Weekly Bulletin of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

April 27, 2009


Oh Canada: Don Beard

Toast to Queen and Canada: George Fitzpatrick

Invocation: Jean Holbert-Leighton


Sergeant-at-Arms: John D'Ambrosio acceptedHappy Dollars only

Jim H- not sure why he's happy

Cathy H- Blue Jays # 1- Yankees swept by Boston

Ron K- thanked trhe club for 180 auction donations- value $38,000.00

Ed T.- poster for the live auction- very much appreciated

Jean Holbert-L- disappointed for only 153 guests but those attending will have a great time



Gala- June gave a final heads up- we're ready - last meeting Thursday AM

         Needs volunteers for set up and clean up


Slap Shot- Tom S- three students- Dennis Morris will not be participating this year due to tragic death of faculty member.  Asked for help getting students home- Ed T has offered to assist


Karen Ting- our exchange student has now moved to Jordan to stay with Dan and Anne Roscoe.


Dan T- Early Act Charter Ceremony at Mother Teresa on Wednesday at 1 PM-DG will be attending


Jim H- needs help for Bingo on May 9 and 15th


District Assembly: May 9th- June M and Paul M attending


Birthdays: George F

                  John T

                  Jason P


50/50 Draw: Paul M- after trying for 14 years- he still has to keep trying- 5 hearts


Early Leavers: George F


Guest Speakers: Matt and Georgette Taylor


Gave a wonderful review of their recent trip to India- were very happy to be home. Difficult trip but met many wonderful people- the poverty, however, was intense. The pictures told a thousand stories.Definite culture shock.