"There is something wonderful about a dream...The pursuit of the dream is life, it does something mysterious to us, fills us with hope, passion, and enthusiasm, and expands our capacities as a human person in every way." - Matthew Kelly, author, The Book of Courage  

Members of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South welcomed Cathy Henry as its newest member. Cathy, who has been both chair and co-chair of the Winter Dreams Gala for the past six years, has been instrumental in inspiring hope, passion, and enthusiasm for a residential hospice in Niagara that will provide end-of-life care.

Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South 

June 26, 2006

Volume Nine, Meeting 37

SERVICE Above Self 

Reporter:  R. Morissette


Call to Order:
President Bob McKay

National Anthem:
 John Klassen
Toast to Queen and Canada: Don Hetherington
Invocation: Matt Taylor

Norris Brown introduced two guests and one visiting Rotarian: Sheila Driscoll, guest of Keith Shaver; Cathy Henry, new member inductee; and Dr. David Henry.

Dan Toppari, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms,
Bob McKay, for his attire at the Rotary picnic!
Dan Toppari, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, accepted Happy Dollars from:
himself - Dan spent three weeks touring Italy and had a wonderful time;
Paul Massuet - for Doug Foss, who took over the cooking at the picnic;
Norris Brown - for a great day at the picnic - thanks to Paul and Mimi Massuet;
Don Hetherington - Anne and Don will be sailing in Europe the first week of August;
Ian Forbes - 12 Rotarians attended Friday's ground breaking of Hospice Niagara. It was very gratifying;
Keith Shaver - for his guest, Sheila, who Keith hopes will become a new member; and for two of his children who have recently graduated - one from high school and one from grade school;
John Klassen - for his lovely wife of 36 years, who is encouraging him to play golf on their anniversary;
Jim Howes - for the hospitality of the Massuets and for an Inner Wheel event at Fort Erie, which was also a great day;
Dr. David Henry - for the free lunch!
Doug Foss - for a wonderful time at the Massuets;
Matt Taylor - for his attendance at the Rotary International Convention in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Sweden. The theme: Bridging the World;
Ron Kozub - for the wonderful hospitality of the Massuets. 

President Bob also thanked Paul and Mimi Massuet for a wonderful day at the Rotary picnic. The event was well organized and a lot of fun. 


Bingo: July 9, 2006, Volunteers Needed

Greg McDonald announced that another bingo session will be held on July 9th. Two volunteers are needed from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Wine Tour Cycle Trek, first weekend in September
George Fitzpatrick announced that he is starting to plan the Wine Tour Cycle Trek for the first weekend in September. Details to follow.

Rotary Medalists

Ian showed club members the framed certificates received by our Rotary medalists.  

Golf and Club Assembly, August 14

Ron announced that on August 14th there will be a combined golf day and General Assembly meeting. Golf will be 18 holes at Brock Golfland from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Then from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. a General Assembly meeting will take place at Dom's Restaurant at the corner of Merrittville Highway and Schmon Parkway. Dinner will be from 6:45 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and the General Assembly will be from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. For both venues, please confirm your attendance with Ron Kozub by August 12th.

Upcoming Events:

July 3rd - no Rotary meeting
July 10th
- Matt Taylor's induction of the new board.
July 24th - Dave Haddow, "Rotary Foundation".  
August 14th - Golf outing and General Assembly. No lunch meeting

Friendly Visiting:

If you know of any member (or family member) of our club who is sick,
please advise Ron Kozub.


President Bob announced three birthdays: Jim Howes (June 13th), Ian Forbes (June 26th) and Jim Hooper (June 30th). Happy Birthday was sung and best wishes extended to Jim, Ian, and Jim!    

50/50 DRAW

John D'Ambrosio had the winning ticket, but was unlucky in drawing the cards. There is $527 in the pot. 


Bob McBride announced that the club is inducting a new member today, Mrs. Cathy Henry, and introduced Laetitia de Witt who provided some background on Cathy.

Cathy Marguerite Henry was born August 19, 1949 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is an Honours Graduate of Balmoral Hall and a Registered Nurse. Her nursing took her from Winnipeg General Hospital to Kingston, Jamaica.
Cathy has been married to Dr. David Henry for 37 years, and they have two children: Karen Anne Telio, who is a Registered Nurse; and Dr. Bryan Anthony Henry.

Since 1977, Cathy has worked as a Clinical Research Nurse for government and pharmaceutical companies at the practice of Dr. David Henry.

Cathy's community involvement is extensive: 
-Past President and Honourary President, The May Court Club of St. Catharines
-Past President, the Association of May Court Clubs
-Past Board Member, Community Care of St. Catharines & Thorold
-Past Director, Heart and Stroke Foundation
-Past President of the Parent Guild for Ridley College
-Honourary Rotarian, Rotary Club of Ocho Rios, Jamaica
-Director-at-Large, PACE - Program of Advancement of Early Childhood Education, Jamiaca/Toronto
-Past President, Jamaica Child Care Association
-Hospice Niagara volunteer
-Chairman and Co-Chairman of Winter Dreams Hospice Gala (six year involvement)
-President of the St. Catharines Golf Club Wednesday Afternoon Ladies Group     

Cathy was a recipient of the Paul Harris Fellow Award from our club.

Cathy's interests include child advancement in Jamaica/Canada as well as music (piano) and sports.

"We welcome you, Cathy" noted Bob, "not only for your friendship, which we will share with you, but also for your commitment to help us carry out the projects of our club...You have been selected for membership because we believe you to be a leader in your special line of activity, and we expect you to represent your classification to the very best of your ability...You also become the ambassador from us to your classification...and we expect you to carry out the ideals of service to the people you now represent from our Rotary club."   

Bob also noted that Rotary is not a political organization, but all Rotarians are vitally concerned with everything pertaining to good citizenship and the election of good people to public office.

Rotary is not a charitable organization, but we believe in the Golden Rule, and we follow a code that we consider before we make any decision in our field. This code asks us to consider the following questions when making a decision:

1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

This is the Rotary Four-Way Test.

Rotary is not a religious organization. It knows no race nor creed, but we believe in the enternal principles that have made religion the vital influence it has been on the destinies of people throughout the ages. 

We are an organization of equals and, as such, we treat each other as equals and hence address each other by our first names. 

Attendance at our weekly meetings is vital.

Cathy expressed how happy she is to be a member of our club and acknowledged that she has felt a part of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South for the past six years.

President Bob welcomed Cathy to our club and presented her with a pin and package. Afterward, Cathy was warmly greeted by fellow Rotarians as the meeting concluded.


Doug Foss and Dr. David Henry expressed regrets to the President and took early leave.


Bob McKay spoke from the heart in looking back on this past year as President of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South. Bob's address will be published in a separate South Mouth bulletin as soon as it becomes available.
Incoming President Matt Taylor presented Bob with a mounted gavel. Ron Kozub stated that it was a delight to work with Bob McKay, who knew what he wanted to accomplish as President, who empowered others, and who was always well organized and in control. Bob was given a standing ovation for his Service Above Self.

John Teibert reported 30 members, nine make-ups, and two guests for 100 per cent attendance.


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, Bob McKay adjourned his last meeting as President at 1:30 p.m.