Welcome and Meeting Called to Order - Lynn Beaudry

National Anthem led by Paul Monaghan

Toast to Queen and Canada led by Frank Parkhouse

Peace Invocation led by Donna Cunningham


Members enjoyed a few moments of fellowship and lunch before the meeting re-convened at 12:30 p.m. 

Introduction of our guests and visiting Rotarians by Dan Toppari
Rod Forester

Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Toppari

Happy dollars collected from: Donna, Frank, Paul, Jim, Najeeb, Graham & Dan


Birthday and Rotary Anniversary Recognition

Cathy Henry - August 19th

50/50 Draw

Dan won the draw but not the cash. 




Laura Dominick - Our own Laura Dominick has been nominated for the ScotiaBank Game Changer Award. The voting will be done on line- let’s help Laura win this award thus enabling Big  Brothers/Big Sisters to receive a sizable donation in her name. Please speak to Jeff Thomas or to Laura for further information.

Bingo - John Teibert - volunteers needed for Friday, August 30th, 2013. Please contact John if you can be of assistance

Garage Sale - Lynn BeaudrySeptember 14th, 2013--- Ina Grafton - please start cleaning out your basements.  Graham has generously volunteered his garage for us to store any items for the garage sale. Please sign up for volunteering the night before and Saturday, you can sign up on Club Runner. Let’s make this a total club effort of fun, fellowship, cleaning out your basements and making a little money for the club. 

ADG/Club Presidents Meeting - The three city President’s met with Assistant Governor Chris Blake on Tuesday evening. It was decided that there would not be a Rotary float in this year’s Grape and Wine Festival parade due to logistical problems with the parade organizers. However, the Youth Exchange Students  will be marching behind a Rotary banner with their individual country's flags. If Rotarians from the three clubs would like to march beside them - all are welcome.

Joint Luncheon - Our club will be hosting the Joint Rotary luncheon in late March or early April, 2014. Further information will be forthcoming shortly.
The Lakeshore Club will be hosting the Joint Paul Harris evening in late February, 2014.

Paul Harris Awards Luncheon - November 25th - Golf Club Rob Welch - Please continue to consider community citizens who would be worthy recipients of this award. 

2013 District Assembly - being organized and run by our youth - Ryla, Slapshot etc. October 25th- 27th - This year’s theme for the silent auction table is  “UPCYCLE” developing art out of recyclable materials. Our garage sale is very timely for this project. Your board has come up  with the idea for an interesting piece of art - thank you to Mark Beaudry for the unique concept of our item.  . We will begin working on it shortly - all members are welcome to assist.  Also - thank you to Najeeb for offering his garage to assemble the item.

Tour du Lac - Dan is organizing an event during Grape & Wine for the volunteers for the Tour du Lac.  More information will be coming.

Early Leavers - Krissi & Peter Snodgrass

Speaker – Rod Forester An introduction to PROBUS in Niagara

Thank you for permitting me to speak to you today. Some of you may not be familiar with Probus.  I’ll quote from our charter:

“Probus Clubs provide the opportunity for those who have retired to meet regularly without pressure and with minimum cost, in circumstances which provide new interests and new friends. They are autonomous, simple in structure, non-political, non-sectarian and non-fund raising. The clubs are for those with professional, business and executive backgrounds and others who have had some measure of responsibility or achievement in any field of worthy endeavour.”  

Probus was original founded by Rotary International and the first Probus Club in Canada was established in Cambridge, Ontario on March 17, 1987.  There are now over 200 Probus clubs in Canada and about 4000 worldwide. There are 3 Probus Clubs in the St. Catharines and Niagara Falls area.

This year, the Probus Club of St. Catharines is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. It is particularly significant that I am speaking to you today, as it was 25 years ago, that your club, the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South,  sponsored the formation of our club. The two Rotarians that promoted the formation of our club were Jim Bagozzi and Bob McBride.   (Are either of these gentlemen still around today?)        

Our club started with 11 members on Nov 15, 1988 and by April/89 we had 34 members. Our charter was actually presented by John R. Morris on October 27, 1989. Since its inception, the club has grown to a peak of  215 members and in turn, has sponsored two additional Probus clubs in Niagara; one in St. Catharines North and one in Niagara Falls.

At our September 10th meeting, Probus Canada will be presenting a 25 Year Certificate to our club. We would be delighted if any your members or members of your Executive would like to attend our September meeting at 9:30 am in the Black Sea Hall on Welland Avenue. You can share in the pride that the club you took a risk in sponsoring 25 years ago is still serving seniors in St. Catharines.

Also this year, one of our members is being honoured  by receiving the John R. Morris Founders Award from Probus Canada.

A second reason for speaking to you today, is to let you know that as a 25th Anniversary Project, The Probus Club of St. Catharines is proposing to sponsor the formation of a new combined (men & women) Probus Club in the Fonthill and Welland area.

Currently, we are attempting to put together a list of potentially interested people. In the Fall, the people on this list will be invited to attend an organizational meeting which will hopefully result in an additional, active Probus Club in the Niagara Region.


  • Membership fees for PROBUS are very reasonable with no fundraising obligations.
  • Membership totals for the 3 existing clubs exceeds 300.
  • Members rank the following as the top 3 reasons for participating in PROBUS: Friendship …. Socializing ….  Meeting Others.
  • Monthly speakers who are engaging, informative and memorable.
  • The opportunity to join in any number of interest activity groups: educational visits/tour, woodcarving, curling, bridge, theatre/concerts, poker, golf, computers
  • A monthly newsletter provides members with a full review of the club’s activities and a preview of upcoming events.
  • Luncheons, Dinners and other Special Events are organized to include members.

If you know of any retired persons who might be interested in joining a new combined PROBUS club in the Fonthill and Welland area, please pick up one of these information sheets, give it to them and have them contact me.
Again, thank you for this opportunity today.  If there are any questions, I would be happy to try and answer them.

Thanking Our Speaker Matt Taylor

Attendance Report
15 members, 1 guest


Quote of the day

Find a way to care about it and you’ll find a way to get it done.

Is there anything else for the good of Rotary? If not, have an engaging weeks.

Lynn adjourned the meeting at 1:00pm