"Thought for the Day"

It is terrible to speak well and be wrong - Sophocles.


National Anthem:  Rob Welch
Toast to the Queen & Canada:  Cathy Henry
Invocation: Roseanne Morissette


Jim Hooper introduced Gail Richardson, our guest speaker from Bethlehem Place, Don Hetherington, Downtown Rotary club; and Ernesto Perie, prospective member and guest of Matt Taylor. 

Peter Snodgrass, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, gave his own happy dollar for a wonderful trip out East regardless of terrible weather and accepted happy dollars from: 

Cathy Henry - leaving for holiday tomorrow and congratulated Ed on choosing the winning team between Winnipeg and Hamilton;

Sheila Bristo - her son won three gold medals in rowing over the week-end at The Henley;

Najeeb Syed - has started a new charity for terminally ill children to ride with Niagara Helicopters over the area;

Roseanne Morissette - enjoyed a total day of relaxation and read a book from cover to cover;

John Teibert - Eleanor and her mother have gone camping;

Ed Telenko - was at the ball game on Saturday and his team won;

Tom Schulz - has enjoyed the time spent boating;

Kris Akilie - enjoyed her week 's holiday with her son Malik who flew in from Dubai;

Rob Welch - glad to be sitting beside don Hetherington and Don Beard;

Jim Howes - happy but doesn't know why. 

Sheila Bristo read Ray Klinginsmith'S (RI President) message about why he chose this year's theme of "Building Communities - Bridging Continents." It can be read in this month's Rotarian.


August 21st Bingo - Don Beard is looking for four volunteers. Roseanne and Peter volunteered. Two more volunteers are needed.

Tour Championship Tickets still available - the club gets $7.00 for each ticket sold.

August 12, 2010 Board of Directors' Meeting, 5:30 @ CSS offices 8.        

August 23, 2010 - Member Social on the patio at Frescos, 4th Avenue. $15 per person/5:30 p.m. start.  

September 24-26, 2010 - District Conference in Delhi-Simcoe. Please visit the District 7090 website to register. President John would like as many new members as possible to experience this conference.

November 13, 2010 - Take it to Heart Gala. Cathy announced that the necklace tickets are available. If every Rotarian sells five or ten tickets then it would be a great help. Debi will bring them next week for distribution.

Typhoon in China Rotary International News, 2 August 2010
Rotary International staff members are working with District 3450 (Hong Kong; Macau; Mongolia) to acquire information about Rotarian-led disaster relief efforts in response to Typhoon Chanthu, which struck the Leizhou Peninsula in southern China's Guangdong Province on 22 July. More than 700 people have died since the start of the year as a result of heavy flooding that has swept through large parts of southern and central China. Updates will be posted at www.rotary.org as they become available. Please send any questions or concerns regarding this disaster to relief@rotary.org.

Monsoon flooding in Pakistan, Rotary International News, 4 August 2010 
Rotary International staff members are working with districts 3271 (Pakistan) and 3272 (Afghanistan and Pakistan) to acquire information about Rotarian-led disaster relief efforts in response to the floods that have struck Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province since 23 July. More than 1,100 people have died as rescue workers in northwest Pakistan struggled to reach the thousands affected by the country's worst floods since 1929. Updates will be posted at www.rotary.org as they become available. Please send any questions or concerns regarding this disaster to relief@rotary.org. Najeeb gave an update from his up to date information. Millions are affected- the Islamic Relief Organization (who helped us with Noora) is assisting with accepting donations.

Paul and Mimi Massuet - Arie Vrugteveen announced that a get well card form the club to Mimi and Paul Massuet is being sent around for everyone to sign. Paul and Mimi are awaiting results.

Dragon Boat Payment Follow-Up - Arie Vrugteveen requested that all members of the Dragon Boat who have not paid their registration please do so and let him know so that he can close the books.

Rib Fest raised $574.00 for the club.


August 6 - Norris Brown  Norris shares his birthday with Geri Halliwell, a Spice Girl; Earl Winfield, Ti-Cats Receiver; and Lucille Ball. As Norris is not at the meeting, his celebration will be announced when he is at the meeting.

50/50 DRAW

$2/ ticket - Find one of two Jokers. Brian Radford drew the Three of Hearts.


Kris Akilie, Rob Welch, and Tom Schulz expressed their regrets to President John and our guest speaker and took early leave.  


Gail Richardson was introduced by Sheila Bristo who described Gail's passion and commitment to Bethlehem Place.

Gail, as Housing and Property Manager, spoke of the founding of Bethlehem Place, how it is a transitional haven for those who need assistance in bettering their lives and escaping the downturn of welfare, abuse, mental illness, etc. Residents are allowed to stay for a maximum of one year and must follow very strict guidelines and rules to remain in the program. The concept has expanded to Niagara Falls with some affordable housing units now available throughout the Region. The name will be changed to Bethlehem Housing Projects of Niagara.

Cathy Henry thanked Gail and commented how often people fall through the cracks. It was wonderful to know that this facility is available to hopefully guide them to a better life.


Jim Hooper reported 17 members, three guests, and five make-ups for 72 per cent attendance.


President John asked if their was anything further for the good of Rotary, wished everyone a good week in Rotary and before adjourning the meeting at 1:20 p.m. read this "Thought for the Day": It is terrible to speak well and be wrong - Sophocles.

Next week - August 16 the guest speaker is Matt Taylor, Trekking the Himalayas (meeting by the curling lounge).