Support of Gillian Place and Brock Women's Athletics are just two of the reasons Reni Lynn de Verteuil was recognized by the South Club!

[editors note: The following is adapted from Cathy Henry's introduction of Reni as our latest Paul Harris Fellowship Nominee]

The Paul Harris Fellowship is an honour that is granted to people in many
walks of life who demonstrate in  many ways, service above self. Not everyone is able to share themselves with "hands on service", but if the will is there to support the community then any manner of support should be considered.

            Mrs. Reni de Verteuil is the owner of Henley Honda and has been for many
years. She is a widow and has two children- Elizabeth and Amanda. Five years
ago, the de Verteuil family lost Peter- husband, father and employer of over 65 people with Henley Honda. Despite this tremendous personal tragedy, Reni and the girls were determined to continue to run the agency and keep the jobs of all their employees secure.

            Mrs. de Verteuil's "hands on service" then became  driven through the car agency. Recognizing the tremendous need in our local community she became a staunch supporter of Women's Place- Every year, Henley Honda sponsors a car rally
with all proceeds to the Women's Center. Also in the month of December, in lieu of a complimentary promotion item when a car is serviced at Henley Honda- $2.00 of every car service goes to Women's Place.

            She is a proud sponsor of students  at Brock University-recognizing that there is a place for  intellectual scholarship and physical fitness she has donated a $100,000.00 athletic scholarship to the Brock Program. She is also the sponsor for the Female Athlete of the Year at Brock.

            She has initiated an internal contest to fill the Henley Honda shuttle bus with food to go to the food bank each year. Her support of Hospice was constant through the Winter Dreams galas with The May Court Club and The Rotary Club of St. Catharines South. Through these galas Henley Honda donated over $15,000.00 towards the galas thus helping us to meet the goal of building a new residential hospice in our community. Her support for the Cardiac Catheterization Lab has been pledged for the next five years- thus making her support of the two clubs and our ideals and aspirations outstanding.

              Her support with sponsorship  of little league teams, The Ice Dogs, The
International Women's Day Luncheon in Niagara, The World Wild Life Foundation, and any local charity function is well known. She is a member of The Small Business club of Niagara and Women in Niagara. Because of her reputation, she was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007.

Mrs. de Verteuil is also a great supporter of her employees. She sponsors an
Annual Family Day, has above standard benefits for each employee and will
support/donate to help any employee's interests.

            In the face of adversity, I feel that Mrs. de Verteuil has responded to the
needs of her family car agency and community with great dignity. The awarding of a Paul Harris Fellowship is a token of our respect for her involvement in the community.