Our guest speaker was Mike Hahn from the Ontario Trucking Association.  He shared road safety tips with us and impressed us with his practical approach to highway safety.

Mike Hahn of Cambridge, a truck driver with Challenger Motor Freight, Cambridge, Ont., was our guest speaker. Mike has been named a member of the 2007-2008 Ontario Trucking Association Road Knights Team - a select group of professional drivers who are dedicated to raising awareness of how all road users can safely share the road.  Hahn competed with truck drivers from all across the province for a coveted spot on the team.

Team members are all employed as full-time transport drivers and step out of the cab several days each month to meet with community groups.


During their two-year terms, Road Knights meet with community groups, business associations, driving schools, seniors organizations and service clubs to help improve highway safety and increase awareness of the trucking industry's contribution to the provincial economy. The free community outreach service is offered by the Ontario Trucking Association.


 "The Road Knights are first-class drivers who represent their peers - Ontario transport drivers who are dedicated to safety and professionalism in the industry," says David Bradley, president of the Ontario Trucking Association. "They are highly qualified to spread the message of road safety because they travel our roadways everyday, and have faced every type of traffic and weather condition imaginable."


According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, tractor-trailers are involved in less than three per cent of all road collisions, making professional truck drivers the safest users of the province's roads.


Mike has 2.3 million kms. of accident free driving and was with us today to share tips on how both he and we can add to that safety record. The key is keeping an awareness of the driver's path and intentions and understanding the driver's ability to see you at all times.


Please see the next story as a sample of his presentation. It was well received and the material should be shared with family and friends.