign Affairs and a recruiter. He is married to Lynn who teaches business in China. Ron has travelled extensively in South East Asia and is here with us today to share his experiences and how rapidly China has changed.

Ron compared China in 2004 to China in 2011. In particular, the rapid growth in the City he lived in called Xiamen. Today, there are 2,000 hotels – many 7 star - and malls have replaced markets. There are 50 coffee shops/cafes. Xiamen is called the “Singapore of China”. Xiamen University is 13 in all of China. They are building a new airport and new library and an amazing golf resort. There are 30 kilometers of beaches and huge yachts. Gondolas have been sent from Venice. Housing is becoming more and more North American.

It was staggering to the audience as to how much growth has occurred in seven years.

John Teibert thanked Ron for his interesting presentation and presented him with our Rotary pen.

Attendance Report: Ron reported 14 members, three make-ups for over 50 per cent.

Next meeting: Please remember the March 5 meeting is cancelled and March 6 is the joint Paul Harris recognition evening.

Quote of the day (in honour of our car rally launch):  

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” George Carlin

Paul asked if there was anything else for the good of Rotary and wished everyone a good week in Rotary.