1. Oh Canada   ___Krystal________________
    Toast              ___Cathy________________
    Invocation    ___Jeff________________
  2. Acknowledgement & Welcome of Guests
    David D’Angelo – Spark Niagara-guest speaker
    Kent Chisolm- President- Rotary Lakeshore
    David Sabina
    Debbie Yeager- potential new member
  3. Birthdays & Anniversaries 
    Birthdays – Monika Ovsonka (March 10th) & Jeff Thomas (March 12th)
    Rotary Anniversaries to celebrate
                - John Teibert – 27 years - (March 1st)
  4. Happy Dollars – SAA __Jim Howes________________
    Happy dollars were received by: Najeeb ,Cathy, David Henry ,Jim Howes ,Jim Hooper ,David Sabina ,David D’Angelo , Julio ,Kent ,Graham  ,Jean ,Krystal, John , Debbie Yeager
  5. 50/50John Teibert     2 diamonds
  6. Next Club Meeting – Monday March 19th
  7. Desk Duties March 19th  – Cathy Henry & David Henry
  8. Bingo Duties – Fri Mar 9th  @ 5:30pm – 7:30pm – Dan Toppari & Jeff Thomas
          - Sat Mar 24th @5:30pm – 7:30pm – Debi Garneau & Monika O.
  9. Rotary Leadership Institute – March 24th in Sanborn, NY (see flyer on table).
    The cost is $75.00 US-. John mentioned that there will be one on the Canadian side- date to follow.
  10. Fashion Show Committee update- Krystal/Cathy
            Ticket sales are over 200- need stronger club support for sales for tickets and ads. 5 tickets have been donated to Rotaract by club members. Please get the names of  your ticket sales to Cathy as soon as possible.
  11. Kent Chisholm- President of The Rotary Club  Lakeshore presented to Jeff a citation and t-shirt from the Rotary Clubs of St. Maarten recognizing individual clubs abroad who assisted in sending a trailer of necessary  supplies for hurricane relief
  12. Najeeb announced a $3,000.00 donation from the Downtown club for our RUTF project in Pakistan
  13. Cathy announced that over 300 trees have been sent through our club, from other clubs in our District ,to meet the RI mandate of every Rotarian- one tree. These trees have been sent to Jamaica and Haiti through our partnership with TTFF.
  14. Graham and Jean will be meeting with the  club chef to reaffirm the menus that were agreed upon last year
  15. Please see the attached obituary of Bud Walsh. Bud was a Past President of our Club in 1982-1983
  16. Guest Speaker - introduced by Julio
    David D’Angelo, Entrepreneur in Residence- Spark Niagara
Spark Niagara located on Zimmerman Avenue in Niagara Falls, is a collaborative open workspace space that focuses on the acceleration of startup and established companies, focused in the education, healthcare, big data, software, robotics, and technology sectors. Spark is a Peachtree testing ground for contained research and innovation amongst  multiple interdisciplinaries.  Spark is firmly tied into the local Niagara business economy, the K-12 classroom education testing capabilities, and two comprehensive post-secondary institutions in Brock University and Niagara College. Spark also has partnerships with large firms including: Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, I.B.M Canada, The Ontario Ministry of Education, Ontario Centres of Excellence and the City of Niagara Falls. Sparks goal is to help build and strengthen Niagara's next technology companies by providing them the physical resources, mentorship, and  innovative environment they need, so these youthful minds will live, stay, and help grow Niagara as a whole. 
David D'Angelo is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Spark Niagara and has owned and sold a manufacturing business, and now is an investor at multiple other tech companies.
David spoke about the mandate of Spark Niagara being to create a quality space  and  net working environment for companies and students to connect.,
David was thanked by Dan
  1.  Meeting adjourned: 1:30 PM