Welcome and Meeting Called to Order Cathy Henry

National Anthem led by Paul Monaghan

Toast to Queen and Canada led by Jim Hooper

Peace Invocation led by Jim Howes

Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting re-convened at 12:30 p.m. 

Introduction of our guests and visiting Rotarians by Paul Monaghan

Sergeant-at-Arms by Brian Hughes

Happy dollars collected from:

  • Donna Cunningham - enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Showboat Theater at Port Colborne on the weekend
  • Arie Vrugteveen - a fantastic weekend with family
  • Mike Gionet - enjoyed a family barbecue with 28 people over the weekend
  • John Teiibert - enjoyed 2 weeks of camping
  • Jim Hooper - enjoyed a wonderful family weekend and has bought a property for his office - will be moving in September to his new place-corner of Geneva and Carlton - congratulations on no longer having to pay rent.
  • Rob Welch - just happy
  • Jim Howes - saw a wonderful Shaw play
  • Jean Holbert Leighton - Jean and her daughter Lauren have been asked to drop the ceremonial puck at the first Ice Dogs game in memory of her husband Jim.
  • Frank Parkhouse - also saw the play in Port Colborne and enjoyed it as much as Donna
  • Shafee Bacchus - enjoyed his camping holiday

Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition

Dan Toppari - August 27th

50/50 Draw 
Dan Toppari

Rob Welch won the right to draw the black Ace but unfortunately drew the 3 of hearts. Better luck next time.



EClub - It is with deep regret that the Board has received and accepted the requests for transfer of membership by Roseanne and Justin from our club to the EClub of Sowny.

Bingo - John Teibert - need 3 more volunteers for Friday night and 3 more for the bingo on September 14th.

Garage Sale - Lynn BeaudrySeptember 14th, 2013--- Ina Grafton - please continue cleaning out your basements-Lynn has distributed flyers at two different events and SNAP has us on their monthly calendar. Graham has very generously offered his garage for drop off before the sale if you cannot deliver items on the 13th.- address 20 The Cedars and Mike Gionet has offered to help pick up the items before the set up if need be.

Cathy is being “arrested” on September 19th as a fund raiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Please help keep her out of jail by pledging not to keep her in but to get her out.

ADG/Club Presidents Meeting - There will be no float this year but Mark is looking into the cost of the banner for the Youth exchange students to carry.

Joint Luncheon - Our club will be hosting this year’s joint luncheon in April. Johnny Rocco’s seems to have been well accepted from last year so I’ll be checking on dates with them..More news to come later.

Paul Harris Awards Luncheon - November 25th - Golf Club Rob Welch - Please continue to consider community citizens who would be worthy recipients of this award The deadline is September 15th-.Safee and he will be reading through the nominations. One has been received so far. 

2013 District Assembly - being organized and run by our youth - Ryla, Slapshot etc. October 25th- 27th - Marriott Hotel, Niagara Falls. This year's theme for the silent auction table is  “UPCYCLE” developing art out of recyclable materials. Our garage sale is very timely for this project. Thank you to Mark Beaudry for developing the item for the auction.  We will begin working on it shortly- all members are welcome to assist.

The first ever Over 60 Outstanding Citizens award night will be held on October 25th, 2013 at The Quality Inns on Ontario Street. Arie’s company- Retire at Home- is the host company , Please contact him for further information for nominees and also if interested in sponsoring part of the evening program.

Tour du Lac - Dan Toppari - An invitation had been sent to the Up State New York Rotary Clubs that had helped sponsor the Tour Du Lac riders last month to come, as our guests for some Niagara hospitality. He is awaiting their response as to how many will be coming. More to follow. 

There will be a Board meeting at Cathy's house on Monday, September 9th

Early Leavers - Kris Akilie, John Teibert, Brian Hughes

Budget  Debi Garneau

Cathy thanked Debi for all her yeoman’s service over the years in producing our annual budget. It was delivered by John Teibert as Debi has laryngitis. There was some discussion about the corn booth profit which will be forwarded to the board for consideration.
Motion to accept the 2013-2014 budget for the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South - Debi Garneau
Seconder- Rob Welch
Motion carried unanimously.

Attendance Report
18 members, 6 make-ups, 0 guests, 65% attendance

Quote of the day

It is not what has already happened that matters most- but rather what you do next.

There will be no meeting next week as it is the long weekend. Is there anything else for the good of Rotary If not- have an engaging two weeks.

Cathy adjourned the meeting at 1:00pm