Shelter, comfort, dignity...survival.

Guest Speaker, Rose Smith, ShelterBox Program

Rose was born in England and came to Canada in 1990.  She was a Special Education Teacher in the U.K and since coming to Canada has worked for 13 years at Niagara University as an Associate Professor working with Student Teachers.
Volunteerism is in Rose's blood.  Her father was a Scouter and she has been in Scouting for almost 50 years. In 1997 Ken and Rose organized a two-week Camp at Wetaskwin, for 440 English Scouts, Venturers and Leaders. 
On Canada Day 1995 both Rose and Ken were presented with a Good Citizen Award by Niagara Falls City Council.  Although not officially a Rotarian, Rose has supported Ken at Rotary Functions for many years both in the U.K and Canada, and now that she has more time available, Rose is very happy to be able to serve as an Ambassador for the ShelterBox Program, which she states is, "Better than sliced bread." 
ShelterBox Program

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity, specializing in emergency shelter.  Since 2001, ShelterBox has provided shelter, warmth, and dignity following over 80 disasters, in more than 52 countries.

Each ShelterBox supplies an extended family of up to 10 people with a tent and life-saving equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless, for up to six months. The contents are tailored depending on the nature and location of the disaster, with great care taken sourcing every item to ensure it is robust enough to be of lasting value.

A ShelterBox contains:
- Ten person tent
- Blankets and groundsheets
- Water filtration system
- Multi-fuel stove
- Pots, tools, blankets, groundsheets, rope, and other survival items
- Children's school supplies

Every box bears its own unique number so as a donor, you can track your box all the way to its recipient country.

Highly-trained ShelterBox Response Teams distribute boxes on the ground, working closely with local organizations, international aid agencies, and Rotary clubs worldwide.
ShelterBox was founded by Tom Henderson, a Rotarian and former Royal Navy search and rescue diver.  He saw that the aid response to most disasters was in the form of food and medicine to help people survive the immediate aftermath.  Little or no assistance was given in terms of proper shelter to help them through the first few days, weeks, and months as they tried to re-build their lives. ShelterBox was launched to fill that void.

ShelterBox's core partner is the Rotary network.  The Shelter Box Trust was established by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard, England. Boxes are pre-packed and warehoused in the UK ready for shipping.

The Shelterbox Canada project was founded within the Rotary Club of Ladysmith, British Columbia, and is promoted and administered by Rotarians from across Canada.
Cost for each box is $1,200 Canadian and is tax deductible.

The ShelterBox Trust is also supported by ShelterBox organizations set up by Rotary clubs in a number of other countries, including the USA, Australia,  Germany, France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark, and Southeast Asia.

ShelterBox relies on volunteers to make its work possible.  If you are a Rotarian interested in becoming a local club /Interact/Rotaract representative in your District, please contact Don Ohlgren, Director of Programs and Promotions at 1-800-677-0990 or

Paul Massuet thanked Rose for informing the members about the ShelterBox program.