"Niagara needs to be an innovation community." - Dr. Jack Lightstone, Brock University.

Community Services Director, John D'Ambrosio, called the meeting to order at 12:15 p.m.

National Anthem: Paul Monaghan
Toast to the Queen & Canada: Cathy Henry
Invocation: Sheila Bristo


Ron Kozub introduced Clarice West-Hobbs, President Elect, Rotary Lakeshore Club; Dr. Jack Lightstone, President of Brock University, our Guest Speaker; Dr. Monica Bertolo, Niagara Skin Institute, special funding preentation for Take It to Heart; David Peters, Brock University, Tracy Geoffrey, Brock University; Eric Livingstone, Brock University. 

John Klassen, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, noted he is happy his house is finished and accepted other happy dollars from:

John Teibert - happy that Nora Cutler, Crawford Smith and Swallow student, passed with Honours the licensing CA exam;

Bob McKay - happy that ski season has started;

Ed Telenko - happy that football season is over;

Rob Welch - happy that John Klassen is back and glad to see the administration of Brock University;

Najeeb Syed - happy on receiving his Paul Harris Fellowship;

Peter Snodgrass - happy that he was able to get tickets to see Priscilla; 

Tom Schulz - happy that Holiday Valley is opening this weekend;

Sheila Bristo - happy to have the Canadian Flag fixed and hanging properly.


Cathy Henry received a cheque for Take It To Heart for $2,000 from Dr. Bertolo, Niagara Skin Institute, and Roseanne Morissette, on behalf of Performance BMW. Proceeds from an event called "Beautiful Cars. Beautiful People." 

December 8, 2010 - Donations Committee meeting at Keith Shaver's house, 7:30 p.m.

December 9, 2010 - Board meeting at 5:30 at Crawford, Smith and Swallow 

December 11, 2010 - Bingo - All volunteers are in place.

December 20, 2010 - Holiday Get-Together, family including children and grandchildren are welcome. If you're bringing children and want them to receive a gift from Santa please bring it with you.

Update on Mimi Massuet - Cathy reported the surgery went very well. Mimi was up walking on Monday and probably going home that afternoon.

Beathalyzer Fundraiser - Ron Kozub still has some breathalyzer key chains available. He is re-ordering as his first shipment was sold out.

Clarice West Hobbs of the Lakeshore Club requests consideration to billet a young student from Taiwan in January for 7 weeks. 

Happy Birthday was sung for John Klassen, who celebrated his birthday November 14 and who shares his birthday with rapper RUN DMC and also Prince Charles! 

50/50 DRAW

Jean Holbert-Leighton drew the Jack of Spades. The pot is getting bigger!


Dan Toppari introduced Dr. Jack Lightstone, President of Brock University.

Dr. Lightstone became President of Brock University in 2006 for a five year term and holds an academic appointment as Professor of History in the Humanities. Before coming to Brock, he spent 30 years at Concordia teaching religion. He received his BA from Carleton in 1972, MA in 1974, and PhD in 1977 from Brown's University in Rhode Island. Dr. Lightstone is married with two children. He serves on numerous  Boards, such as the Bronfman Centre for the arts, Canadian Jewish Congress, Canadian Society for Biblical Studies, and the Niagara Development Corporation and Property Council for St. Catharines and Thorold.

Dr. Lightsone spoke of the history of the founding of Brock University over 50 years ago, due to the determination and vision of the people of Niagara. Florence Egeter, Allenberg Women's Institute and her colleagues to call on the provincial government to grant charter for the University. Her great great grandfather owned part of the land that Brock now sits on. Everyone in Niagara supported the fundraising, and, in 1964, Brock University opened its doors in the basement of St. Paul United Church. It was supposed to open in a renovated refrigeration factory at the base of the escarpment, but renovations had been delayed. One hundred and twenty-seven students enrolled the first year. It was another two years before the facilities were completed on the escarpment. In 1966, the Schmon Tower was completed and faculties started moving up the hill. The move took over 10 years and was finally completed in 1983 when the final three departments moved up the hill and the refrigeration factory was torn down.
In 1998, the development of Brock to a "Comprehensive University" was formed. It became an integral link between teaching and research internationally and offered co-ops. Brock now contributes internationally to the dual areas of international academe and local/regional areas. It is now a centre for trans-disciplinary spaces where specialists come together. 

Dr. Lightstone feels strongly that Niagara needs to become a community of innovation in the economic, social, health, and cultural spheres. In 2010, there were 4,000 first year students with a 10.5% increase in students with admission averages of over 80% and a 15% increase in students with an average of over 90%.

Community Outreach includes: Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex and the Marilyn Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts, a Memorandum of understanding with Welland, and CCOVI research for grape growing.

Brock University is in the process of fundraising to complete more faculties and research centres for the economic development of Niagara. ARC with federal and provincial assistance helping entrepreneurs get innovations to market. 
Matt Taylor thanked Dr. Lightstone for such an informative and exciting speech on the landscape of Brock - it's history, development and future.


Ron Kozub reported 24 members, six guests, and six make-ups for 96 per cent attendance. 


John D'Ambrosio asked if there was anything further for the good of Rotary, wished everyone a good week in Rotary, and, before adjourning the meeting at 1:30 p.m., left members with this thought for the day:

"Once you choose hope, anything's possible." - Christopher Reeve