Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

April 6, 2009


Past President June Manning welcomed everyone to the meeting.  

Anthem:   George Fitzpatrick

Toast to Queen and Canada: Cathy Henry

Invocation:   John Klassen


Guests and Visiting Rotarians:   Norris Brown introduced Karen Ting, our Rotary Exchange Student; Valerie Fitzpatrick, guest of George Fitzpatrick; Don Fraser; and Chris Ross, guest of Roseanne Morissette.



John D'Ambrosio fined Norris for not introducing Don Fraser and for insulting George Fitzpatrick (playfully); and John Klassen for missing the Classic Car Auction on the weekend. John accepted happy dollars from George Fitzpatrick who just came back from a successful trip to China; from Bob McKay for the "D'Ambrosio-ism" laid on him and for the "Green Queen" coming back tomorrow; from Peter Snodgrass who is leaving to go "down East" tomorrow; from Ken Smith whose new bishop appears to have forgiven him; from June Manning who thanked Don Beard and his wife for helping at bingo; from Paul Monaghan who welcomed Don Fraser and Valerie Fitzpatrick and who is really pleased to see Chris Ross here; from Cathy Henry for the home opening of the Blue Jays; from Sheila Bristo who announced that the next bingo is April 17th and all volunteers are in place; from Jean Holbert-Leighton whose sister just won $32,000 at the casino; from Jim Hooper who just came back from a bachelors party in Las Vegas; from John Teibert who is able to concentrate on tax returns due to the bad weather; from John D'Ambrosio who just came back from sunny Mexico; and from June Manning who reported that the ice dogs won.




There is no meeting on Easter Monday.


Cathy Henry advised that there will be a flag raising at City Hall Tuesday, April 7th as 12 Noon. Four St. Catharines Club Presidents will be there. Cathy invited Club Rotarians to join her for the photo opp. The photo will be part of the Rotary newspaper insert on April 17th for Rotary Awareness.


Ron Kozub reported on the gala. At the General Assembly Ron had reported that ticket sales were not robust and that it was expected that each Rotarian secure five donated items. As of last Friday, only 41 items have been turned in and another 40 committed; however, we are only at half of our goal. Only 127 tickets have been sold - one third of our goal. This is very disappointing. If nothing changes, we will be in a deficit position and won't have the dollars for charitable causes next year. If members cannot attend, they should make a donation that is the equivalent of the amount of the ticket. If members can't afford to attend, they should volunteer to help out at the event. TIME IS RUNNING OUT - YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED NOW! By April 22nd, all donated items and money from ticket sales must be turned in. Paul encouraged everyone, adding "We can do this!"  


Valeria Fitzpatrick announced that she and George brought a donated painting (from Park West) back from China for the gala. Paul thanked Val for the donation.


President Greg announced that there will be a Rotary training session on public speaking to be held at the Quality Parkway Inn on April 18th from 8:30 a.m. to 12 Noon. The cost is $50. Let Greg know if you are interested in attending.


Our Rotary Exchange Student Karen Ting is going to New York April 17-20 with four other ladies.  A volunteer driver is needed to transport the girls to Niagara Falls, New York.   



Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Tom Schulz. We wish Tom health and happiness in the year ahead.


50/50 DRAW

Chris Ross had the winning ticket, but had no luck in drawing the card.



Paul Monaghan unveiled the 10 Week Membership/Recruitment Plan.  


Week 1 - April 6th

Host a new membership drive meeting. Maximum one hour. Create a list of vocations that you wish to join the club.

Week 2 - April 13th    

Send out letters to all invitees. Create the program for Week 6.

Week 3 - April 20th

Follow up phone calls to all invitees who received the letter.any questions.no selling!

Week 4 - April 27th

Create a template for your future meetings. Starting planning speakers for weeks 8, 9, 10.

Week 5 - May 5th

Finalize agenda for Membership Drive Evening. Discuss talking points.

Week 6 - May 21st? Check with venues

Run an excellent recruitment night

Week 7 - May 25th

First meeting with new recruits. Well organized and timed first meeting. Start the application process.

Week 8 - June 1st

Second strong meeting with a good speaker. Continue application process. Week one postings.

Week 9 - June 8th

Two classification talks: one new member and one existing member.

Week 10 - June 15th

Rotary speaker. Start inducting new members.


Paul played a video created by young Rotarians - our target group.  Paul handed out sheets to club members and for the next half hour, small groups identified individuals to fit the vocations listed.   

June thanked Paul for his dedication and commitment to the Membership and Recruitment Plan initiative. June noted that Paul's enthusiasm is really great and will support the 10-week plan.



Ron Kozub reported 22 members and 13 make ups for 100% attendance.


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, the meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.