Most of you are aware of our exchange student, Karen Ting, hosted by the Bratton family and our club. Matt Taylor is our club's liason with Karen and the Bratton's and responsible for coordinating our involvement with Karen. See the Photo Journal on our home page and consider sending your photos to add to the journal - include captions please! The following is a summary of scheduled activity and a duty roster provided by Matt.

Karen is staying with the Bratton family ph. # 905 938 5160 email
The Brattons have requested help with our exchange student and as in the past I am requesting help from our members to take Karen out in a regular basis. She is a delightful young lady and I am sure that all who have her for an evening  and/or afternoon will really enjoy the experience. If anyone in our club can host her for a 3 month period this also would be a great bonus, especially for the Brattons. Let me know.  Here is a tentative schedule to take Karen for an outing. If you cannot take your turn PLEASE arrange for someone in our club to take your place.
Mon. Aug. 25th/08: Rotary dinner at noon. Afternoon and evening with Matt and Georgette
Week of 25th of Aug to Sept 1st/08: Karen is not at school yet and her host parents both are working long hours so she is alone alot.  John Teibert, Cathy Henri, and George Fitzpatrick have tentatively agreed to host Karen for an outing sometime during this week. (Dan and Cathy took her on a trip as shown in the Photo Journal). Please call and arrange ASAP.
Sept.5th 6th and Sun AM: Debbie Garneau and Roger have agreed to host Karen as The Bratton's will be away.
Sept 8th to Sept 15th:  Sheila Bristo
Sept. 15th to Sept 22nd: Kris Akilie
Sept. 22nd to Sept. 29th: Norris Brown
Sept 29th to Oct. 6th  John D'Ambrosio
Oct. 6th to Oct 13th: Laetitia De witt and Bob MacKay
After this list I will make another one so most of us willl get a chance to take Karen out.  Also, please feel free at any time to phone the Bratton's and request to have Karen as a guest i.e. to the theatre, meal, special event or  bike riding, hiking, shopping or simple lunch at home.  Let's really try to show her a great year. She is our first exchange student from Taiwan and let's leave a good impression of St. Catharines and Canada! 
Regards, Matt