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Rotary Club of St. Catharines South

AGENDA – April 30, 2012

12:15 p.m. Call to Order: by President Sheila Bristo

1. National Anthem: lead by Kris Akilie

2. Toast to the Queen & Canada: made by Peter Snodgrass

3. Invocation: by Jim Howes

4. Lunch (reconvened at 12:30)

5. Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians: by Ron Kozub

Patricia Rooney, from the Downtown club and Board President of the Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation
Sue Erskin, Vice President of the Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation
Prospective members Ben Cecil from Niagara College and Jeff Thomas from Scotia Bank

6. Sergeant-at-Arms: John D’Ambrosio

John took (sometimes forced) happy dollars from almost everyone in attendance

Matt Taylor, back from Cuba; Jim Howes, going to BC, Ban Cecil, Niagara College is #1 in student satisfaction, Dan Toppari survived home reno’s with only a blister, Kris Akilie helped build a community garden in west St. Catharines; President Sheila – ICE DOGS IN FINALS!, also son Graham is doing very well with rowing exploits; Jim Hooper and John D looking forward to the car rally; John T bringing greetings from Laetitia deWitt and Bob McKay; Najeeb, played 12 rounds of golf in Phoenix

7. Announcements: 

     A. Bingo — John Teibert gave a bingo update. Received a $1,000 cheque for March’s bingo’s. The past Saturday’s volunteers included Dan and Cathy Toppari and Evelyn Teibert – thank you to the volunteers.

The next Bingo is Friday May 11 – we’re looking for volunteers

     B. There was a Tour du Lac Information night at the Golf Club at 7:30 on April 30th.

     C. Car Rally— Next Sunday is the day! President Sheila has raised over $350 towards her challenge. So far there are 25 cars and 85 participants. Goody bag stuffing is Wednesday evening at Cathy Henry’s.

     D. Board Meeting is May 9 at CSS at 7pm.  New Board members for 2012/13 are invited to attend to get oriented to the board. This is our last formal board meeting as the June Board meeting with be a fireside and in/out bbq.

     E. Club Assembly is May 14 in the evening at Dom’s downtown. Cost is $18.00. It will be a buffet, Mark your calendar. The focus will be our clubs strategic plan. A draft of the plan will be sent to the membership in advance of the meeting.

     F. June 11’s meeting will be at the Stokes Community Village. Come see how our donation of $9,000 was spent. More details to follow.

     G. Slapshot – Tom Schulz provided an update of this weekend’s SLAPSHOT program. It was held at Canterbury Hill in Ancaster, our club sponsored 4 of the 98 high school students in attendance.

     H. Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer presentation Thursday May 17 at the Holiday Inn & Suites, 327 Ontario Street, Parkway Conference Centre, Displays open at 6pm, presentation at 7pm

     I. Bon Voyage to PE Roseanne who will be leaving for Thailand for the RI convention.

8. Birthdays: none to announce

9. 50/50 Draw: $2/ ticket - Find one black ace. Don Beard got the chance to draw for the Ace but came up empty. The pot continues to grow.

10. Early Leavers: There were some

11. Introduction of Guest Speaker: By Dan Toppari

Patricia Rooney is the Chair of the Hotel Dieu Shaver Rehab Foundation and at present their focus is the purchase of capital equipment for the 5,000 square foot addition being constructed alongside the Rehab facility, The opening date is scheduled for July 2012.

The facility is the Centre of Excellence for the Niagara Region and beyond, for victims of stroke, amputations, industrial accidents, hearing and speech difficulties.

Why do we need the Foundation? – There is no government funding for capital equipment.

Common misconception – The Foundation and the Centre are not part of the NHS.

The Centre started as the Hospital for Consumptive Care (the sanatorium) back in 1909. The Rehab centre started in 1970

The Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Foundation (Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation) is an independent foundation governed by a board of directors consisting of representatives from the Niagara community. The purpose of the Foundation is to raise and manage funds that purchase equipment used by the clinical staff of the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre.

While we as Canadians enjoy free hospital care the government does not provide funding for medical equipment used in those hospitals. Therefore it falls to the community to ensure the Foundation has the resources to purchase medical equipment on behalf of the many clinicians who treat the patients at the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre.

This year the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Foundation has committed more than $600,000 towards the purchase of new and/or replacement medical equipment for the Hotel Dieu Shaver.

The Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre is the only rehabilitation hospital in the Niagara Region and operates as a Centre of Excellence in rehabilitation and complex care. It is an independent health system for the Niagara Region.

The Centre employs more than 400 employees and 150 volunteers. The volunteers have contributed more than $500,000 worth of services over the past year.

On May 25th the Foundation is hosting Black Ice at the Stonemill Inn on Merritt Street. Tickets are $85. For tickets call 905-685-1381 ext 84214

12. Thanking the Speaker: Jim Hooper thanked Patricia for her presentation    

13. Attendance Report: by Ron Kozub – 16, members, 8 make ups, 4 guests = 73%

14. Next meeting – May 7th – Marty Mako, Niagara Region Public Health, Sustainability

15. Quote of the Day: Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead.  ~Mac McCleary