Membership and Sick and Visiting Committee Club Assembly reports (Oct. 17, 2011)

Report of the Membership Committee to the General Assembly October 17, 2011 


August was Membership and Extension Month: Membership

Committee efforts began in August with Membership and Extension Month. Our committee of Jean Stewart, Paul Massuet, and I engaged Jacquie Herman--‐Wing to be our guest speaker on Rotary’s “We Care” Program.


Club Membership Survey: The Membership Committee issued a Club Membership Survey on August 13th. To date, we have 20 online responses and one hard copy response. A link to the survey will be re‐issued to members who have not completed the survey. The committee will review and interpret the results and decide how best to disseminate the information.


Membership Changes: Since the beginning of the club’s fiscal year, we have had one retirement – Norris Brown whom we have made an honorary member. We have had two resignations – Derrick Tomlinson and Ernesto Carrillo. We have two leaves of absences–Elisabeth Zimmerman and Beth Cockcroft–who have indicated that they will return to the club in the New Year. Happily, Ian Forbes has returned to the club as a regular member.


Strategic Planning Objective with respect to Recruitment: Through our Strategic Planning sessions, the club is considering the following objective with respect to recruitment: We have increased our club size to 60 members to better reflect our community.” Our club’s membership is now comprised of 39 active and seven honorary members. We need your help in increasing our membership. Do you know of someone who would be a good Rotarian whom you can recommend? Please forward names to the committee for follow up. The committee is in possession of recruitment materials and will also be targeting prominent organizations and institutions for membership.


Fall Fireside: In the absence of new members, the fall Fireside will be postponed, unless the club would like a Fireside for member education purposes only.


Sick and Visiting: The committee is continuing to follow the protocol set by Sheila Bristo, Arie Vrugteveen, and Paul Massuet last year.


Honor Guard: As chair of this year’s committee, I do have an interest in exploring the possibility of establishing an Honor Guard for deceased members of our club. A protocol would need to be written by the Membership Committee and approved by the Board and club.


Respectfully submitted,

Roseanne Morissette, Chair

Paul Massuet

Jean Stewart