Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South  

April 02, 2007

Lead the Way



Call to Order : President Matt Taylor

National Anthem : John Klassen

Toast to Queen and Canada : Cathy Henry

Grace:  June Manning


George Fitzpatrick serving as Sergeant-at-Arms:

Debi Garneau was fined for leaving last weeks notes with no explanation with Matt Taylor.

Matt Taylor was fined for not knowing what to do with the notes and complained about it.

John Klassen was fined for complaining, swearing and making peculiar remarks.

Ron Kozub was fined for being so calm and never losing his cool.

John Teibert was fined for giving George bad news about his income tax.

Don Hetherington was fined for getting old and losing his quick wit. 

The following Happy Dollars from

Jim Howes was happy to see Jim Shannon.

Ian Forbes announced his shirt is peach not pink and is glad the weather is good enough to play golf again. After 34 years  Cort Day's is retiring while still # 1 for customer satisfaction. The signs will change May 29st. Ian is considering his options and fortunately has had several overtures. 

Shelia Bristo was proud her son received the Senior Lightweight Rowing Award.

Henry Becker suggested we need to replace John Klassen with some one who can sing O'Canada.

Jim Shannon is glad to be back at a Rotary meeting.

Don Hetherington wants to know if Ian's peach shirt comes with pillow shams.

Laetitia de Witt the Club assembly was a great way to exchange and share our views.


Family of Rotary Fundraising Event: was attended by Paul Massuet and Julio Batres. Paul said the Guest Speaker Scott Fairweather Executive of The Canadian Landmine Foundation work in eradicating Landmines in Bosnia and elsewhere in the world was very informative and hopeful.

Sexual Harassment Seminar: Dan Toppari suggested the rotary members that attended the seminar should meet as a committee to discus strategies to implement the club's Abuse and Harassments prevention policy. 

District 7090 Conference: May 4, 5, and 6. Our club has applied for 4 awards Literacy, Lighthouse, Presidential Citation and Champion. Matt Taylor and Dan Toppari will be attending May 5th. Laetitia deWitt and Bob McKay are planning to attend May 6th to accept any awards for the club.

Joint Meeting April 11 2007 - Local Rotary Clubs will meet 12:00 at the Quality Inn Parkway   Tickets are $20.00 and will not be sold at the door. The guest speaker is the U.S. Consulate General. There will be No Monday luncheon meeting that week. Please contact Ron Kozub and let him know if you will or will not be attending.

Diamond Gala info:   Jean Holbert Leighton announced we only have 32 days left to sell tickets and we need more items for auction. 206 tickets have been committed but only 62 paid for. Forms are online fill them out as soon as possible seating arrangement must be prepared. Contact Jean Holbert Leighton for tickets. Julio has issued a list of people who have attended in previous years. We need to sell more tickets and ask for more donations. Please bring a camera and take lots of pictures for our 10th annual Gala.

International Convention in Salt Lake City on June 17 - 20. Don Hetherington and Matt Taylor will be attending.

District  Assembly April  14th 2007 Niagara College Welland Campus Don Hetherington would like new board members to attend.



David Cooperman was recognized for his birthday. Many happy returns David!

50/50 DRAW

Jean Holbert Leighton had the winning ticket, but picked the three of Diamonds. $400.00 approximate amount in the pot.   


Henry Becker, Don Hetherington and George Fitzpatrick  expressed regrets to the President and took early leave.   


Julio Batres Reported: 23 Present 10 make ups for 85% attendance.


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary Matt Taylor adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.