Can you make money appear out of thin air? Or put a $20 bill inside a roll of Lifesavers that is inside of a sealed envelop without appearing to come close to that envelope? This gentleman can....

Corporate magician and keynote speaker Anthony Lindan 



Rotary Club of St. Catharines South

AGENDA - August 15

12:15 p.m. Call to Order: Past President – John Teibert  

1. National Anthem: Jim Hooper

2. Toast to the Queen & Canada: Laetitia De Witt

3. Invocation: Jim Howes     

4. Lunch (reconvene at 12:30)

5. Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Tom Schulz

6. Sergeant-at-Arms: Arie Vrugteveen

Happy dollars were collected from

       Ed Telenko

        Rob Welch

        Laetitia De Witt

        Jean Holbert-Leighton

        Peter Snodgrass

        June Manning

        Matt Taylor

        Dan Toppari

        Arie Vrugteveen

7. Announcements:

1.  With sadness we announce that Mrs. Anne Marie Ashdown passed away suddenly on August 13th, 2011 at the age of 78. She was the beloved wife of Mr. Donald Ashdown, and a very active member in the community. She was a lifelong member of the St. Catharines General Hospital Auxiliary and a charter member of the Inner Wheel of St. Catharines.

2.  Bingo update (Beth) - Paul Monahan, Matt Taylor and Sheila Bristo volunteered their services for the upcoming bingo, thank-you.

3.  Aug 22 - Bring your spouse’s/partners to the Dalhousie Yacht Club, for our “Don’t Let the Summer End Event”. It’s an informal meeting, cocktails and a meal by the water to hold on to the last days of summer.  Please plan on attending and bring your family!  $25/person

4. DG visit Aug 29, everyone please try your best to attend this meeting.

8. Birthdays:  – Debbie Garneau on August 18th and Cathy Henry August 19,

9. 50/50 Draw: $2/ ticket - Find one of two Jokers. June Manning won the draw but unfortunately picked an ace of spades.

10. Early Leavers: Jean Holbert-Leighton, Rob Welch,

11. Introduction of Guest Speaker: Tom Scholz

Anthony Lindan - Performing Magic with Your Message

Anthony Lindan’s expertise has been honed over his 25-year career as a professional magician performing at corporate events across North America. Lindan’s keynote presentations and workshops share practical tips about tapping into your inner magic, maximizing your personal impact and communicating more confidently and effectively.  

He demonstrated a number of very amazing tricks, some of which he explained how to perform and others left us completely baffled.  

12. Thanking the Speaker: Laetitia De Witt

13. Attendance Report: 19 members, 2 Guests and 11 make ups for a total of 100%!

14. Next meeting – Aug 22 at Port Dalhousie Yacht Club

15. Rotary Minute or Inspiring Quote

A Rotary club gives us an opportunity that no social, political, or specialized business club can do. It is strong on the human side; it stands for the individual, unfetters him, appeals to his originality, brings out his latent powers, and puts him at his best by extending him the full measure of his confidence and appealing to the best that is in him — 'service not self.' ”

-- 1912-13 RI President Glenn C. Mead in The National Rotarian , January 1912