Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South 

September 11, 2006
Volume 10, Meeting 7

Reporter:  John Teibert

Call to Order:
President-Elect Don Hetherington 

National Anthem:  Andrew Bowles
Toast to Queen and Canada: John Teibert
Grace: Bob McBride
Don's Observation 100 (from his Sommelier course): Knowledge without caring is pure arrogance.   

Jim Howes introduced three guests: Paul Monaghan from the Niagara Sunrise Club, Jean Holbert Leighton - a prospective member - and Wendy Cormie, our guest speaker.  

Don's Observation 101: Apparently, the ATM privacy rule of thumb is six feet, the same as urinals in a men's washroom.  

Norris Brown, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, fined John Teibert for the warm greeting he gave Julio.

Norris gave a happy dollar because there are only 15 Bill's games left and four TiCat games left. Other happy dollars came from: Greg McDonald - bingo attendance was up; Paul Massuet and Julio Batres - the excellent time they had on the Bike Wine Tour; John Teibert - he and Evelyn are celebrating 19 years of marriage; Jim and Pat Shannon - who recently came back from Tuscany where they celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary; Don Hetherington - he and Ann will be celebrating their 23rd anniversary this weekend; Doug Foss - whose wife, Heather, announced her candidacy as a City Councillor last Friday.

Don's Observation 102: In North America, even if you are as dumb as soft wood, you still have to pay off your student loan. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                                    The President of Rotary International is the guest speaker at a Rotary meeting in Rochester tonight (Monday).

Hospice Niagara's current Executive Director, Judith Barker, is retiring. Landon Morgan (Don's company) is searching for her replacement. If you know of a candidate, contact Don.

Ron Kozub announced two new prospective members:
Jean Holbert Leighton - Real Estate Sales Rep, Residential - sponsored by Matt Taylor;
Rick Bassett - Chartered Accountant, Taxation - sponsored by Don Hetherington.
Don Hetherington is this year's chair of Membership Development, Recruitment and Retention. It is Don's goal is to induct 10 new members. To make it fun, one of Don's ideas is to have a lottery - if your name is drawn, he'll give you five weeks to find a new member.
On behalf of Laetitia, Paul Massuet announced that the weekend of September 30th is a District Youth Exchange Weekend (Friday the 29th to Sunday, October 1st). They are looking to local Rotary clubs to help billet 35 Youth Exchange students. The students are kept busy for most of the weekend. They need some place to sleep on the Friday and Saturday night and breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. If you are able to help out, contact Laetitia. 
Also, this year's Group Study Exchange is with District 9200 (East Africa). It takes place April 20th through May 21st. If you know of a non-Rotarian between the ages of 25 and 40 that might make a good candidate, contact Laetitia. 
There is a Board of Directors meeting this Friday, September 15, 2006, at 7:30 a.m.
Greg McDonald thanked John and Evelyn Teibert, Debbie Garneau, and Lynda Baiano for helping out at Bingo. There were 278 players, which was up significantly from previous bingo sessions - let's hope it's a trend. Greg is looking for help for the next bingo, which is Saturday, October 7, 2006 (Thanksgiving Weekend).      
50/50 DRAW
Doug  Foss drew the five of Spades.

Ron Kozub introduced Wendy Cormie, a Marketing and Sales representative from John C. Munro Hamilton International airport.
Wendy joined the "Hi" team over two years ago as the airport's first ever Marketing and Sales rep. Wendy delivers the "Hi" message to travel agents, tourism offices, and trade shows.
Wendy's career in the airline industry includes being a flight attendant and an Air Show Co-ordinator. 
Hamilton International Airport is currently serviced by West Jet and Air Canada. They have a competitive service - combine fees as if you were flying direct out of Toronto, low airport fees to airlines, quick aircraft turn-around times, no congestion, and low cost parking. From Hamilton, you have a very short drive time to major destinations in the expanded Golden Horseshoe area when compared to Toronto.
In 1996, US Air via Pittsburgh provided the connection to the rest of the world. Now Air Canada through Montreal and Vancouver provide access to the world. West Jet provides excellent access to the North American market.
Sunquest and Transat are charters that operate out of Hamilton.
"Hi" is the #1 integrated cargo/courier serivce provider in Canada.
Currently, the airport handles 600,000 passengers a year and employs 3,600 people. The potential is to accommodate 5,500,000 passengers a year and to employ over 21,000 people.
Since 1996, the airport has contributed over $13 million to the Hamilton economy and $120 million to the airport itself. They have recently undergone a $2.3 expansion that improved security and baggage handling without increasing wait times. They are maintaining their 24/7 operation.
This past Friday, it was announced that Fly Globe Span, a UK airline, will be providing daily service to the UK starting in May 2007.
Wendy was thanked by Julio Batres.   
Debbie Garneau announced 20 in attendance and six make-ups for 71 per cent attendance. There were also three guests.
As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President-elect Don adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.