Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South 

November 6, 2006
Volume 10, Meeting 14

Lead the Way

Reporter: Debi Garneau


Welcome by President Matt Taylor

National Anthem: Andrew Bowles

Toast to Queen and Canada : John Teibert

Grace: Jim Howes


Jim Hooper introduced Kevin Crosby our guest speaker.


Ian Forbes serving as Sergeant at Arms fined Don Beard for bad golf advise, Rob Welch for not brining his platform shoes and booster chair to the candidates meeting, Matt Taylor for presiding over the last two meetings.

Rob Welch paid a happy dollar to thank everyone for the support he has received from the club during his campaign for Mayor. Cathy Henry son finished his Cardiology Fellowship from the University of Rochester and is now working as Director of Cardiology at Thompson Hospital in Up state New York Yipee!!!! No more US school fees, Ron Kozub suggested reading National Geographic November article about Earliest child found, Greg McDonald said that was his son flying thru the air in the Standard, Jim and Nancy Howes are celebrating their 40th anniversary.    


Rotary District 7090 Foundation Dinner at Salvatore's Restaurant. Attended by Andrew Bowles said there were many remarkable stories about the various programs that Rotary is involved with.

June Manning announced that every thing is going well with the Winter Dreams VI, a gala evening in support of Hospice Niagara's building fund.   

Christmas Open House - Matt and Georgette are inviting all members and their Spouse to attend. It will be at their house on Sunday, December 3, 2006 from 2 to 6 p.m.

Niagara College 3rd Annual Trivia Pursuit  Nov 18th  5 pm t o 11 pm $25.00 per person Contact Ron Kozub for more details.

Meeting at Don Hetherington House 7:00 PM November 6, 2006.

Paul Harris Fellow Paul Massuet Announced all of the Welland Club Members have donated $100.00 each.

Next week Speaker is Thomas Brock topic Fresh water from Bogs.


Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Ed Telenko he told us we better be worth the $10.00 and I think we were.

50/50 DRAW

No Winner the three of spades was drawn.

GUEST SPEAKER, Warren Hoshizaki

Ed Telenko introduced Kevin Crosby Ph.D..

Kevin , is a member of Rotary Buffalo Sunrise Club and President of Full Circle Studios.  He has been working with Malawi Children Village to support orphans and fighting HIV/AIDS in Malawi , Africa .

Malawi is a small country of 12 million people in southeast Africa . The incidence of HIV/Aids in Malawi is over 14% among adults. The current life expectancy is 37 years. Approximately 1 in 10 children die soon after birth. The number of Aids orphans is expected to double or triple in the region by 2010.

Malawi Children's Village ("MCV") is a community based program serving the needs of more than 3,200 aids orphan by providing food, clean water, irrigation assistance and other aid to 37 villages. MCV was founded in 1996 by Dr. Kevin Denny, a native of Buffalo , former Peace Corps worker in Malawi and member of the Canandaigua, NY Rotary Club.

Full Circle Studies, in conjunction with MCV produced a movie "Juma's  Story",  to help raise awareness and challenge myths about the spread of HIV/AIDS in Malawi . It was shot on location in Malawi , in the native language of Chichewa, and featured a cast made up almost entirely of orphans supported by MCV.  The movie had its premiere showing in Malawi at the U.S. Embassy in 2004.

Full Circle Studies delivered video production equipment to MCV, including a computer donated by the Center for Applied Technologies in Education. Video Production training was also provided to a group of orphans at MCV. Since then they have produced three video programs on their own, with the hope of establishing a center for video production at MCV.

The Malawi Children's Village has participated in six Rotary matching grant projects over the last eight years. The Activities of MCV are supported by donations from private citizens in the U.S. , service organization, hundreds of volunteers from the U.S. , and most significantly, by dedicated network of volunteers from the Villages in Malawi served by MCV.


Jean Holbert Leighton gave the attendance report - 26 members, six make-ups, for 86 per cent attendance.


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President Matt adjourned the meeting at 1:25 p.m.