Past President Greg McDonald is featured as this week's Who's Who.

President Paul opened the meeting at 12:15 p.m.

INVOCATION: Laetitia de Witt

Ron Kozub introduced:

Bill Finley - Vimy Foundation
Avitol Sternin - guest speaker
Jim MacGregor
Tracy Geoffrey, prospective member, Brock University
Gary Collier
Patricia Collier
Ray Bland

Romina Flynt, prospective member, Investors Group 
Beth Cockcroft - third reading before induction as a new member

Peter  - happy that his daughter is much better;
Paul Monaghan - happy for his new grandson- third grandchild. Fined for losing his key chain;
Arie - happy for the great weekend with friends, sad dollar for the sunburn the next day Beth - happy for her daughter's 18th birthday;
Sheila - happy that Elizabeth, Sheree, and Roseanne assisted at Bingo;
Don Beard - got great results from surgery in February - benign;
John Teibert - only 18 days left in tax season;
Matt - happy to have his wife and brother with him;
Laetitia - happy that all taxes done in February;
Bob - happy that the new job in Burlington may not take away from attending our club meetings
John D'Ambrosio - happy that all his yard work is done and he's leaving for vacation on Thursday.

Read a letter from Bill Hallett, CEO, NHS Foundation office, thanking the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South for the donation to the Cardiac Cath Lab.

Thanked the Rotarians who had attended the joint St. Catharines Clubs luncheon on Thursday, April 8th at the Parkway. The speaker, Nick Dixon, spoke on his assignment in Haiti.

The four clubs presented Nick with a cheque for another Shelter Box in his name.

Board Meeting, Thursday, April 15th, George Darte Funeral Chapel.

Monday, April 19th, guest speaker, Marie Belliveau from AIDS Niagara.

Monday, April 26th- Annual Blasdell meeting - Queenston Heights - arranged by David Cooperman. $36.95 per person. All taxes and gratuities included.

Third announcement of Beth Cockcroft for membership. If anyone knows any reason why Beth should not be a member, please let John Teibert know.


Cathy spoke of the Car Rally in 20 days and the need for FULL club participation, either by selling 50/50 draw tickets, entering a car and pledges, or volunteering the day of the event. The monies donated for all our projects, both locally and internationally, and to run our club will depend on how successful the rally is.
Bingo - need four members - Ed, Matt, Georgette and Greg volunteered.
Tom spoke of Slapshot - four students this year - one from each of Laura Secord, Sir Winston, Dennis Morris, and Westpark Secondary School. 
Tom spoke of RYLA - one applicant needed. 
WHO'S WHO, Greg McDonald


Tom Schulz, March 31st;Kris Akilie, April 12th; John Teibert, April 15th.

50/50 DRAW

Pat Collier drew the nine of Clubs.

Elizabeth Zimmerman, George Fitzpatrick, Beth Coclcroft, Bob McKay.
GUEST SPEAKER, Avitol Sternin

Bill Finlay, as a member of the newly formed (2006) Vimy Foundation, introduced Avitol Sternin, a student who  visited the Vimy Memorial in France, representing the young people of Canada. 
Avitol Sternin was chosen to represent young people of Canada in visiting the Vimy Memorial during the annual ceremony in France. She spoke of the importance of Vimy Ridge to the growth of Canada as a nation and how we earned the respect of all nations for the taking of the Ridge during the war when other countries had failed. What struck her the most was the size of the monument, the fact that it sits on Canadian land, that Canada was a separate signature on the Treaty of Versaille for the hard-fought battles,  and the sheep now grazing on the war-torn land. There were still unexploded bombs and grenades in the fields so children have to be careful. 
Arie Vrugteveen thanked Avitol for impressing on all of us how important it is to remember and respect our heritage.

Norris Borwn reported 11 guests, 25 members, and 10 make ups for 100 per cent attendance. 

As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President Paul wished everyone a good week in Rotary and adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.