Make it special; give the ceremony the time it deserves.


A member is your most valuable asset


Be professional, be organized, have a proper script


I like the words: we welcome you and your partner into the family of Rotary


Membership committee should prepare everything


The president is busy and can easily forget


Have the full package ready:




Name badge


Certificate signed and framed


4 way test


Sponsor must be properly prepared with the bio in advance, not scribbled on a napkin


Never make it look like a chore


Invite the family .a must


We are taking the Rotarian away from their family from time to time


They must see why


Invite a work colleague or boss


They too must see why you might have to leave a little early or come in a little late once in a while


Invite the DG or Assistant governor to show the importance of the event.


Make a little business announcement in the local paper


Make that first $100 donation to the Foundation


Let them say a few words or even their classification talk then.


Everyone greets the new member before they leave


Make it a professional lasting impression




You have a new member


Don't forget about them after induction.


You have to start the process of changing them from simply a Rotary member to being a Rotarian. There is a huge difference.


Immediately involve them on a committee


Have the sponsor involved


A mentor (other than sponsor) can give a different perspective


Go to a make up together


Make them the greeter for a couple of meetings


Fireside or follow up meeting in 2 to 3 months


Discuss expectations, concerns


Get feedback on what they need to know.




Remember 40% leave within 3 years


You invest the time to recruit and educate, now retain


Your most valuable asset


Protect it, nurture it and it will grow and bring huge dividends


Keep member involved, but be balanced


Do not overwork or financially over burden the member


Younger members cannot always contribute money, but they can give their time.


Watch out for burnout:


At assembly I heard a new member say they joined just over a year ago and they are now secretary and on stream to be president.


At the District Conference, a Rotarian of 18 months said she was thinking of resigning. Chair of three club committees and had about 4 functions at the district conference.